Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Update 05-28-11- birthday!

Hi all-

Hope most of you are enjoying a three-day weekend and remembering those who have served and who are serving! Thank you military men and women.

This year my birthday fell on the holiday weekend. Which is very nice!

Friday we went yard-sailing. I got several things but took no pictures :) A purse, two black wrought-iron wall scones, a wrought-iron candle stand for the fireplace, a brown pashmina scarf and a white ball-cap style hat. We also went to a few thrift stores and found a few things for re-sale.
After this John surprised me by taking me to Four Winds for lunch. This is a local specialty grocery store that includes an amazing deli. I have lived in our area 20 plus years and still had never been. It was soooo delicious! I told John "I hear angels singing" as I was eating our feta dip and turkey salad sandwich. Their deli items are mostly Mediterranean. They have over 300 cheeses and free range grain fed meats. It was just to die for! Their feta dips are for sale at the Online Store and information about what all the store carries and a menu can be found here: Four Winds Online .
After we came home feeling full of goodness, we headed off to the beach for a few hours. This is one of the few times a year I can convince John to go (birthday queen rules!). The water was a bit rough but we had a nice time. Then we came home and ate sandwiches made with our feta dips and watched a movie while eating large bowls of popcorn :)

Saturday we slept in! No up early for yard saling on my birthday! I woke up to this adorable face next to me:
Sleeping angel

I had a leisurely morning making breakfast and doing a bit of tidying around the house. Then John and I hopped in the car and headed for the beach. But we took an hour detour to attend a baby shower. John graciously occupied himself with a book on a bench under a tree while I visited with the ladies and momma-to-be. Then we continued on to the beach. It was gorgeous water that day! Still quite a few waves, but the sand bar had come in almost to the shore line. So the water was shallow and clear for at least 100 feet from the shore. It was warm but not miserable and the wind was blowing.
After spending several hours at the beach we came home and cleaned the salt and sand off ourselves to head to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. The wings were yummy as usual and being with my friends is always a treat, but I may have chosen another place if I would have known it was a UFC match night. Things got pretty loud in there! Afterwards we went over to our friend's house and just talked and enjoyed ourselves.
Birthday means free chocolate cake and ice cream! It was really good

The ladies who helped me celebrate

Best person to celebrate a birthday with!
Sunday I had taken some herbal sleep aids and I was out til 11am! Then we headed over to my grandma's to have lunch with her in celebration of my birthday again! :) A distant cousin and her two granddaughters were also in town so we chatted a bit with them and then we headed to the dog park. It was a lovely afternoon and I got lots of good photos so I will try to narrow it down. The best part of the afternoon was that Ernie decided to get into the water! All on his own! He was just running up and down the shoreline chasing and barking at other dogs (as usual) when he chased another dog into the water! He even went deep enough that he had to swim a bit. After that he was running all in the water for the whole afternoon. So proud :)
Couldn't resist getting a pic of this! This owner has 3 Mastiffs! The males in front are about 240lbs each!

Ernie running

and harassing big dogs that could eat him

and finally diving in!

He's into it now!

Eby played too but was taking a break here

Ernie lives for giving wet kisses!
Sunday evening sweet hubby went a rented Tangled for me since I've hinted a few times I'd like to see it. I did enjoy it :)

...and this Monday morning off here I sit. Taking care of photographing and listing some items, blogging and fooling around. We plan to get a few more beach hours in today and then get ready for the coming week. I have loved my four days off and will be sad to go back to work. But, I need a job and I have one so for that I am thankful!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Blogiversary

To me!

I don't normally do a post on Fridays, but this day is special. The day before my birthday, one year ago, I started this blog. I was mostly inspired by my bloggy friend (who I used to know IRL), Molly @ StillettosNDiapers.
And here we are a year later! Since I missed doing a special post for my 100th post (35 posts ago), I figured I better get this one!

Don't expect something as beautiful and mushy as my anniversary post for the hubs! But rather I just say that is has been fun to put my thoughts, feelings and happenings down on "paper" for an entire year now and I thank all of you who have followed along. I also thank all you who continue to blog- I love to read your stories too.

I think to wrap up this post I'll pick a "fave" post from each month (May 2010 through May 2011) to share:

May 2010

Thanks everyone for reading! Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SWW 05-25-11

Go link up!
This week I'm saying:
So What if I...

  • Have no motivation for this post this week. Staff meetings or webinars at work always put me in a funk. It's hardly ever good news we hear.
  • Walked out of conditioning class before anyone else last night. I'd already done the cardio class and the substitute instructor thought she would do like 30 minutes of crazy-intense ab work. Usually we start with 10 or 15 minutes of abs and then we leave.
  • Am a groupie now. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app. I have to say, so far I'm loving it. Good motivation for our upcoming cruise.
  • Sometimes I want to quit my job really bad. Not because it's so horrible but because I am just tired of the bureaucracy. Oh and of course because of my burning desire to be home. But you all know about that. Sometimes I just wanna say "pttthhhhh" to responsibility and live by the seat of our pants. Live on whatever we can make ourselves. I'm tired of being the stability in our income. We can save tons of money when I have the time to become an extreme couponer! Lol.
  • Cannot for the life of me spell bureaucracy. Thank you spell check.
  • My birthday is soon and I'm just excited about time off from work. I think I've reached the age when birthdays are no longer a big deal. Especially when you are starting a new business AND trying to get out of debt.

What are you saying "So What!" to today?


Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Monday, Be thankful!

Today I am thankful for:
  • Yellow peep toe flats with bows. I love them and always get compliments when I wear them.
  • Free tutorials on how to customize your blog. I know nothing about HTML.
  • Toilet paper. Leaves are so rough. 
  • Having other young married couples to be friends with
  • That absence does make the heart grow fonder
  • For air conditioning in my car, even to the tune of $1200. Windows don't cut it at 90 degrees.

Weekend Update 05-21-11

Hi all from the new blog design!!! I'm loving it so far. Although some of the text changes I applied are not showing up and Template Designer will not load for me currently. But other than that...

Here's what we did this weekend!

Thursday evening John came home!
At the airport. "Reunited and it feels so good" :)

Friday after work the hubby and I spent the afternoon taking care of business. I unpacked him while he went to Physical Therapy. Our LLC papers for the business came in, so we applied for our Tax ID online and then got a new account opened at the bank to start fresh. It felt good to be "official", especially for John.
That evening mom took me (and John) out for an early birthday dinner because she will be going to Atlanta for work and won't be here for the day. We stuffed ourselves full at a local tapas restaurant. It's a favorite of ours but mom had never been. They have the best "lamb lollipops" you have ever put in your mouth. Never have I ever had lamb so tasty. Unfortunately they discontinued their fabulous fried green tomatoes :( Then we enjoyed Baskin Robbins for dinner. I am loving their flavor of the month for may, Golden Oreo. It may sound gross but it tastes like the most delicious sweet lemon cake ever. It is RICH!

Saturday morning we went to a few yard sales. I got a top and a couple other small things. Then we enjoyed a nice nap. After that I took care of some cleaning, some craigslist listing and then we got ready to go to a wedding. I had a very nice time because I got to dance :) I love it when DH treats me to a few spins across the floor since it's one of his least favorite things to do, but one of my most :)
The happy couple in the beautiful Bel-Air getaway car

Classic bathroom pic. Post reception.

Sunday we went to church. Got to talk to a few more people. I am hopeful that in time we will get invited to lunch by one of the younger couples. But this time we met a good friend of ours for some cheap buffet pizza. So bad for you but so good and cheap! When we got home I slipped into a carb-induced coma. Once I finally recovered I worked on the blog design some. Then we had another married couple over for dinner and games. I would like to announce that I personally won all three rounds of Skip-Bo we played. There were lots of accusations of cheating and sighs of frustration all around, but I still managed to smile, a lot! Lol
Total domination times three!
Then as to be polite I waited til our guests left to gloat and terrorize John endlessly. :)
Good end to the weekend.
This coming weekend will be a 4-day one and it's my birthday!
How exciting!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's up and running!

So what do you think? I want the banner to go all the way across but I have not figured that out. I'd also like to omit the white space above and below on the banner. But que sera. I may tweak my signature more and try to figure out the banner thing. But for now this is a start!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Under construction

You may notice things looking different, looking weird, or not working.

I am attempting to re-design my blog using tips from a wonderful website:
The Cutest Blog on the Block
You can visit there for LOTS of tips on customizing your blog. Or to get free layouts.

I've been wanting a re-design for awhile (I think mine is a bit too busy and kitchy) but I don't want to pay $40.

So, you may see a few different backgrounds, fonts and colors on here for awhile until I decide :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday Thoughts a day late

Today my thoughts are (were):

John is coming home
John is coming home
John is coming home
John is coming home
John is coming home
John is coming home
Will this work day ever end?
John is coming home
John is coming home
John is coming home
Am I going to get there before his plane arrives?
John is coming home
John is coming home
John is coming home
Here he is!
He sure is kissing me a lot. Maybe he should leave more often.
This is just like our wedding day (after the ceremony)
I love this
John is home!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SWW 05-18-11

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This Week I'm Saying So What if...
  • I wore the same yoga pants to the gym like 4 times in a row. I just use them to sweat in and then peel them off again. They don't smell.
  • I'm a mani pedi snob. A lot of times when they finish I just don't think it was worth the money. The polish job I can do myself. So that's no biggie. But it's not as nice when I soak, trim, rub and scrub my own feet. So when I pay $30 for someone else to do it I expect my water to be hot, my feet to soak more than 2 minutes and for it to take longer than 20 minutes for it to all be done! (Rant much, Sarah!)
  • Clean the house for my hubby's homecoming even though he personally couldn't care
  • Sometimes I feel pretty proud of the way a meal that I cooked turned out
  • The scale has shown no change since I started going to the gym 8 days ago. (I know I know, so impatient) But I feel like *maybe* I look a little thinner. But it may just be a feeling. For now I tell myself there's no change cause I'm adding a little muscle. Yes, that's what I'll blame it on.
  • I sometimes add things to my to-do list just so I can mark them off. I like seeing what all I've accomplished.
  • I've probably enjoyed a little too much not having hardly any dishes to "do" this week. Besides the pots I've cooked in I've probably dirtied 10 items. Now I know for sure all those dirty dishes are from the DH! : )
Hubby comes home tomorrow evening! Yay!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I just couldn't resist some of the photos I've taken of my kiddos and their "cousins" too.

Took them on a walk just before noon. It was hot!

I stopped to let them rest under a shade tree. And this was what Ernie did.

Momma I'm hot!

Then they took a nice long nap :)
Graycie, mom's first dog
Her angry face!
Tiny George, mom's second dog. Still a puppy.
"And they call it puppy love"
Eby lounging around
Ernie looking stoned, lol
Grandma's new girl, Tinkerbell
I forced her into a bucket to be cute :)
The three ring circus
Ok, done bragging I guess!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Update 05-14-11

So what did I do with my spouse-free weekend?

Only frivilous things! It was lovely.

I spent 6 or 7 hours at the beach with my momma.

I spent the night with my mom and grandma and watched a lot of TLC and HGTV.

Mom took me out for 2 dinners, ice cream and a mani/pedi. We got matching colors on our toes and nails :)
They are an electric mango color. Does not show up as bright in this pic

I got a haircut. Just a trim but I love getting rid of dead ends!!!! And talking to my stylist :)

And I went to dinner with two of my girl friends/bridesmaids.

I also took photos of "the pack" as they played in the backyard. They are a hot mess to handle all together!

This pic makes me crack up. I do not know what on earth Graycie was doing to Ernie. But it was hilarious.
The newest cupcake. Grandma's dog Tinkerbell, or Tinker.
If you want to see the full dog album from this weekend, check here.

It was grand!!!

It's Monday, Be thankful

Today I am thankful that:
  • The time without hubby has not been as hard as I thought
  • My mom being in town- she has a lot to do with my weekend being busy and not lonely
  • Hairstylists, especially good ones. Me cutting my own hair would be a disaster. And there's nothing quite so nice as a freshly coiffed 'do.
  • That I am not an elderly abused person. I am reading a series on called "Neglected to Death" and it's just terrible. I am also really thankful I've not seen any people quite like that in my line of work. Yet.
  • For my health. A co-worker was recently diagnosed with metastatic brain lesions. It's just awful. You never know what a day will bring. And how without your health you don't have much else.
  • Airplanes that allow my husband to go hundreds of miles away over land and sea and it doesn't take months for him to do so, but merely days.
Be thankful!

Visit Lauren, the creator of Thankful Mondays!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SWW 05-11-11

 Shannon got a new button! Go link up!

This Week I'm Saying So What if...
  • I didn't cry at the airport seeing John off, but I bawled when he called the next day before leaving the states for good
  • I considered not shaving my slightly hairy legs this morning because the hubby is not here
  • Sprayed his cologne on his pillow so I could "smell" him in the bed with me
  • Having the bed to myself is not all I thought it would be. Even with more room my 2 canine kiddos are plastering themselves to me all night. The three of us combined can put out some heat! But they look so adorable sleeping I don't have the heart to tell them "down"
  • I ate cereal for lunch yesterday
  • I signed a gym contract. I just could not swallow the monthly non-contract fee.
  • I did a kickboxing class and 15 minutes of abs and I'm sore this morning. This should not be. In the past this would not have phased me as much. I am out of shape. Course that's no huge revelation.
  • Yesterday I realized that of the 5 girlfriends I was close with during my early 20's, all of us have chosen wedding gowns with sleeves of some kind. The last one of us is getting married this fall and just emailed us dress pics. In today's strapless gown world this is rare.
  • I clean my wedding ring nearly every week to make sure it's always looking its best. It only takes a few minutes and I'm vain that way.
Friday's coming soon!!!! Smile!

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Monday, Be thankful

So another Blogger friend of mine, Lauren, does a gratitude blog each Monday.

This week I decided to try it with her, since Mondays are not usually a day where thankfulness is something foremost in my mind.

Perhaps I can get a good combination of wit and sincerity like she does :)

Today I am thankful for:

  • Cute flats with bows, buckles and other designs. This way I don't have to suffer through the work-day in heels and can still have cute footwear.
  • My hubby who sings me silly random made-up songs all the time. Fun in a relationship is essential. Life is full of enough negative to be somber and serious all the time.
  • Brightly colored flowers. I love to see them and arrange them.
  • Smart phones. They make life fun. And more convenient.
  • The HeyTell app. Just get it! It saves on minutes and you can "text" and drive safely. And you get to hear the other persons voice. Much easier to interpret tone.
  • The Bible on my phone. Makes reading much easier. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Financial peace. Because worrying and fighting about money STINKS!
  • Wonderful friends who give blessings for no reason!
  • Plans to go on a cruise this fall with 2 other married couples. It should be lots of fun!
  • Gyms. Since I am going to start a membership again. I like group fitness and it keeps me going and not giving up.
  • My dogs. Really they are so sweet and fun. I love to watch their personalities bloom and all the silly things they do and the endless love they give. And they are great company.
Count all your many blessings, name them one by one, and you will discover what the Lord has done!

Happy Monday!

Weekend Update 05-07-11

Hope all you wonderful mommy bloggers out there had a great Mother's Day. 

We spent the weekend just putzing around mostly. No events this weekend, which was fine with John leaving early Monday morning.

Friday we visited a CPA to get some advice on the legal/financial/tax aspects of having a small business. He was very helpful. We now have several things to tackle to get "official". It was about a 45 minute drive to his office in another small town. On the way home we stopped at several bargain stores. I got a NWT pair of jeans for $1! And finally a second bike helmet for $2. It has been hard to find a used one in good condition, but the waiting paid off. Hubby also got 2 more pairs of shorts. He surely needed them! We also stopped at the Habitat for Humanity Re-store for the first time. That place is awesome! I can see how it would be a great place to get materials for projects, remodeling etc. They had some very nice things reasonably priced.

Saturday we went yard-sailing. It was pretty slim pickins, I think because of the holiday weekend. I didn't get hardly anything. Nothing worth mentioning. 
In the warm afternoon we visited a friend's pool. The water is still a bit icy this time of year. But bearable. Ernie got some swim lessons against his will :) He did better after he got used to it. But he is far from loving it.
Taking a break from swimming. Notice the lack of tail. It's curled under. Lol.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing housework, chilling, making the weekly WalMart run etc.
I picked up some flowers for my mom to send to my grandma through me. I think the arrangement turned out really nice. And I am a lot cheaper than a professional florist :)

Top view
Sunday we attended our new church. It is certainly going to be different going to one so small. It's out in the country, very small, white and has a steeple. The quintessential little white church. But everyone was friendly and I was impressed by their sincerity. Getting used to "hymn sings" will be challenging as many they sing are lesser known. But several of them have men's and women's parts, so that's kinda fun. Hopefully next time we go since it won't be a holiday we can snag someone for lunch and get to know people better.
Sunday afternoon I spend cleaning some and getting John packed for Peru. I even did quite a bit of pre-ironing. Gotta have my man representin' while he's away. :)
Sunday evening we went to my grandmother's for dinner to celebrate with her in mom's absence.
Then we just chilled :)
 This morning I saw John off on his way to Peru. I was feeling very Southern bell/Polo Ralph Lauren.
Bye honey! I'll miss you.
Side note- just had to share with you my finds to send to a friend who's expecting. I had to wait til she got them so as not to spoil the surprise!

So tiny and adorable! I die!
Wipe warmer

Ready to ship off!
Happy Monday!