Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So What! Wednesday 06-30-11

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This week I'm saying So What! to...

  • So what! If I've spent like 3 hours in the last 2 days looking at blinds, calling about blinds, e-mailing about blinds and talking about blinds. Comparison shopping for all the things the new house will need is really getting tedious.
  • So what! If I've spent an equal amount or even more time on Craigslist, in stores and on the internet looking at lawnmowers, trimmers, patio furniture, pet doors, storm doors and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Did I mention tedious?
  • So what! If I usually enjoy shopping but this is starting to feel like a chore. I guess I'm somewhat feeling that way about grocery shopping to now that I coupon. But life goes on.
  • So what! If I've probably eaten 9 cupcakes since Sunday. Wow. Can't believe I told you that. New recipe= complete loss of willpower. But I'm not having any today! Thankfully they are almost gone. I'll post recipe later. They really are tasty!
  • So what! If I broke the footwear dress code at work today. I am in fancy flip flops. Sunday while packing a shelf fell and struck me right on the base of my heel. It hurt so bad! I even have a slight bruise. So right now anything with a back (except tennis shoes) are uncomfortable. Deal with it HQ.
  • So what! If I'm super anxious to start moving stuff to the new house. Right now our house is in an unusual state with the boxes and such everywhere. And the eBay room is getting full again. And the sooner we start the easier it will seem. Lots of little trips rather than 100 boxes at once.
  • So what! If I sometimes admire myself in the mirrored wall in our "Group Fitness" room at the gym. If you are in the back of the room looking at yourself through the mirror on the front wall, it's rather flattering. I don't look as large from farther away :) Plus I'm sure I feel better about myself since I'm exercising while looking. Lol.
Happy Wednesday all! I'm excited about the walk-through this Friday and it can't get here fast enough.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Update 06-25-11

This weekend was mostly spend packing! I am trying to start now (3 weeks ahead of time) so that it doesn't pile up all at once because I really despise the process of moving. I got 7 boxes down so far. And it is nice to "touch" everything you own, it really helps with realizing what you don't need. Especially because everything you keep you have to move. Lol.

Friday- I made the couponing rounds to four stores. And went to the "new" house and took measurements for blinds and such and also took lots and lots of pictures :) That evening we went to a play at our local cultural center.

They put on "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Can I tell you- this play is long! And can I tell you, we were upset with it! We left about 2 hours in when the actors starting letting out expletives! Not appropriate for a "family" theatre. So that was kinda a bummer.

Saturday- we went yardsaling! I got a pair of flats that I didn't photograph :( I took a nap. I spent like 2-3 hours putting my grocery journal into a spreadsheet and also making a spreadsheet for our savings so far. We've saved about $200 or 61% off what our bills would have been without sale shopping. Now I need to work on getting faster at it. John finally got us another grill- it's a propane powered George Foreman. It's also portable which is nice! The flavor is still not quite the same as a traditional gas grill, but it's better than nothing! Now we can get rid of the non-working behemoth and that's one less thing to move :) Saturday we had burgers and corn on the cob, a-la Chef Juan :)

Sunday- the hubs called for a total schedule-free day. We didn't even go to church. We slept in a bit, moved slowly and did what we wanted. I made breakfast, spent about 2 hours in the kitchen making some very tasty cupcakes and packed. And threw out junk. And cleaned. And was very busy honestly. I had another grill meal (super juicy injected chicken) from Chef Juan and collapsed into a hot bath. And gave myself a mani pedi in the tub.

Mom ordered a fridge this week. She had really wanted a french-door style but with only 36 inches of width to work with it was getting tough. It was either sacrifice some food-storage space or get a bigger side-by-side. So we'll be getting this puppy delivered July 9.
Ooh- and mom is also getting this for the back porch. So excited!

Please excuse the picture quality. Couldn't find a large stock photo. Now should we get it in tan, red or green?

I don't like the packing and hauling of moving, but I do like the end result! Getting excited!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 06-23-11, Moooovin' on up!

Movin' on up, sorta to the East side :)

Today my thoughts are...

MORE SPACE!!!! Yaaaay!

So, the reason we are becoming pet parents/guardians of four is because... we are moving into my mom's brand-spankin' new house! She made us an offer we cannot refuse. Since she is away working right now and may be for some time, she was needing someone to look after the house. And since she's also paying a pretty penny for doggy day-care, she'd really prefer someone live in the house and send her dogs home to live too.

In comes us! :)

We weren't really planning on moving until our lease was up, but after contacting our landlord we found out we could pay a fee to get out of the lease. So after a few months to recoup the lease fee and moving costs, we should be cutting our rent/utilities about in half! And getting much more space, which we really could use!

When mom is home we will all be living in her house she is so graciously sharing with us. Until then we will be happy to break in her new stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and fenced back yard :) Also we'll be able to use 1/2 the garage for eBay storage when she is home and the full garage when she's not. This will really help my sanity, not seeing the 2nd bedroom of our house looking like  a yard sale or thrift store :)

I am scheduled to do the walk-through Friday the 1st and hopefully closing will occur by the following Friday and we'll move in the weekend after that. July is going to be busy busy!

I haven't been able to get inside the house yet to take photos, but here are the ones we take from outside :)

Obviously this is not the house :) But the 2 on the right will be our new "foster" kids :) Should be rowdy :)
Outside! It's a 3/2

Kitchen LOVE!!!! Cannot wait to say goodbye to drip pans!

A ceiling fan to sleep under? Oh yes yes yes!
And today I also smile because it's less than 12 weeks til our cruise!

BTW- If you are local and interested in renting our apartment, let me know! We may get a discount on the cancellation fee if we find suitable renters to replace us.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday 06-22-11

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This week I say...

SO WHAT! If I completely do not understand why people but Captcha's on their blog comments. Unless you are some huge blog that has a problem with list bot comments, I don't see the point. It's a just another step I have to take when trying to write a quick line or two. Most of us are small enough not to need them.

SO WHAT! If I don't become the coupon queen. Today I am at peace with what is!

SO WHAT! If soon we may be the keepers of 4 dogs soon. We will be in a bigger place and saving money!

SO WHAT! If I really love my dogs. No really. Like "I'm content not to have kids right now cause I have my dogs" love. They are very loving and pretty well behaved.

SO WHAT! If I was visiting an ALF and a little old lady nearby called her daughter no less than 5 times in an hour with various excuses "Come and get me, I'm really sick, I'm anxious to see you, I need you to get me out of here" etc. From my viewpoint, the lady is perfectly fine. Bless her heart, she probably has dementia. I feel for her daughter.

SO WHAT! If I am losing in all 4 of the Words with Friends games I'm playing. I stink, and that's just the plain old truth. :)

I hope you all are having a good week!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recipe: Fruity Chicken Salad

You will need:

1.5lbs chicken breast, cooked (I chopped and boiled mine)
1-3 cups peeled chopped apples
1-3 cups seedless red grapes, halved
1-3 cups celery, chopped fine
The mix should have 5-6 cups total of produce, so you choose which. The recipes call for 3c apples and 3c grapes. I made mine with only 2c grapes because that many grapes did not sound good to me. So I had 5 cups total. But I think next time I might do 2c apples, 2c grapes and 1c celery. Moving on.
1/3 cup fat free sour cream
1T low-fat mayo
1T Dijon mustard
1/4 cup chopped nuts, walnuts recommended
Juice of 1 lime or 1-2T prepared lime juice

Toss the apples and lime juice together in a large bowl (to prevent browning). Add in the grapes (and celery if desired). In a separate small bowl blend together mayo, sour cream and mustard. Mix into fruit, coating well. Take cooked chicken and shred or chop it. Fold nuts and chicken into fruit mixture, coating well.

If divided into 6 servings (with 3c apple 2c grape) it would be 250 cal/serving.

Serve with crackers, on a salad, on a sandwich or in a wrap. We ate them on Flat Out! Sun dried Tomato wraps.


Weekend Update 06-18-11

So I am starting to think getting these posts done on Monday is a bit too ambitious :)

We had a lovely weekend. Friday I came home from work and made lunch. Burgers, hashbrowns, beans and corn on the cob. I did some other chores and got ready for the night while hubby napped. When he woke I gave him a much needed haircut. Have I ever mentioned how fast his hair grows and how trying to get his consent to a cut is like pulling teeth? Literally I have to start mentioning it WEEKS in advance. Anyway, it's done now.
Friday evening we went to a friend's house for a game night and "Brinner" (breakfast for dinner) potluck. The food was sooo tasty! I definitely need to get a few recipes. There was an awesome breakfast casserole with a croissant bottom and sausage, egg and 3 cheese filling. There was a cinnamon french toast casserole with a praline topping. John's favorite were souped-up grits with Rotel tomatoes, crumbled sausage and Velveeta. They were tasty and had a kick! We also had fruit, juice and sugary cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch complements of moi) :)

Saturday we only went to a few yard sales because John had spent most of his money at Friday yard sales. I don't remember getting anything awesome. In fact I'm not sure I got anything at all... oh wait, I do remember. We got Eby a stuffed bear for a chew toy. After seeing her maul her cousin's tiny stuffed animal we decided she needed one too. "Bear" has been the highlight of her weekend. She hasn't managed to rip him open yet, but she sure gives him a lot of "death shakes" and growling. It is too funny. I feel sorry for the future kids' stuffed toys. They better not be left in reach of Eby :)
We took a short nap after the morning's errands. Then we finally got around to using our Groupons (that were about to expire) to tour our local historic village. It was about a 90 minute guided tour through some re-furbished and re-production historic homes. Our guide was very knowledgeable and other than the heat (a couple stops weren't air-conditioned) we had a nice time.
A British well. How do they know? The British build square wells whereas the Spanish and English build round ones.

Rope tied bedframe with a mattress made from Spanish Moss. And of course mosquito netting. No thank you!!! She told us the meaning of the phrase "sleep tight". It's because the ropes would slack with use and the mattress would sag. So they would use a tool to tighten the ropes. Sleeping on a "tight" bed was the most comfortable. Perhaps the "don't let the bedbugs bite" comes from sleeping on a stinkin' bed of bug-ridden MOSS!!!!

Home of a wealthier family

WWII washing machine. Praise the Lord for advancements in technology!
It was kinda weird to think that the items in the WWII exhibit were things my grandma would have grown up with. Like ration books and dangerous looking kitchen and beauty appliances. Even my mom still says "ice box" on occasion.
Saturday evening we just piddled and such.

Sunday after church we stopped by mom's house to see how all the construction is going. It looks complete! The sodding and landscaping are in, the mailbox is up, floors are done, appliances in, cabinets, countertops and light fixtures in. Everything is painted. It's supposed to be fully finished by the 28th!
Sunday afternoon I made a pretty tasty lunch from our E-Mealz menu. This has been so nice for variety in our diet we don't have to think or plan for. It was a low-fat "Fruity chicken salad". I will post the recipe next. The rest of the day was spend perusing the Sunday sale ads and a trip to WalMart. Can I say I had my first breakdown over couponing? I mean, I full-on cried. As you all know I've been frustrated with the whole process and envious of the major deals others are getting and wondering how they do it! It did not help that the local blog I follow did not do a post on the CVS sales this week :( So I felt a little lost. Anyway, I was just frustrated by spending 2-3 hours a week looking at ads, trying to get printable coupons, making lists for each store, clipping coupons, keeping my grocery journal and having to make several shopping trips to get what I need. Combine that with trying to search for deals on the things on our E-Mealz menu while trying to stay within a food budget that is taken up just by E-Mealz alone and you have one frustrated girl! 2-3 hours of work to save 5-15 bucks did not seem worth it. So John suggested that for July we plan our meals according to only what is on sale and couponable, and just use the E-Mealz menus to make what we already have in our house instead of worrying about buying certain things each week. This way I can hopefully maximize our grocery savings and I won't feel so defeated.

CVS does have milk for 3.39 this week! Limit 2 per card.

I've been given some advice by FB friends after lamenting, so maybe it will go easier this week.

Also, we have an opportunity coming up that we are thinking and praying about. It could possibly really help us out! I will let you know as soon as we decide!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 06-16-11

Ok so I am not sure I can write unless I get the "to-do" list out of my head. So you get to hear that first:
Make tabs for coupon filer and file clipped coupons
Get a system for storing weekly ad flyers
Print coupons for this week
Stop by Publix to pick up some groceries and some flyers
Get father's day cards and mail- ASAP!
Clean my house- sweep and mop, clean bathroom sink, mirror, toilet and tub, vacuum bedroom. Get rest of eBay stuff into the office. Shake rugs, dust, change sheets, laundry take out bathroom and bedroom trashes.
PURGE! Get rid of extra stuff. Let go of some clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. And some linens.
Put recipes into a smaller binder- use the bigger on for coupon flyers.
Change/download photos into the MyPictures folder at work so my screen saver is not so weird

Okay, now that's out of the way. What are my thoughts this week? It has been a pretty good week. I got a glowing annual review at work, had a very energetic Zumba class, my ladies' small group and a nice evening out.

This week I am trying to let go of a little of my expectations for cleanliness. Lol, this probably does not sound great. But if I don't, I may go crazy. With two people, two dogs and a business all trying to share a 2/1 833sf apartment it's getting a little cramped. Try grocery stockpiling in that space!
John pulled everything out of our office into the living room and kitchen for few days so he could get oranized (again) in the office :) It is a perpetual battle keeping everything in its place. Of course I am sure it is one that almost all are faced with. But some do fight the battle more intensely than others :)

I want to go through and purge everything we don't use. But I just feel like as soon as I do we will move and I will want those things back because I will have room for them. I could probably fill 4 boxes with just the extra kitchen and decorative stuff I don't have a place for right now. But I have collected all this stuff for cheap and I just know if I get rid of it I will need it and then have to replace it. What if I can't get if for cheap again?

The things in my kitchen that I currently store but don't really use: nice stainless steel fondue set ($10), toaster oven ($15) glass cake stand (wedding gift) glass tiered stand (wedding gift) 4 or 5 serving platters of different sizes (gifts or dirt cheap), plastic water pitchers/juice carafes ($3) and a small assortment of baking pans that are not often used. How can I get rid of that stuff? When I can use it I am sure glad to have it.

I also have a jewelry armoire and I probably only use 1/4 of the items in it. But once again, when I want to wear that certain necklace once a year, it is nice to have it.

Then there's all the incidentals like overflow beauty and health supplies, sewing kit, craft pail, gift wrap bag, and of course 3 memory boxes. Some extra linen and pillows for guests, beach gear, camping gear, luggage, dog supplies and some seasonal sports stuff (like ski clothes that were last used 5 years ago but would be expensive to replace) and the rarely used roller blades. Let's not forget car care supplies, pest control, tools, painting supplies, games, DVD's and books. Then the seasonal decorations, which have been forced into mom's storage unit.
It makes me wonder how it all fits even now.
I'm starting to think rather than purging, I just really need more space.

What do people with small spaces do? Buy new Christmas decorations every year? I'm open to advice.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SWW 06-15-11

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This week...
  • So what if I waited til the last possible minute to do the SWW post. Wednesdays are becoming busy with posts to read, compose and the grocery ads coming out and all the coupon hunting!
  • So what if I ate bad all weekend because myfitnesspal app was messed up and I had no way to track calories. It's in working order again today. Back to counting.
  • So what if I want to go through my house and purge everything possible so I can make room to "stockpile" my coupon deals. But then I think "someday soon I will have a place for this." Surely we can't fit into this 2/1 apartment too much longer!
  • So what if I don't but the hype that you can deeply save with coupons and still eat healthy. The coupons for fresh produce and meats, just not that many!
  • So what if I was devastated at the end of my 3 hr coupon seminar when I found out that everything she taught was almost for naught, because she doesn't think it would really work well with the E-Mealz menu we do :(
  • So what if I was all about getting some free tickets to the Craig Morgan outdoor concert, and then the best part about it was sitting outside with a breeze reading a book. I did NOT like the "warm-up" acts that took up nearly two hours. Craig was ok though. I just realized even more that even though they may not be "gangsta rap" the lyrics to many country songs are still immoral. Just about sex, drinkin and guns.
  • So what if I am taking sugary breakfast cereal to a "breakfast for dinner" party Friday. Lots of main dishes and sides are accounted for. So I'm bringing the "dessert".
Happy 2 days til Friday!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Update 06-11-11

Happy Monday all!
This weekend was lovely.

Friday after work I took a nap. Then the hubby and I headed off to the dog park with the kiddos again. It was fun and unexpected. What did we not except? Eby to get attacked my a full grown male Boxer. As we entered the park I could see a scuffle going on between this dog and another smaller dog. In that case the victim's owner took his dog and left. No blood or anything. Another owner told us the Boxer had initiated it. These things happen, so we were just careful not to let our dogs play around him (especially since Ernie barks ferociously at large dogs). Thankfully a well-behaved but playful Chocolate Lab showed up and he and the Boxer made friends. Well, Eby was standing near the shore (where they were playing) and all of the sudden the Boxer just pounces on her. She was not challenging or barking or anything. He was nipping at her neck and had her flipped on her back in the sand. John ran over and gave the assailant a swift kick in the ribs and he backed off as his owner was coming to claim him. Thankfully Eby was not really hurt. She had one microscopic scrape on her cheek but was just shaken. Poor thing was covered in sand and looking very pitiful. Someone at the park told the Boxer family they needed to leave, and they did. I think they did ask if Eby was ok. Anyway, all is well now.
After that we went on enjoying ourselves and even took the kids to dinner with us. We ate on the sidewalk of a downtown cafe (our favorite Greek place) and I have to admit I felt pretty cultured to have the poochies with us :) They actually did pretty well.
Ernie the boss trying to harass a big dog :) A muzzled big dog!

Joining in the fun

Speed demon!

Getting some love from dad

Eby getting the sand wiped off her. She looks pitiful in this pic!

Resting with dad after. Looking so silly with that big tongue hanging out!
Cuddles with dad

Saturday I did not go yard-saling because my surprise from hubby was that he bought me a ticket to a couponing seminar! I had been wanting to go but did not want to spend the money. I had a wonderful and informative time. It's a bit overwhelming, all the info. I don't know if I have the time and I know I don't have the space to be anywhere near "extreme", but it's a start. I am getting the hang of putting it into practice and started my grocery journal Sunday night.
For the afternoon and evening I took a wonderful relaxing head-clearing solitary trip to the library and beach. It was warm but with a nice breeze. I clocked 2.33 miles along the shoreline too! Hubby was having the guys over so I steered clear of the house until about 9pm.
Lovely walk at sunset

This is that "messy beach hair" I was talking about before. And my top was strapless, just to be clear :)

Sunday we went to church and then to lunch with a friend. Had another short nap. Went to CVS. Worked on my coupon homework and on our budget. I've also started a new book that I'm very in to so I read that until much too late :)


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 06-09-11

I wanted to share some quotes off my little tear-off desk calendar. My sister-in-law got it for me for Christmas and I have found some of the quotes very insightful.

To be completely a woman you need a master, and in him a compass for your life. You need a man you can look up to and respect. If you dethrone him it's no wonder that you are discontented, and discontented women are not loved for long. -Marlene Dietrich
I don't know if I agree that you have to have an earthly master. I think you can be single and Jesus can be you only master. But I think this is a good reminder for me all married ladies.

Kissing is a means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other. -Rene Yasnek

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. -Lana Turner   LOL!!

Today was a good but busy day. I also found out that my husband has a surprise for me this weekend. Something on Saturday that I'm not to make any other plans during the day. He is going to tell me tomorrow night what it is. I love surprises.

In a conversation with a friend yesterday i realized that if I want a baby by 30, we realistically should start trying in 18 months when I'm 28 and a half. This seems crazy to me! I am getting old and time is going by quickly! Especially when I think that if I have a baby at 30 I will be 40 when they are ten! Wow. Kinda makes me wish I would have started sooner. But I would prefer to be more prepared than be a mom 5 years younger. But to think I could be pregnant in 18 months, wow! I always wanted to be a mom but the more I realize the responsibility of it, I'm rather skittish. I guess you just get preggo and take it one day at a time from then!

I would type more but I have to run. Off to yoga! Happy almost Friday!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday 06-08-11

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This week I'm feeling SWW. So here goes!

SO WHAT! If I...
  • Am the worst Words With Friends player ever. I don't get any notifications when it's my turn and I often forget to check. Like for 4 days. Thankfully no one I'm playing with seems to mind. Plus I'm getting beat in all of my games. I'm a good speller but apparently not a creative word thinker. Does not help that the hub's family cut their teeth on Scrabble boards and they knew every 2 and 3 letter word in the dictionary. Lol!
  • Purposefully have "messy" hair today. Last night it was too late to go through the blow-dry routine (which doesn't look good the next morning anyway) so I just piled my hair in clumps on my head using clips and let it dry overnight as I slept. This morning I have wavy "beach" hair. But an office mate said it works for me :) So I might do this more often. I think it's easier on my hair than the constant heat styling.
  • Was "stank" last night after kickboxing. At least I burned some calories. And it was fixed with a shower before bed instead of the usual morning one. I had to. It was that bad.
  • I have tried 3 or 4 times to win tickets to a local concert but have failed each time. Why can't I seem to be the 5th caller!!! I've gotten 2, 3 and 6. But not 5!
  • I forgot to pay our rent this month. Didn't remember til we got a letter in our door. Whoops! At least they didn't charge a late fee.
  • Am going to go to a second Walgreens because the first one was out of their 50 cent chicken broth. I'm trying out some couponing and that means working harder for deals.
  • Don't understand people who coupon for stuff they don't need or want. I understand they donate things sometimes. But to me that's a fair amount of work for something you don't need or want for your family. Pouring over ads, clipping, printing, researching, shopping at likely more than 1 store. It's a lot!
Happy Hump Day Ya'll!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Update 06-04-11

I write to you from a lazy Sunday afternoon :)

Friday I worked my half day then hit the gym. I did 25 minutes on the treadmill and about 230 crunches total. I also found a new love- Wii boxing. If you do the movements instead of just flicking your wrist, you will break a sweat! It's also great for stress relief to knock your opponent out!!! After two sessions and about 8 opponents i finally got knocked out myself. I am working my way to the "pro" level but taking a break so I can be at my best next time around. My arms and shoulderblades are sore!!! Friday after John got home we went to the beach for a couple hours in the late afternoon. Then we came home and cleaned up for our first "couponing" trip to Publix. We decided to try out E-Mealz again for a while so we needed to get our supplies for the week and I also wanted to try and use coupons on their BOGO items like I see some couponers talk about. We aren't used to the store layout so we wandered a bit, but I did save $5.50 with my coupons, so it's a small start!

Saturday we got up super early to use a Groupon to eat breakfast before YSLing. The breakfast was decent. It's a small local joint but I would put the fare with that of Waffle House. We were only out a few hours because John used up all his money quickly :) There were a couple we went to that I would have liked to browse longer through the clothes, but my taskmaster said we didn't have time :) So I got a few random things:
Bib necklace, 50 cents. "School marm" booties for this fall, $1. Juicy Pear Jelly Belly candle that smells amazing, 50 cents. Marley and Me hardback, $2. Raising Helen DVD, $2. Funky polka dot vase, 50 cents.
I got these last week, wall candle sconces. Like $3.
Rockin the new bling on Sunday

We got done so early because John spent almost all he had left to his name at an estate sale where I found a box of brand new Mary Kay. We got it for $1 each. Hopefully it will bring in several hundred dollars!
and I got to keep some that aren't selling! Yay!
After being up so early and in the heat for awhile, we came home and I took a blissful 2.5 hour nap! After that I went to a girl's night at a friend's house. So fun!

Sunday we went to church, watched "Singin' In the Rain", played Wii and made dinner. In fact John is gone to get dinner ingredients (Publix fish counter was closed when we went) as we speak. So the kiddos are here helping me blog.
Notice his paw on my mousepad
One random- I finally experimented with collages in Picasa. Look at my lovely new desktop!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SWW 06-01-11

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This week I'm saying:

  • SO WHAT! If I just don't feel into doing a SWW post today. Instead you are going to get random thoughts.
Today I rearranged my desk at work. I spent a lot of time on some less than clean carpet re-routing wires. In a dress. But I am happy with the new arrangement. After 3 years it was time for something new.
I wonder if I will be in this job til the 5 year mark. I honestly hope not. But I realize how quickly time can pass. More than ever I want to be at home. It's getting hard to be thankful for my job. But thankful I must remain. When I get my paycheck and see how much income our business would need to make to replace it, I am grateful. I'm also doubtful the business will ever get there. But I know I'm just being impatient. I mean the business is really only a month old. It has been the hubby;s side job until the first of May. And 10 days of May were spent out of the country. It's so hard to be patient though. I'm guilty of the "just this" thinking. If I just had this or that, I'd be happy. If I could just stay home so I can start our family before 30. If we could have more space. If we could make decent money.

But then I have to remind myself of the co-worker with brain cancer, and the mom who left behind 2 teenagers and a husband last Sunday after her brave fight with ovarian cancer. Getting out of bed at 6:20 to spend 10 hours away from the house each weekday seems less of a problem.
Even know my head knows this it's sometimes a little harder to get it to my heart.

It's always hard to get back in the work routine after a long weekend. It's hard to be a person who just doesn't love to work. Some people thrive on work. I've never had a problem working because that's what is necessary. But to be honest, I would love for the rest of my life to be one big vacation! Lol. I love traveling, going to the beach, being outdoors, shopping etc. But I'm told eventually even those things get boring. I'd like to find that out for myself!

Time management is getting even harder now that I'm adding in the gym. After hubby's first week back where I did not get home til 8 three nights in the work week, he told me he missed me. The only other option I can see is to go to the gym before work. Like leave the house at 6am. Let's be honest, that is so NOT happening. I tried to convince myself I could. I just can't. It's hard because if I don't go the gym I generally do not work out as hard at home. And with the hubby's should injury, we are limited on what we can do. Walking and jogging really.
It would be nice if we could go to the gym together, but hubs doesn't like the gym, we probably don't really have the money for another membership and there's no way he would go to the group classes with me since it's mainly ladies and aerobics. I already invited him to yoga and that was squashed.
I just don't know how to fit it all in. Work, some help with the business, cleaning, cooking, fitness and of course leisure time and time with the hubs. It's difficult to take care of anything but the first one since it takes up at least 52 hours a week.
I don't know how the single mommas do it.

I'm gonna shut up now and quit whining.