Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tomorrow I wear my birthday suit...

That's right, I turn the (not so) big 26. 26 is not really a "milestone" birthday. But to me it means, in the 20's decade, I am closer to 30 than 20. Bleh. I can't really give it too much worry, cause what good would that do? I can't stop it. But I also feel like it's appropriate that I head more towards "adulthood" with my 26th birthday, since it's the first birthday I'm spending married :) I'll let you know next week what a married birthday feels like to me.
In other news, the hubs said to me last night (after a spurt of kissing each other on the cheek in rythm like a Stomp group) "We are such dorks, babe." I could only laugh, as did he. I told him "Hey, this is what people without cable do for fun."
Then we finished off the night watching Dog Whisperer on Hulu. We're pretty much addicted. Poor Eby is now our little training experiment. So far it's not going great. Only average. She's not the quickest learner. But then again we're prob not the best teachers. I can already see how tiring "consistency" can be. A little glimpse into how tough raising kids can be! Good thing I won't be facing that for awhile!
Until then we'll practice our training skills on someone who won't talk back :)
Poor pup
So I decide to try my hand at this blogging thing that seems so popular lately. Not sure if anyone will want to read these musings of mine. Someday I hope to be as witty and popular with my blog as another fave blogger of mine
This girl makes ordinary life hilarious! But since I've yet to produce offspring to make for great "Kids do the darnedest things" material, you're stuck with whatever I can come up with to make my life sound interesting :) So, cheers to my first post!