Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So What Wednesday 01-26-11

So what if my dress today has a spot of blue Sharpie on it? The dress is (s shade of) blue too.

So what if my right boot squeaks when I walk. No way am I gonna quite wearing my brown riding boots. They are so in this season.

So what if I ordered the "insides" of 2 breakfast burritos in a cup from McD's this morning and my order was followed by a long pause. I can't have carbs people! Do you know how hard it is to get a fast food breakfast without carbs? And it tasted good.

So what if I laughed uncontrollably for a few minutes when my husband got toothpaste in his eye and screamed like a girl. That scream was soooo funny. And he got over the pain in just a few minutes. I usually do laugh when the injury is not serious. (Evil, I know)

So what if I still kiss, hug and drink after the hubby when he's sick. We sleep in the same bed. If I'm gonna get it, I'm gonna get it. Not worth being deprived of my sweet honey's kisses.

So what if I forget about this post almost every Wednesday. I've only done it twice :)

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What we did this weekend: 01-21-11

So folks- I am taking my phone to a friend this afternoon to be looked at and have my contact list replaced.

In other better news- we went this weekend to my dad's house in Baton Rouge for a late Christmas visit. Hard to fit in 4 sets of parents in 2 holidays :) Thankfully my dad was ok with being last :)

Poor John was not feeling well, but went along anyway. Friday we toured the city's capital and old state capitol.
 Inside the current capitol's legislature's meeting hall

Going up to the top, 27 floors. It's actually 30 floors total and is the tallest state capitol.

My dad, me and my step-mom on the top

They were filming a movie near by. HUGE green screen.

Overlooking the Mississippi from the top.

The current state capitol

In front of the old state capitol

The center of the building is a grand spiral staircase with a stained glass dome

Old state capitol from the outside

Intricate detailing

Me waiting at the end of the Huey P. Long exhibit. (Statue in background). He was a governor and then senator for the state in the 30's. His reign was quite sensational. He was assassinated in the current capitol building in the 30's.

Then Friday afternoon we got a chance to use John's Christmas present:
Taking aim at an unsuspecting Robin : ) It survived : )

My manly hubby


Watch out! I'm a pretty decent shot!

You cant tell in this pic he's starting to feel bad. He's usually not this ashen

Late Christmas

And then Saturday we did nothing. Really. John slept a lot. We watched TV. We ate. John found a love for King Cake with blueberry filling. Then I drove us home, and John slept some more.

Sunday poor hubby was so sick we stayed home from church. He watched the playoffs. That about covers it.

Hope you all had a fun, healthy weekend! The crud/cough/flu is running rampant around here! But I've yet to succumb!

John Moment: (Hope he doesn't kill me). Well there was a really funny one here. But the hubs found it and asked me to take it down. : (

Monday, January 24, 2011

We took a trip

this weekend. And I've even uploaded the pics to my Picasa account. But since I am still trying to figure out some things on my new phone, the Samsung Intercept through Virgin Mobile, I have been to preoccupied to post. So far I find the Android platform on this phone far inferior to an iPhone. But I think that may be because I don't know how to take advantage of all the options. Also, I think my phone is not comparable to the higher-end Droid phones like the Galaxy S or Droid X or Incredible. I was hoping that my change from the LG enV2 would be dramatic. And it is, in that I now have the web on my phone, the Android platform and an apps marketplace. But the basic functions of text, contacts and calling is a bit more confusing on my new phone. I know there's a learning curve with each new device, I went through it with the enV, and now I'm going through it with this one. It's just frustrating. Maybe Weekend Update will come tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So What Wednesday

So I said I was going to start this a couple weeks ago, but didn't :)

Here goes...

So What

So what if I brought a quarter of my fridge to work- I did not have time this morning to prepare my lunch

So what if my new phone is making me a little nuts- I can live without text messaging for a little while, right? No wait, I'm not sure I can

So what if I come to work without showering that morning and without any makeup- it's only 4 hours on Fridays, and no one but my 9 other co-workers are in my office. If you don't like how I look, don't come to my cubicle.

So what if I helped my dogs wipe their paws on our doormat this morning. I did not want their grime in my bed.

So what if I had to add Splenda to my chicken salad to make it edible. I was not wasting six eggs and 3 chicken breasts. It turns out tough chicken grilled on the George Foreman does NOT make a tasty chicken salad.

So what if I change my nail polish 3 times a week. It's not like I don't have enough. The stuff goes bad before you can use it all most of the time.

So what if I got spray paint all over our grill cover. The grill is not working, the cover has holes, and I wanted that mirror frame black! : )

So what if my dogs knocked over and broke a large bottle of Balsamic Vinegar all over our floor. It only took a bath towel and 2 rounds of mopping to clean it all up. Now repeat to myself "I will not kill my dogs, I will not kill my dogs."

Hope everyone is having a good hump day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick pics.

So here's what John has taken the past few days:
Too darn cute!

"We hate these jackets, and pictures and maybe you" Lol

Stoner Ernie. Lol.
Then I took some shots of a friend's engagement ring for practice:

Last night we got to spend some time with friends we have not seen in a very long time. That was nice.

Amy and I

Someone did NOT want to be in my picture : (

Our friend's cute dog Addy
Happy Friday all!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Around the house a bit

I think you'll be seeing a lot more (maybe more than you want) photos in my posts from now on. You are taking this new photography journey with me : )

Since we were having a cozy, fireside, TV watchin', candlelit night at home, I snapped a couple pics of the decor. I recently changed the fireplace decor to this:
Re-painted frames, candlesticks are some of the 100 plus I painted for our reception. Pic taken by Carnival on our honeymoon cruise : )
Over the couch 1

Over the couch 2
Recently painted table and one of my fab Christmas gifts the hubby picked all by himself!
My fave engagement pic of us, was on our invitations. This is in our bedroom
Reading one of the manuals from the camera.
My little Rebel : )
Hope all are having a good day! I am thinking maybe this weekend I will try to take some pics during our church services (with permission) to get some more practice.

Camera Love

So really this post is just A LOT of pictures : ) The camera we purchased finally arrived. Already we love it. There are so very many things about photography we've yet to learn.
I've read a few tutorials, and my next objective is to read the actual instruction manual. I'd also really like to take a class, hopefully within the next year if I can find one inexpensively.

But, here are some of our first shots:

We took shots of each other sitting on the couch :) I like how it blurs the background

Silly hubby

Is he not just adorable?

"Ahem, I'm sleeping here"

My emotional side :)

Not quite as easy to do self-portraits with this one. No, I did not cut my hair. It's back there :)

Fast enough to catch lip-licking!

Begging for a treat

I don't even know what emotion this is conveying : )

Dog you will look at me so I can take your picture!

"Please mom, no more!"

Couch cuddlin with my adorable men


Smoochin before bed

Trying action shots

She was excited cause I just got home and we were about to go out to potty

"Love me, love me, say that you love me" (sing with me)
So of course our first ones were off our fave subjects- the dogs.
We also spent the night watching this:
My sweet husband moved Little House on the Prairie up our Netflix que just for me! I loved this show- not hokey, clean, decent plot lines, and of course heart-warming. At first he did it to give me a "chick-flick". But, let me tell you who is now awaiting the next disc too... :) We are starting all the way from the beginning of the series.

We also ate some of this:
Hubby thought I was weird, but I was dying to try a "food shot" I think it came out well
And we were also sitting in front of this, cause it's stinkin' cold here!!!!
Next, I'll show you around my house a tad. Happy almost long weekend!