Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 07-28-11

So here's my crap-tastic attempt at a post. I probably should've titled it "Stream of Consciousness"

No, you are still not getting a "new house" post yet. Tomorrow we are supposed to get blinds and then I can hang curtains. We are also getting two new light fixtures. And the fence has been going for two days. Should be done in a day or two more. When all that is done, I will take photos and share.

I'm looking forward to my dad, step mom and sister coming tonight for the weekend. I am not looking forward to the forecast-ed rain. The beach is what we do when they come. I hope those "isolated thunderstorms" isolate from me! We need the rain really bad but honestly it has rained almost every day for two weeks!

Our pastor started a Sunday school class for people in their 20's. We were a little late to the first one so there was really no chit-chat time but I am hoping next week he will do introductions and we can make some friends. But a girl did introduce herself and her hubby last week, so I feel optimistic. I also really like the class. Our pastor is such a good teacher.

John got in another car accident last week (did I mention this?). Really not what he needed. Apparently a guy late for work mistook his gas pedal for his brake pedal. So he was accelerating as he hit John. John was stopped at a red light. No serious damage but he instantly felt neck and back pain and went straight to the chiro. He's been everyday this week and is still complaining of a lot of pain and stiffness. Poor baby : (

I don't want to ever go back to burners on a stove. The flat top stove is where it's at! No more pots sitting unevenly and no more spills and drips under the burners!

I am envious of John taking care of all the little things and appointments regarding the house and such lately. I am glad he can be there because I would have missed a lot of work, but I can't help but feel that I should be the one to meet all the craigslist buyers, the fence builders, the pest control people, the internet man, run to the storage room etc. I should be able to do my errands during the day and not on the weekends and at night. But like so many others, I do. It's not unusual. That doesn't mean I like it.

I have been meaning to "tell" on John for awhile about several of the little quirky things he does. That I sometimes participate in too. So here's one, I hope I can describe it. The other day- John was pursing his lips kinda like a fish but not all the way together and making this "ca-caw" type sound. I had no idea what he was doing. Then he told me he was a momma bird and he was going to feed me. I rolled my eyes and rebuffed him at first. Then I just surrendered to the madness and opened my mouth a little. He proceeded to "transfer" imaginary food into my mouth avian style- ie he pretended to throw up into my mouth. With his perfected patented fake vomiting talent. Yes, we are that weird.

I think my dogs are fabulous. Really. I know this is not new information. But I just love their cute mannerisms and when they come and snuggle up to me. It's hard to leave the house in the morning because I want to cuddle with them.

Some days I consider just quitting my job, forcing our family into "making it happen". Figuring out some way to live with momma still at home. Of course it's highly unlikely I will do this. Especially since Dave Ramsey just chastised a man the other day for his wife not working since they don't have kids and their family was barely surviving on his income. But sometimes I get doubtful and selfish and wonder when the day will come that I get to pursue my dreams because fortunately we have income even if my dreams don't support us.

So much of my life is wonderful and just like I planned. I have a healthy marriage, drive a reliable care, have clothes on my back, food on my table and live in a more than adequate home. I feel guilty for complaining about the areas that are not as I planned/hoped.

Work is super busy right now. I spent all day about 2 hours away from the office yesterday in bad traveling weather. I've been out of the office at least half the day everyday this week. And then when I came in this morning I had 7 more cases on my desk. Drats.

I am very ready for our cruise. After all the stress of moving and settling in, really ready,

It is very hot in an attic in Florida in July. I don't think you should ever have to enter an attic in Florida during the months of March through November. But since I had to about 15-20 times, let me tell you, it is hot. Also somehow while John was handling the giant Christmas tree up to me (since I have a hubby on the mend from a car accident who is also afraid of heights, I do the ladder work) he got quite a good "shock". I'm not sure I've heard him scream like that since we've been married. And there I was trying to make sure he is ok and not drop a 50lb Christmas tree down the ladder but rather hoist it up into the attic. We have no idea how this happened, but I assure you he was mildly electrocuted.

We've had a fun few weeks folks! :) Lol

BUT- today a big shout out that we are DEBT FREE! So really I should be doing a happy dance! It was our goal to be done by the end of the year and we got done early! Some finances that have been long held-up were finally released and we are able to knock out that last little bit! I cannot wait to tell Dave Ramsey on air! I wonder how many times I will have to call to get through? I don't care, I'm gonna keep trying til I do!

Happy almost Friday!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My excuse for being MIA- moving

So a few of you (aka my family) have noticed my lack of blogging. it's been almost 2 weeks which is like decades in blog world. I hope to be back in a week or two with some updates. Right now I feel my plate is too full for my blog to make it on the list.

Being the Type A that I am, I cannot rest until the checklist of things that need to be done in the new house is complete. I don't like living in a space that is half-done. And since I already did that for several weeks before our move, most of my extra time will be devoted to making everything in the new house "just so". Which of course even then won't be exactly how I want. Marrying our furniture and my mom's is a bit challenging. I am also not accustomed to all white walls anymore.

But for now, the furniture is in. We moved in the rain. What fun. Then followed multiple hours of unpacking and rearranging. Right now we have no window coverings, no fence and no dog door. Hopefully that will change in the next week or two.

There's also nothing quite so fun as cleaning out your old house to make you feel like you are completely disgusting. I won't go into detail about the messes you find under shelving units, fridges, washers and dryers. I don't know if I can ever consider myself a clean person again. I don't know how we took such a toll on a place in 18 months.

We still have about 15 things to get out of storage and mostly haul them into the attic. Fun. Let me suggest that you NOT try to move your house, your business, and a 1 bedroom apartment in the span of two weeks. Plan for time off work, unless you can live in chaos.

I have enjoyed the new kitchen very much. And the back porch swing. And having more room. But my couponing and blogging are suffering. But hey- they are my hobbies, so I do them when I can and when I want. If I wasn't also pretty busy at work, you would hear more from me.

I will quit whining now. I should be back with pictures in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesay 07-13-11

So what! If I am going to get ulcers from waiting on mom's house to close and I am too busy this week to do much of a post at all.

So what if I have to cancel our movers and our fridge delivery if the closing doesn't get mailed out by 5pm today.

So what if corrected documents from the hair brained lender are the reason we are having to wait.

So what that I had to have the lawn mower held at FedEx since there is no one at the new house to sign because the closing has already been pushed back 3 times.

So what if the patio light fixture I ordered and mom loved is no longer available because it's discontinued and out of stock. It said 5 left when I ordered. Ugh.

So what if even if we do get to move this weekend we will be without blinds for a week because they don't even ship out til Tuesday. Glad we won't be staying in the room that faces the road.

So what if I spend another $430 bucks on my car. Thank you heater core for failing me. At least I got a free carpet shampoo (antifreeze leaked into my carpets) and the mechanic buffed the red paint off my bumper for free. Now there are only black scratches.

So what if every item on here save one is related to the house. It's all-consuming these days.

Gotta go so I can take care of some things guessed it, the new house


Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update 07-09-11

I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

We did the final walk through (now for closing, hopefully), I did an impromptu dressing change in the hot sun on the new house's driveway for our friend who had a very unfortunate meeting between his finger and a lawn mower blade. Ouch. We ran errands and went grocery shopping. We watched movies. We packed more. Had lunch at my grandma's, visited our old church, sold 2 pieces of furniture on craigslist and went yardsaling. This is probably how every weekend post would look if I didn't elaborate or try to make it witty or interesting. Today the only effort you get is my photo collage from my YSL finds. I got quite a bit and there are a few things I can't show yet. But here's what I can.

From top left- a nifty pop up cooler with a flap for quick access- $4 Bronze backed white earrings- $1 Hanging closet organizer- $1 Large dog foot keeper- $4 Decorative grass- $1 Wall clock- $1 Set of 4 furniture gliders- 50cents Plate rack x3, $1.75 Monkey slippers- $1 Leopard flats 50 cents Shoe organizer bag $3
And my favorite this week
Silver candlesticks $7
It's crunch time around here. Gotta get all our crap boxed and moved!
Happy Monday!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So What! Wednesday 07-06-11

Go link up!
This week I'm saying So What!

  • If I sometimes work in the strangest environments
  • If I put myself through the uproarious din of lunch at Chick-fil-a again. Not so many kids, but still very busy and hardly any seats to be had. We really need another location in Pensacola. Please Mr. Cathy!
  • If the house closing got pushed back...and now we have to push back the fridge delivery another week and lose a weekend that we could be moving things. Grrr. The mortgage company has known for at least a month when the house would be finished! 
  • If I only made it to the gym once last week. I've already decided this month is going to be busy and I'll just have to deal with it. 
  • If I could go to the gym more but I only go when there's a group class. So I'm limited to the time I am off work, which is weeknights and weekends. And there are hardly any classes Friday-Sunday.
  • If I lit off sparklers on the 4th like a 4 year old. I've had them forever and they needed to be used. But I did feel a little silly twirling them around. I think next time I need to be with a kid so I'll have an excuse.
  • If the other night I had multiple dreams that seemed very real, then dreamt about the dreams I had and realized they were dreams and was embarrassed (because I'd told everyone at work- my old work- I was pregnant and then realized I only dreamt that, only to wake up and realize that ALL of it was a dream) and I woke up kinda upset that it was all a dream. It felt so real. I don't like those kind.
  • If today I started a new book with my mentee and the first chapter was the account of a dog being abused, having all his siblings killed, his mother dying of depression and his abusive owner cutting off his ears and tail. Thankfully he barely pays attention to me. It made me want to run home and cuddle my puppies. But I made sure to read into Chapter 2 which begins with him being rescued.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Update, Happy 4th!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and hopefully an extra day off work!

Friday I did the walk-through on mom's house. The superintendent was very friendly and helpful. There are only a few minor cosmetic things they need to fix. Then the blinds installer met me to take window measurements. Oh my word! This guy was a trip! VERY friendly, corny, enthusiastic and maybe a little too personal. It's hard to describe, but if this gives you any idea, when I got the paper with the measurements he faxed to Lowes, he had drawn a picture on the bottom. Fireworks, a firecracker, some flames and had written "Happy 4th Everyone". Just a little odd for a professional mock-up. Anyway. Friday later afternoon you can read about here.

Saturday we were able to go to a few yard sales. There usually aren't many on a holiday weekend and this one was no exception. I got a purse I like for $1. I got it from a home that I was shocked the owners let people in. Dirty, gross, yuck. Even walking up it was one of those houses you are afraid of what is on the other side of the door. Especially when as we got near the garage door that was slightly ajar, we hear whistling. But you couldn't see in the garage. Kinda creepy. Anyway, even though it's leather-like that puppy went through the washing machine!
It's kind of cranberry/deep pink colored
The shoes I got last week but forgot to photograph
The rest of Saturday was spent running errands. We also stopped into this local Mexican dive. Never once in the 22 years I've lived here have I considered going in this place. But, randomly a stranger told me about it in conversation months ago. Raving about how authentic and tasty it was. We happened to be near it at lunch time and John pulled in the parking lot saying "This is as close as we'll ever come, might as well". Well, the place was very authentic. As in run down, brightly colored but heavily askew hand-painted menu, no air conditioning save a fan and a portable AC which was NOT sufficient and lots of photos and things on the wall. The temperature in the very minuscule dining area was bearable, but I could feel the oppressive heat from the kitchen as we stood at the counter to order. It was literally like I'd stepped across the border. Anyway, the prices weren't particularly cheap, so I had an "El Pastor" (sp?) taco and John had the same plus a Carnitas taco. It was a pretty large portion so we were full. The flavor was also good, but not to "die for". Not sure we'll be running back, but now we don't have to wonder if we're missing some hidden Mexican food nirvana. We ran some errands to Lowes to check plantation blind prices and to WalMart to get that porch swing. In the end mom decided on green and that was the only color available anyway. Unless you want to pay $40 extra for red! I am so excited to get that setup and in use! Just a couple more weeks hopefully! After our long day out poor John got a pretty bad migraine. Like vomiting multiple times, sweating, miserable, sleeping it off for a few hours migraine. Poor hubby. So I took Ernie myself to get his shots. We tried out this mobile clinic that comes to Walgreens, Pet Caravan because they were about 1/2 the price for the Rabies vaccine. Well I pull up and they are just setting up the tables. I don't see another dog in sight and smile at my good fortune. Then they tell me the registration table is on the other side of the store, along with a "very long line". Oh no. I round the corner and the line is down the store all the way into the back parking lot. Literally 75-100 dogs. But I decided to stick it out. It was a very entertaining venue for people and pet watching. Had we been in WalMart I feel sure someone would be taking photos of some owners for People of WalMart. And it would've been very convenient if Cesar were there to "train humans and rehabilitate dogs". Especially for one anxious Lab mix. But my little Ernie did so very well. No barking, pulling or other inappropriate behaviors. Didn't flinch at the shot. Even sat on command. I was a proud "Dogma" (Dog momma) as my dad calls it. When I came home John was still napping, so I joined him for a bit. Nothing much else exciting to report for that day.

Sunday after church two members of the congregation had a short simple wedding ceremony. They are both gray-headed with their own grown children so it wasn't a huge affair. We were all invited to the bride's home after for heavy hors d'oeuvres and cake. It was very tasty. I spent the evening cleaning and packing (with John's help) in preparation for holiday dinner guests and for our move.

Monday we slept in! Lovely. I got up and made breakfast quiche (sans onions this time so hubby love it!) and did some more cleaning. Then I hauled the kiddos out to the dog park for some Independence Day fun.

Ernie running around

And policing the bid dogs as usual

The Mastiffs were there again. So huge!

Eby was hot and mostly laid under the bench I was sitting on

Are you done taking my picture yet mom? I wanna go play!

I'm really glad this little white terrier

rolling in the sand is not mine!
But Eby did betray me! I hosed off her chin and belly as we were leaving because she was sandy from laying in the dirt. Then after she was wet she went and rolled in the sand! So angry. She got rinsed again. So take that Eby!

In the afternoon we had another pair of newlyweds over for a 4th of July meal- which meant grilling of course! We had grilled chicken, steak, baked beans, corn on the cob, shells and cheese, salad and watermelon. A quintessential summer meal. Then we drove a little ways to a neighboring town to watch fireworks over the river. Our seats were great! Unfortunately we had to endure listening to the nearby Karaoke booth for about 2 hours.

There are far too many people eager to share their lack of talent! But it is pretty funny. When it got dark we pulled out these-

 and watched these-

and of course we had to get our "couple" shots

And now for a short work week! Yay!


Friday, July 1, 2011

This week's grocery haul

So I now spend my Friday afternoons grocery shopping and then figuring out the savings and blogging about it. Yeah, that's what's exciting these days :) And it really does put me in a good mood!

So with about 2 . 5 hours of shopping and 4 different stores this is what I got! We won't talk about how long it took me to browse ads and print and clip coupons. Being new at this combined with having a very old and slow computer and printer... it was a tad frustrating. But anyway, that will hopefully get better as I get more experience.

The listing from the picture:

2 14oz Hillshire Farm smoked sausages
2 gallons 2% milk
4 lbs Oscar Meyer lunch meat
4 Wanchai Express dinner for 2 frozen bagged meals
4 Macaroni Grill dinner for 2 frozen bagged meals
4 8oz packages Kraft shredded cheese
2 10 count boxes Aunt Jemima frozen waffles
2 bags Fresh Express bagged lettuce
2 10oz tubs Sabra hummus
1 16 oz tubs fat free sour cream
2 roma tomatoes
1 pkg hot dog buns
16 oz Ajax dish soap
4 boxes Mueller's pasta- Free!
6 24oz jars Bertolli pasta sauce
3 16oz bottles Kraft dressing
3 cans Campbell's condensed chicken noodle soup
4 cans Emeril's "Bam" meals (mini ravioli cans)- Free!
2 cans Butterball chicken broth
4 28oz cans Bush's baked beans
2 10oz bottles A1 sauce
2 10oz cans Rotel tomatoes
2 McCormick grill mates seasoning
3 3oz spices (garlic powder, chili powder, minced onion)
6 boxes Quaker chewy granola bars
4 rolls paper towels

Original total without sales or coupons- 228.93
Value of sale items (BOGO, on sale etc)- 113.01
Dollars off with coupons- 52.46
Total spent 83.19
Total saved off retail 145.74
A 64% overall savings!

Also Publix was running a promotion to get a $50 gas card for $40 with a purchase of $25 in groceries. So I got that also! So I also saved $10 in gas!

Happy Friday!