Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby White Week 37

Hi guys!

Sorry I am late in posting. We got back from our trip yesterday around 5 and I spent most of today doing errands and getting ready for my work "week" which starts again tomorrow.

Thursday afternoon we set out for the outskirts of Birmingham (Childersburg to be exact) to spend time with friends of ours and just get away and relax. It's so pretty there- the colors are starting to change, and everything is not flat :) In fact, it's pretty much mountains by my standards. Nothing like the Rockies or anything, but very hilly. I think I could possibly trade the beach for that nice scenery. Except it still gets just as hot there as it does here :( And the traffic, I could definitely skip.

We enjoyed lots of lazing around, dining out and browsing. Combined with just a tiny bit of shopping. I also got treated to a lovely pedicure. We stayed with John's best man and his parents. We are equally good friends with both :) It just so happens John's friend is a manager at the movie theater, so we also got to see "Here Comes the Boom" for free! It was super funny. We laughed a lot.
A peanut butter shake with banana foam and "lacquered" bacon at FLIP Burger Boutique. I was not so much a fan of the bacon.

View from The Summit outdoor shopping mall

Getting ready for another delicious fattening dinner :)

Church of the Highlands. Part Sunday morning church, part worship concert. :)
Lunch Sunday at Cheesecake Factory. So so good!

After lunch at FLIP Burger at The Summit. With my new hat from Charming Charlies.

We had a doctor appointment today. I don't like going in the afternoon. We had to wait a stinkin' hour! In the last 3 weeks, I've gained 7 pounds. Yikes! Four of those were just in the last week! But I figured it would be high with all the rich food we ate on our trip. That makes my total weight gain 22 pounds. So I'm 2 over my goal with 3.5 weeks to go. Boo. But I plan to watch it while at home and back in our routine. The midwife was not concerned. What she was concerned with- I had ketones in my urine. In fact, I got a stern talking to about my water intake. She said if the ketons were any higher she would send me to the hospital for IV fluids. I don't want that! So I'm chugging away today. Here's to sleeping in 2 hour increments.

Otherwise everything else looks great. My belly measurement is right on track. Sophia is head down. We did one last quick ultrasound to make sure, since if we needed to turn her now would be the time. We got a quick peak at her profile and her back and ribs. The midwife was very happy to see that she was doing breathing motions with her chest/ribs. She said babies that are really well oxygenated do this. It's weird since that's not how she actually breathes. But good practice for her! I've started Evening Primrose oil and Red Raspberry Leaf capsules as of yesterday. The midwife suggested it at my last appointment. The oil (capsules) are supposed to help soften the cervix and the leaf is supposed to help tone the uterus.

We also got our maternity photos back last night. I was so pleased with them. A few are really just of us and don't feature the belly, and I love those! I love belly ones too of course.

 And to think these photos are not from a "professional" per se. Just from my great friend/fellow blogger Lauren, who loves to take pictures. And is quite good at it. I'm trying to convince her to start a side business :)

I got a lot of errands done today. My last round of baby returns to Target, along with purchasing a few items off the registry. Not that there are many unpurchaseds left! I took the car and carseat to the fire department for inspection. It was pretty funny to see 5 firemen all surrounding a baby seat :) But they showed me how to get it just right. I also voted! I was taking some donations to the library, and it happens to be an early voting location. Since I work next Tuesday and I could technically have a baby any day now, I figured I'd go ahead and check that off the list.

Oh, on  the way home from our trip we stopped at a local pecan company. It's like a Cracker Barrel store too. They serve a lunch buffet but other than that there's just pecans, sweets and coffee. And a ton of Alabama football flair and lots of other really neat (and mostly overpriced) items. But I just loved the socks and had to have them. Even at $7.
Here's this weeks' belly photo. Taken on the road :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby White Week 36

Hello from the land of the super-prego.

This week I ran out of my heartburn medicine. I thought I'd try going without it to see if I still needed it.
Research shows: I do.

After waking up several nights in a row either coughing from bile or just having esophageal pain, I decided it was time to buy some more. I'm very thankful for pharmaceuticals. I tried Tums and milk, and neither helped. Generic Prevacid does :)

My sleep has improved overall. Not as much insomnia. Most nights I'm tired by 9. But I can push through if need be.

This week I think Sophie is dropping lower. I had some episodes where I was in quite a bit of discomfort, but I don't think it was contractions. Mostly because it was only the lower half of my uterus and it didn't seem to make my whole belly hard or anything. But it feels like she is punching my bladder. It makes me stop what I'm doing, that's for sure. I was thinking perhaps she was engaging in my pelvis, but I think she's probably still moving around too much to be locked and loaded :)

I had my last shower this week. My co-workers threw a lovely cake and punch affair during our lunch time Wednesday. I'm still surprised at how generous people are, even when they don't really know you that well. We have gotten like over 800 wipes and almost 550 diapers. I'm keeping a tab of sorts and we've probably gotten between $2500 and $3000 worth of gifts. Crazy! We are very blessed.

I'm probably waddling just a tad these days. I don't really notice it, but I think some others have. I saw a prego in the hall at work who probably swayed a foot side to side with each step. She looked like she had a stick up her behind the way her butt was tucked in but her legs wide apart. It was pretty dramatic. I know my stride has slowed, that's for sure. I took the dogs for a 30 minute walk this week and I was pretty tired after. I think my Zumba days are over. Just walking for this momma from here til the end.

My lower back is starting to ache more. Not every day, but some. I think the chiropractor and a massage therapist would do me some good, but I'm so close to the end I don't want to spend the money.

We are in the home stretch for sure. John said tonight "just think, in two weeks we could have a baby". Then he said he might throw up. Lol. I did go ahead and get the baby's bag packed and our suitcase probably 2/3 packed. Some things I can't have packed away for weeks, so they'll have to get thrown in last minute. I have our birth plan and call lists done and packed. I even went ahead and made an "emergency birth" kit for the car. Our Bradley book suggested it. It might be a bit overkill, but better have it and not need it then need it and not have it, I reckon. We are taking a 4 day trip next week (not too far from home) and possibly a 4 day trip the week before my due date (even closer to home), so I guess the kit would be good to have. Just in case.

Tomorrow we are going to exchange our duplicate or unnecessary gifts and get a couple minor things off our registry. I'm excited about that :) We also may try to get my baby box out of the attic. It has my going-home dress in it, and Sophia will probably wear it too (if it fits!).

We are trying for maternity pictures again this Sunday. It didn't work out last Sunday. A friend from our Bradley classes just put her maternity photos on Facebook and they are gorgeous! But then again, she's always looked like a model.

I have my 36 week appointment Tuesday. I get the Group B strep swab. Fun. But I'm anxious to see if Jenny can tell me if she's engaged or anything. If there's any changes or anything. Maybe guesstimate her weight? After this appointment we start weekly appointments!

I thought I'd be cute-sied up in my pic this week. We were supposed to go out tonight. But we didn't. So here's my makeup-less face and my "sweats". We were about to go for a walk in the neighborhood.

Oh- as you can see my belly button is still in. But a little part of it is starting to make it's way out!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby White Week 35

I kind of feel like I updated everyone on Monday. So not that much to say.

I don't know if I mentioned, no weight gain these last two weeks. So I'm still at around 15 pounds. I think I'd set a goal to not gain more than 20. We'll see how that goes. But I should be close even if I do go over a little.

Sophia has been moving a lot this week. The other night she was making little tents on my belly. It's still not to the point that you can see hands or feet or anything like that. I don't know if it ever will be for me, since I probably have a little more cushion layers than some people :)

My sleep has been deteriorating some. I'm making an extra potty trip and sometimes it's hard for me to get back to sleep. Not like me at all. In fact one night this week I took melatonin. I slept very soundly. I don't like to take it very often because it works so well I feel I could sleep 3 hours past my alarm. But John was congested, so he was snoring more, and although he doesn't snore loud enough to wake me up, it does make getting back to sleep after a potty trip that much harder.

Friday night my good friend (and bridesmaid) and her two friends spent the night here on their way to New Orleans. We had a girls night (along with my MOH/BFF and my other good friend/neighbor) and went to our local Greek festival for some yummy food and lots of good conversation. When we got back home we chatted a bit while my friends all felt Sophia's "belly dance" she does every night. Fun times.

Buds! (Me, MOH, BM)

Me and Els! (and a very prominent Sophia!)
Saturday I piddled around the house in the morning while John slept. Poor hubby has been sick for a few days, but is on the upswing today after rest and meds. He was feeling puny enough that he skipped yard sales. So you know it was crummy :)

I had a baby shower today with the ladies from our church and two of my friends. Sadly, I didn't take any photos. There were some taken, just not by me :) I may get my hands on them. I got some very nice things, including embroidered burp cloths and a blanket, all with Sophia's name. I also got some handmade paci clips, very cute.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to take maternity photos, and I'm really excited about that! I picked out our outfits this evening. I'm going for a fall/country theme. We are hoping to find a field with some big hay bales, we shall see.

So here's to a great photo shoot!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Controlling your temper even when you're upset

So today we stopped into a Precision Tune to get the oil in John's car changed.
I've used them once before at another location in town, no problems. Cheap and pretty quick. The only place that is cheap enough that it's no longer profitable to do it yourself.

But today...
We sat in the full waiting room. And all was calm. Until.

A technician came in to tell a lady that her cabin air filter was dirty and needed replacing "Well, go ahead and do it." She said in an irritated "you're lying to me I just want to get out of here" voice.

Then they came back to tell her that all her old oil was out, but that her oil cap recommends full synthetic oil. She drives a Smart car. They told her the benefits the synthetic, but that unfortunately it costs about twice as much. She started throwing a fit, ranting that she wasn't going to pay $100 for an oil change. (I never heard them quote her a price). She told them she got her last oil change for $32. They let her know that was likely partial synthetic. She kept carrying on and then told them to just put her old oil and filter back in and let her go. They told her they'd put non-synthetic in if she wanted. She refused and they told her they'd put the old back in and have her out soon.

When they left she was like "ya'll sure you want your oil changed here?" I let her know I'd used this chain before with no problem and I'd never heard of a full synthetic oil change for $32. She told me the area she'd gotten it done in. Never heard of it. Anyway.

They rang her up and confirmed "you got the cabin filter right?" She was like "I don't know what a cabin filter is but I told them to put the old one back in." Of course I heard her tell them the change the cabin (air) filter. Anyway.

Then a lady and her toddler came in, already hostile "How much longer is it gonna be?" They told her the part should arrive in 15 minutes. She was like "That's the same $%* you told me 15 minutes ago, it don't take that long to get the part here, that auto place ain't that far away, I gotta go, this is ridiculous, I'm gonna need some kinda discount." The tech told her "we already gave you one on (such and such) remember?" She continued to complain and fly off the handle. He told her the part deliverer made a mistake and that's why it was taking longer. "Oh, so I gotta suffer because someone else, because ya'll made a mistake? This is  $%* ridiculous" and she stomped back out. She proceeded to continue fussing at them from outside in the pit area. She too told them to just put the old part back in because she had to go, she'd already been there an hour. She got on the phone and started complaining to a friend too.

Anyway, she came in to pay her bill and continued to fuss and rant. Threatening to not pay. Complaining to the cashier about what a crappy place it was, etc. As the cashier was going over her bill, she started saying she needed to see her old part, that it was put in, that they put her car back together, so her "$%& didn't fall apart going down the road." So the cashier went and got the technician, who told her that they put her old part back in as she directed. That if they hadn't gas would be leaking everywhere (apparently it was a fuel filter). They said the worse case scenario would be that they put a new one in and didn't charge her. Well, she kept insisting that they needed to put her car up on the rack and show her because she couldn't take their word for it. They went back out to the bay and she kept grumbling. She told the cashier she was going to call the police and then walked out.

Shortly after that our car was ready. No issues. I was kinda sad I didn't get to see it all go down. I told the cashier the police would be the best option because they'd politely put the lady in her place.

So I understand where the ladies were coming from- impatient, frustrated, feeling vulnerable. I too know what it feels like to wonder if you are being taken advantage of. But still, there was no need for that behavior. There's especially no need to act like that in front of your child. What a horrible example. They all could have expressed their feelings in a much more diplomatic way. I felt so sorry for the employees. They were having a rough day. I told John when we first walked in that the cashier seemed less than friendly and in a bad mood. Very much just putting in her time. But I realized by the end why she was probably so upset. Not that it makes the behavior acceptable.

So we had a good yet sad chuckle over the whole thing. And shook our heads.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update 10-06-12

So I haven't done one of these in awhile!

But this weekend we did a lot (on Saturday anyway!).

Friday morning we went to a few yard sales. I got some Bare Escentuals makeup, 2 foundations, a powder, a bronzer and a blush. I also got a Mary Kay compact for my eyeshadows, and a "holiday gift set" of Mary Kay featuring three shadows I really like, a blush, a lipstick and a lip gloss. All that at one place for $5. I also got two Amber Romance lotions from VS for $2.

Saturday there was a TON of yard sales. There were over 3 community yard sales, but that's all the ones we could make it to. We skipped all the individual ones. It was pretty good, but not nearly as good as I thought it would be. But I also managed not to spend a ton of money :)

Pillow- $1.50, 4 OPI polishes, $1.25, gladiator sandals, $1, Roxy wedges, $0.50, yoga mat, $1 and Dymo labeler, $1

Skip Hop "man" diaper bag for dad, $2, 2 receiving blankets, $0.60, Toddler backpack for a friend, $1, 9 DVDs and 2 CDs, $9.

Dog dress, $0.50
Then later that day we went to Barktoberfest. Had a good time. I didn't want to lug the camera along. So when I came home I tried to get pics of the dogs. And they ignored me.

And then we spent the evening watching some of the DVD's we bought and eating pizza!

Sunday we did more of the same. Church, eating, movie, napping, church, bed. I did get a cute pic of Eby snuggling with dad during movie time.
To me our weekend kind of extended into Monday. I had an appointment with my midwife, and we also interviewed a pediatrician.

Everything went great at the midwife's. No weight gain in two weeks! Yay. But, she thought she might be breech and wanted me to start on homeopathic stuff in a week if she was. So she used the ultrasound to check the position. She was head down! The midwife says she just has a big rump :) (I'm totally ok with that as my side of the family is kinda rump-less). We got to see her hands, feet, spine, ribs, heart, top of her head and her face. Her nose was squished up against the uterine wall. It was kinda surreal, having her "look" straight at us. As the midwife said "they kinda all look like skeletors at this point". It was just a tad freaky. But also cool. She said my amniotic fluid levels were good and everything looks great.

We had a pediatrician interview about an hour and a half after that appointment, so we killed some time eating lunch at Chick-fil-a. With our "cowlendar" coupouns, we both had a full meal for $3.34 total. Score! Then, we went a returned some duplicate items to Target from the showers, and got enough money back to get a crib mattress! I was thinking I'd get one used off Craigslist, but while doing some research I found a review on an inexpensively priced foam mattress that's BPA and phalate free. I'd read that it's best if you cover your mattress due to the chemicals used to make it flame retardant, and when you think about how close it is to your baby, it makes sense. But this one shouldn't need anything but something to protect the sheets. I didn't think we could afford a foam one, but looks like we can! I've got a bid in on eBay for one, but if that doesn't work then Amazon has it for about $50-60. A lot more than the $15-$25 for a used one on Craigslist, but I think it's worth for this item, for me.

Found on Amazon here

Thankfully we liked the pediatrician very much. He was recommended by our midwife. We thought we'd have a hard time finding someone in our area who would agree to see us even if we decide not to vaccinate. This pedi was very relaxed, and told us he does believe in vaccinations, and his children have all theirs, but we are the parents and it's our decision. He states he always gives education and then lets the parents decide. He does have plenty of patients who don't vaccinate. He has had a family who got measles because of it. But he states he doesn't brow beat and if your child catches a disease that's vaccine preventable, he sees no need to tell parents that. It's not like they don't already know.

He did give us a few handouts on vaccines "only as educational material, not meant to convince or sway you, only to inform you." He let us know that even if you give every recommended vaccine (there's like 60 now) the whole series contains less antigens than used to be in one polio vaccine back in the 50's-60's. That was interesting to note. He also did let us know that if we decide to vaccinate (we will probably get some) that single dose vaccines are no longer available from the manufacturers (not financially profitable for them due to low demand). So you can't separate measles, mumps and rubella, for instance. But he has no problem with parents making informed decisions about what they want to do. None, some, one at a time, etc. 

The office has 4 hours for appointments on Saturdays, they take their own call (not an answering service), same day appointments are almost always available and they work with families financially if they fall on hard times. In general we were very pleased, and glad we aren't going to have to go to the next town over for care.

We also got a convertible carseat, brand new, for half the retail price. Our Targets donate to the local Goodwills, and they had the exact carseat we have on our registry. In the sealed box. It was marked "salvage" so we opened the package. No defects noted. Seems it was just a return or something. Anyway, my mom graciously offered to gift it to us. We have an infant carrier that attaches to the stroller, so we will use that at first I think. But this one can be used rear facing 5-40 pounds and forward facing up to 65 pounds. So we should get a lot of use out of it.
Graco My RideTM 65 Convertible Car Seat 

We also had an interesting wait getting our oil changed, but I'll put that in another post.
It was a fun weekend!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby White Week 34

I feel like this week is more of the same.

Getting bigger. And bigger. Less energy. Less flexibility.

How I feel

Sophia's been doing some pretty big antics in there today. Sometimes it twinges pretty good.

Sitting upright these days, not so much. I need to lean back at least a bit to make room for this belly.

I've been wanting naps today. So I took one. It felt great.

The nursery is almost complete. I'm itching to get everything done, because from what I hear, I won't want to be doing much of anything here in a little bit. It'll probably take all my energy just to make it through a work day.

We are taking our maternity pictures the 14th! Yay!

In non maternity news- my husband made me a great clothesline this past week. It runs along our back fence and is on a pulley system, so I can put clothes on and take them off from one spot. I really like it. And it makes us more green :)

Not quite tall enough for pants in the middle, but it works

The end, and the separators. We have five of them altogether.

I told John- "I've got nothing new this week. I'm the same, I'm huge." He says "You're pregnant not huge." So sweet. He always says that when I say how big I am.

I'm sorry I don't have more this week.

New maternity jeans since I outgrew the others. Top via Freecycle!

This week before taking my photo, John said "Aren't you supposed to wear white to make your belly look bigger?" I told him we no longer have to worry about that!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo

So I'm sitting here and decided to "dump" as many things as I can think of in 5 minutes. Just for fun.

I was really grateful for help at work today. I'm covering an area that was a bit neglected, and things were getting overwhelming.
We have two patients that have been in the hospital over 90 days. Both needlessly. One left today and the other is leaving Thursday. Both had bills over 1 million dollars.
I wish my dogs did not shed, or at least only half as much. I love them and wouldn't trade them, but the shedding I could do without. The lint trap in the dryer after I wash our sheets or their bed blankets is just disgusting.
I love my dogs so much that if my kids happen to be allergic, we'll just get them meds. Now if we couldn't cure it with meds, then maybe they'd have to go :(
Today I wore my maternity support band and it helped. It takes some getting used to. I also put it over a cami and then a shirt over that, cause it's kind of uncomfortable straight on your skin. It also give the bump a more basketball appearance :) It still hurts if I'm walking briskly though.
I was putting away John's coffee pot (that's for sale) and I dropped the carafe on the tile floor. It shattered. Sorry honey! That was fun to clean up.
We are hopefully doing maternity pictures in the next couple weeks. I want to find a field with hay bales to do it. I also want to do it before I get so huge it's ridiculous.
Tonight the AC is off and the windows are open. Thank you cooler weather!
I've gone over my time, it's been six minutes. Maybe I'll go for 10.
I'm looking forward to finishing up the baby showers so I can see where we stand as far as what we need to get still. I have some returns of duplicates that I'm anxious to take back, but I figure it's more practical to wait until the showers are done.
My hubby apologized to me out of the blue Sunday night. For something I didn't even know needed forgiving. It was very sweet.
We have three home improvement projects that need to be finished before baby comes. And I can't really do any of them. Does anyone want to replace our tub drains, seal our grout and finish our quarter round shoe molding? I'd really like to be able to clean the floors with something besides water, and have the use of both our tubs!

10 minutes is up...