Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Determined to not give Caleb "Second Child Syndrome"

 So after my last post, I realized that sweet, cuddly, mischevious Caleb has only been written about twice since his birth. I can't have him feeling like the forgotten second child when he reads this as an adult!

Caleb is currently 20 months old. He is a very curious little boy! John and I were talking today about how he is more adventurous than Sophia was, and that's quite a lot. He keeps us on our toes. He is CONSTANTLY getting into mischief. Toys are ok, but "forbidden" objects are so much more fun! And if there's a way to make a mess, he will find it!

Growth wise, Caleb is 28 pounds and the height of an average 24-month-old. At his last pediatric appointment, they actually measured his head twice to be sure of its size. His head is so large, they wanted to be on the very cautious side and rule out hydrocephalus, so he got a CT of his brain! Thankfully it was all completely normal (as I knew it would be). It was so neat the "papoose" they wrapped him up in to keep him still. John and I both got to be right by his side and touch him and sing to him, and he was still enough that they didn't have to sedate him. Plus the whole thing takes like less than 5 minutes.

As far as development- he uses 170+ words and learns a new one almost every day. He has a few two-word phrases "All clean, thank you, oh no" and twice has put three words together "I touch it, I see you". He can name almost every object in our house and yard. He can walk of course, run decently, and climb. Oh, can he climb. He uses a spoon, crudely. He does still take a bottle 3 times a day: upon waking, before nap, and before bed. He uses a sippy cup all other times. I've determined that at two he's losing the bottle. I've tried a few times already but he wasn't having it. We have not approached potty training yet. I feel he needs better vocabulary and reasoning skills before we climb that mountain.

I would say so far his personality is sweet overall. He gives hugs, cuddles, and kisses. He needs fewer cuddles as he ages but still is overall more affectionate than Sophia was at this age. He is a charmer. He often tries to charm his way out of discipline. He will try to distract you with "High Five!". Of course, as with most toddlers, he also possesses a decent stubborn streak. Sophia was more of a whiner, but Caleb is a screamer and a thrower. If he doesn't get his way he often throws whatever is in his hand. He also spits! He isn't good at it so it just runs down his chin. But I just have no clue where he got such a habit from! We are trying to break him of that, as I don't feel that's an appropriate response to anger :) But it is also just a little bit funny.

He is very inquisitive about household objects. Our lip balms and deodorant have paid the price for this. He loves to dig in them. He also is obsessed with the dishwasher (Sophia was too). Our fridge and freezer settings change often ;). Sophia wasn't one for writing in places she shouldn't. Caleb on the other hand things chalks and crayons are for eating and scribbling (but not usually on paper). Another similarity to Sophia is that Caleb LOVES to play in the front seats of the car. Each time we have to remove him there's screaming.

For now, there's still some "baby" left in him and I'm soaking it in while I can. We still rock, sometimes he falls asleep in my arms, sometimes he still wants to be held, and of course, he's still in diapers. But the independence that comes with toddlerhood shows up a little more each month. That's just as it should be. It is a joy that's he's developing right on track, but it is bittersweet that the "babyhood" is fading.

I love you, my sweet little angel. You are a welcome addition to our family and I'm so glad God saw fit to put you in our lives.

6 month clothes!

9 month clothes!

12 month clothes!

18 month clothes!

24 month clothes!
Birthday :)

Two months

Three months. So chubby and cuddly.

8 months

Just shy of a year

Standing but not walking

Valentines 2017

Easter 2017, just starting to walk (13 mo)

When big sister accessorizes you

First hair cut, 18 months

Kisses for Papa

Loves ice cream like Mama

What a handsome fella

He loves to swing!

Happy Momma's Boy

His favorite activity. Also- still in 24 month/2T clothes. Growth leveled off :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A year and a milestone

I cannot believe it's been a whole year. Clearly blogging is no longer my passion. Right now my passion is being a homemaker and cooking, cleaning, and caring consumes most of my day. And then a couple days a week of outside the home work.

I really need to write a catch-up. And to write more about my sweet little boy.

But today I need to document a milestone in Sophia's life.

September 25, 2017, was the first time Sophia asked Jesus into her heart. She didn't tell anyone about it until the next day. Here's how the conversation went:

S- Momma I asked Jesus to come and live in my heart last night!
M- You did? I'm so proud of you! When did you do that? When you were alone in your bed?
S- Yes, a few hours ago
M- What did you say to Jesus?
S- I asked him to forgive my sins and come live in my heart now. Do I get to go the heaven now?
M- Yes
S- Will you be there?
M- Yes, I will
S- Good because I'd be scared to be in heaven without parents. I'd only have fruit to eat without my parents to feed me.
The Earth is boring. I don't want to be on the Earth, I want to be in heaven.
S- Well I'm glad to have you here on the Earth.
All this talk of salvation is thanks to her awesome teacher. I'm sure this is only a small first step on her faith journey. She's only four. But it's exciting nonetheless. I'll be curious to see if she remembers this moment when she is older. I remember the first altar call I responded to. It was after a performance of Heavens Gates and Hells Flames at Bethany World Outreach Center in Baton Rouge. I think my mom asked me to explain what it meant before I went down.

All of Sophia's life I've prayed that she would come to know Jesus in His perfect will and timing. I'm honestly a little unsure if she can really comprehend all that she's asking. But she can comprehend on her level. For me, I asked as a child, but my real, true, never going back, not struggling all the time with sin salvation experience came in my early 20's. And I'd spent my whole life in church! So I guess it makes me a bit skeptical that this will be her true, lasting, meaningful salvation experience. But who am I to know what the Holy Spirit may be doing in her life? So I for certain want to commemorate it.

Since that day Sophia has been talking a lot about Heaven. She says her second VBS this year and her school teacher this year are how she knows all she does. I know that a few weeks ago her teacher offered for those who wanted to pray for salvation. She told me she didn't pray then, but that night she asked Jesus to forgive her (three times) but she didn't ask him into her heart. She is talking about mansions, and how God is preparing them for us even now, and how we will get crowns but they're really to give back to Jesus, and how we may not get tired but if we do we can sleep. And streets of gold. And a surprising amount of accurate biblical truths!

I can also say that I have noticed the past few days that she has been extra obedient. She told me the night she told me about her salvation "I think I'm going to obey for the rest of my life on." There have been more yes/no ma'am's, less complaining, quicker obedience.

So, my sweet girl, I want you to know how it was when you first asked Jesus into your heart, in case someday you don't remember it yourself.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Little Peter Pan


Tonight at bedtime you said something very bittersweet. As usual, after lights out and prayers, you wanted to "talk about something". Right now you mostly want to talk about how long until your birthday, your birthday wish list, how long until we visit Uncle Dale's farm, or about the animals at the zoo. But tonight you asked a new question.

"When am I going to be a baby again?"

It was bittersweet because I feel your little heart must long for all the attention that a baby demands. I had to gently explain to you that once we grow up from being a baby, we can never go back; that we just get bigger and bigger until one day, we are as big as mommy. "But I don't want to" you said.

I thought it would help if I tried to get you excited about all the things big kids get to do, like eating treats and food like pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, and french fries. Then I mentally chastised myself for making it seem like only junk food is treat food, so I added in rice, broccoli, and cheese. I said you wouldn't want to go back to taking 2 naps a day, and getting to eat only formula from a bottle. You weren't really buying any of it.

So I said that one day when you are as big as mommy, you could have a baby of your own. You asked "Is it going to come out of my tummy?" Although the answer is likely yes, I wanted to factor in that you may choose to adopt, have a surrogate, or not have children at all. So I said "Well it can if you want it to." You said "But I don't want it to." So I asked how you wanted to get it and you said "from the hospital." Then you asked, "What will its name be?" And I said, "You get to choose!." And you told me you wanted it to be named Chloe and that you wanted a girl.

I told you that someday you are going to be as big as mommy, and live in your own house. That scared you. You said you didn't want to leave our house and you would be scared to live alone. Then I said "Well, you might get married, like I did to Papa, and have a husband, and live in a house with him." You said "but I don't want to live somewhere else." I then realized that this conversation was just too heavy for an almost 4 year old. So I told you that you could live with Mama and Papa forever.

That seemed to satisfy you and we moved on to talking about your birthday toy wish list.

I fully know that chances are, you will grow up and move out. But someday I hope you get to read this, and know that once upon a time you were my sweet, innocent, vulnerable little girl who wanted to live with Mama and Papa forever.

I love you little one.

PS- Please forgive my incorrect quotations format. I can't remember all the rules and I don't feel like Googling it. :)