Thursday, September 29, 2011

A conversation over the cubicle wall

This happened between a co-worker and I yesterday and I couldn't help but share!

Oh, and this would be one of those times when I do get a tad political :)

Co-worker:  That Susan Sarandon’s something huh? (Said randomly)
Me:  What do you mean? Has she done something lately?
Co-worker:  Oh, no, she’s just always doing stuff and speaking out. She’s got an article speaking out against Wall St. (Article found here)
Me:  Wall St? What did they do?
Co-worker:   Well, getting rich at the expense of the poor and their tactics and all that.
Me:  How is Wall St getting rich at the expense of the poor?
Co-worker:   Well, look at those bank bailouts.
Me:  The government gave the banks bailouts, not Wall St.
Co-worker:   Well, that’s our taxpayer money.
Me:  Well then she should be protesting government, not Wall St.
Co-worker:   She’s just always speaking out for the poor.
Me:  Last I heard, Susan Sarandon was not poor.
Co-worker:   Well I know, but she could be sitting up there in her ivory palace not saying anything (about the so-called great income disparity in this country).
Me:  Well if she feels so bad about it, she should give a big part of her money away.
Co-worker:  I bet she does.
Me:  *Chuckles and shakes head*
Because I know, for certain, that Susan Sarandon is not living anywhere close to the budget my family lives on, and even we are not poor. To us and most of society, we are also not rich. But we have food, shelter, and clothing and are able to pay all of our bills and save. Because we budget. Because we work. Just like Susan Sarandon. I don’t begrudge Susan any of her money, not one bit, nor do I feel she’s obligated to give any of it away.  But it does raise my ire that she would point at others and say they should. Do I believe in giving? Certainly. We give. But I don’t believe in thievery, in taking something that does not belong to you and giving it to another. As Dave said “People praise Robin Hood, but he was a thief!”.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Weekend" update 09-24-11

Hi all!

Work has been pretty steady and I've had an obligation each night this week, so sorry I'm late! I even have another event tonight.

This weekend was pretty chill and nice.

Friday we ate Mexican with our friends and then learned how to play Monopoly Deal at their house after. It was a good time and a fun game. I even one a round!

Saturday we did not go yardsaling! Hubby said there wasn't much that looked good and he was behind on listing, so he worked in his office instead. This meant I got things done around the house. In the afternoon I was very brave and hauled all four dogs to the dog beach, alone. This was George's first time to go. It was a bit chaotic at first, but after awhile everyone was having fun. Unfortunately I forgot my phone and did not get any photos :( But really I needed to keep my eyes on them all the whole time anyway and I had my hands full. George took after Ernie in yapping and chasing the big dogs. Thankfully none of them took real offense. Especially since George was almost the smallest dog there and as another owner said "he sounds like he has a squeaky toy stuck in his throat". Lol, his bark is pretty high-pitched.
The ride back from the park was pretty quiet :) Everyone was worn out. And after they all got hosed and scrubbed down in the back yard, they came in and lazed around while enjoying a rawhide :) 

Saturday was also UFC fight night and John and a buddy enjoyed a pay per view of it. I went grocery shopping and also re-did our lamps.

Just a little something to dress them up :)

Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church. We officially became members this week, which really just consisted of the pastor announcing it and then everyone lining up to shake our hands or give a hug to say welcome. It was very personal and sweet.
In the afternoon I accompanied my friend who recently became engaged to look for wedding gowns. It was such a fun time! She really enjoyed herself and loved almost every dress she tried! It made me want to get married all over again (to the same guy). There are so many new and gorgeous styles to try! Her consultant was very unhurried and wanted her to try as many as she liked and to try each silhouette just to make sure. I regret not trying on a few more when I was shopping, although I did and still do absolutely love what I chose. Anyway, the bride to be narrowed it down to three. So we shall see what she decides!

Yesterday I was notified that my bedskirt and curtains came in. I'm very anxious to pick them up! Honestly, I have not had time yet :( I also ordered new drawer hardware. Unfortunately I could not go with pulls because apparently my current ones are not a standard size. So instead I'll be putting a knob in each drill hole. I ordered those Saturday and hope they arrive soon!

John also got me a great gift yesterday while he was out shopping for the business.
Check out this lovely!
I'm not sure what color it looks on your screen, but it's like a dark pumpkin or deep burnt orange color. Perfect for fall!
If the day isn't too crazy, perhaps I'll get a "So What!" post in later...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The bed!

So I just wanted to show you a preview of what the bed might look like.

I just ordered the curtains and bedskirt online. I'm also going to have to figure out some wall decor. But for now, this is how far I've gotten:

I may get the plywood this weekend to start the headboard. That particular project will probably take awhile, because I;ll need to wait for a coupon to purchase the fabric, foam and batting. Then we'll need to find a friend with a jigsaw to be able to put a little bit of a curve onto the top of the headboard. I can't decide if I'll purchase a kit to make fabric covered buttons or just purchase coordinating buttons. I guess it depends on the button selection I find and the cost of each option.

I also have plans to a band of yellow ribbon along the bottom of each curtain panel. I don't know if it will be along the hem or if I'll move it up a few inches. Just to add a touch of yellow. Call me crazy but I plan to try to attach it with double sided tape. So that I can re-purpose the curtains more easily once I get tired of this theme :)

I may use some ribbon along the top, bottom or top and bottom of our lamps. They're an awfully plain white. I'm a big fan of lamps with a design on the inside that really shows off when they are lit. I thought of trying do do that to ours, or even just putting something simple like a W. But my hubby nixed that idea because he's very particular about having bright light when he reads. And the fact that the W would not be centered and fully visible to him when he's in bed reading. I told him he could turn the lamp shade to face him if he wants. Ha! At any rate, I feel they need something.

I am going to look seriously into changing out our furniture hardware. I plan to pick up a sample one tonight. The problem is, I'm not sure if we have standard hardware on their now. It seems the standard spacing is 3". I measured ours from the back and I got 3.25 inches, a size I have not seen anywhere. So I wonder if maybe I just measured incorrectly? So I figured I'd just bring one home to try.

It's rainy here today. And our work database is down. I've done about all I can do without it.
And I also found out I get to leave my house at 5:25 am tomorrow. What fun. I need to take my grandma to a procedure at the hospital.

But at least tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SO WHAT! Wednesday 09-21-11

Shannon has a new button!
Today I'm saying SO WHAT! if-
  • Today I met a lady through work who is 92 and possibly more fit than me! She is certainly thinner. And she keeps a clean and tidy home. Which is more than I can say for some 20 year olds!
  • I decided to keep the stuff I already bought for the bed. "A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush" I guess. As I'm not goo goo ga ga over anything that's reasonably priced, and I do like the set I have, and it was cheap, I'm keeping it. And the comforter is a good weight. The hubs and I get warm easily and it's nice and light.
  • I'm very impatient to get home today as my computer is supposed to finally arrive.
  • I'm also very impatient about the bedroom re-do and I want it all down now.
  • This is how I feel about almost every area of my life and impatience is something I will likely be working on for a long (lifelong) time. 
  • I think constantly about quitting my job and working at home with John. We are in a place right now that we could probably actually eek by if I did. But there would be no health insurance and our budget would be totally slashed. Like we'd be on house arrest and beans and rice. But still I think about it. You gotta start somewhere. But we want to be reasonable. So for now, I work.
Share your "So What's" with us and link up over at Shannon's blog!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ok, I ususally don't post about giveaways

But I thought this one was SUPER good. No, I don't have kids, but I know lots of people who do or will soon!

Everyone is always full of questions. What if you could get an "Instruction Manual" for your baby? What if you knew the answers were practical and safe because the answers come from a mom who is also a nurse?

Well look no further- follow this link Moms On Call Giveaway to one of my fave blogs

You can win a book and DVD, or you can purchase 6 MONTHS of email consulting for $50! But that's only til Sunday.
So go get informed!

Opinions welcome

So after all the bedding drama, I did pick something out. I probably still don't like it quite as much as the original, but that can't be helped right now.

Target's in store selection compared to their online selection was crap. But they did have the inexpensive mix and match set I wanted. So I brought it home to try.

What do you think. I've gotten one positive and one neutral review. The total cost (after I get the bedskirt) will be about $90. So that leaves me $110 for headboard, curtains and maybe accessories?

Here's Target's stock photo
But we want color, so imagine it with yellow sheets and yellow and white shams, something like this:
Definitely not the finished product, but an idea. I didn't want to put on the sheets until I'm sure.
If I don't go with this, my next try would be this set.
I'm so torn. So many things I like, nothing I super love, and price to consider.
What do you think?
Oh. I'm also consider switching out my furniture hardware to update it's look. Right now it's pretty King Louis looking. I thought some sleek modern matte silver/nickel/pewter handles would help modernize it. Especially if I go with very modern bedding. The problem is I'll need 30!

Not exactly modern
Maybe something more like this:
With my crazy headboard similar to this:
Ahh, dreamin'...

Ok so I looked on (thank to Erika for the tip!) and I add a few more for your consideration...
Please ignore the horrific valance

With yellow sheets

It's so hard getting caught up in the stock photos! You have to remember I have cherry furniture, white walls and beige carpet :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Update 09-17-11

A good Monday to all my friends! This work week *fingers crossed* is starting out slowly and smoothly. 

The weekend, as usual, passed all too quickly. I even thought it was Sunday when I first woke up this morning. I was pretty bummed when I realized there would be no going back to sleep for awhile :(

Friday John and I went on a date, basically :) Our city hosts and even every so often called Gallery Night. I think I've mentioned it before. But many downtown stores and vendors stay open late. Then additional vendors, civic groups and arts and entertainment groups will come and setup too. They block off portions of the street and everyone just walks around browsing, eating and drinking. This one was especially fun for us. There was an antique car show, the local Jeep club, a drag racer and several new shops that have opened. We now have a doggie boutique and bakery and a few new restaurants. A skin care shop will be opening soon with all handmade lotions, soaps, soaks and such. I picked up a few samples and they smell great. The weather was also very nice so the crowd was pretty large. We ended the night by trying one of the new cafes, Nacho Daddies. They offer fresh Mexican and Mexican-fusion style food. I had "The House" nachos and they were very tasty. I especially liked that it included black beans.

Saturday I was able to pick up a few things while yardsaling. It's been kinds slim pickins for me lately so I was glad to score a few things.
Black velvet flats with bow detail, 50 cents

Canvas tote from Gap, 50 cents, plaid tennis shoe style flats, 50 cents

Lavender "leather" Simply Vera Wang purse, $3
Straw tote, Anthropologie, $1. I tried twice to upload this picture at the correct angle and my phone is being stupid. 
I don't know what I am going to use this for as it's a bit big for a purse, but it was so cute I had to have it.

In the evening we were able to get some friends to help us move our bed, finally! So our bed went into the guest bedroom at my grandma's, the guest bedroom bed went into her bedroom and her bed came to our house. We now have a king! It feels so big. We now have plenty of sleeping room.We stayed up late into the night sharing dinner and good conversation with our moving help.

The monster

I also now have a big design problem to conquer. I've lost my headboard and footboard and my comforter is now too small. I am trying to get new linens, curtains and headboard for under $200.
John and I agreed on bedding at WalMart, ironically, and it was only $50 and surprisingly didn't look horribly cheap. I was surprised he liked it because it was very large bright flowers against a neutral background. The reverse side and the bedskirt were deep hot pink! 
The background appears white online, but it's actually beige. And the pink is not as orange.

John likes bright colors and was willing to go pink to get them! Well, the slot for king size was empty. So I went home and looked online. No king. Called every store in our area. No king. So after about an hour I gave up. Then after about 2.5 hours of internet research I cannot find anything else comparable for close to that price.
I'm headed to Target soon to see some of their things in person. trying to get bright colors without it looking too juvenile is proving harder than I thought. I like some things at Target but they are twice the price and only include the comforter and 2 shams. No sheets, no bedskirt.

I do have an idea for the headboard. I want it to be fabric, with batting and tufted with buttons. It that makes sense. 
Something like this, but maybe not as tall or as many buttons
But first I have to pick linens! Can't get curtains or headboard fabric until I do that. Since our walls are white and we have a lot of space, I am thinking of going with something really bold. Like the headboard being magenta, yellow or some other bright color, in a rich silk-like or taffeta fabric. The second bedding option I'm considering it a grey and white pattern and I would add in colored sheets and accessories. Like yellow, green or orange. 
And I want to do all this for cheap. Because we are not in our long-term living situation yet. 

Sunday we had a great time at church. I love it more each time. After church we were pretty chill. The afternoon was when I did all my bedding research. John watched some sports and Storage Wars and we piddled. We did take a short walk in the evening and that was nice. We prepared for the work week by relaxing in bed with a good book and turning in early.

If you have any cheap-o DIY bedroom tips, feel free to share!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 09-15-11

Hi all!

It's been a bit since I blogged! Work has been very busy this week. And I just can't seem to fit blogging into those couple of hours I have at home at night!

First, let's talk about nuts...
Oh my! We got these BOGO and used a coupon. Never had them before- they are so tasty! Salty and sweet, they are almost like a dessert! We've gone through 2 cans in like 2 weeks!

And our other nuts...
This little man is losing his today... :) Poor guy

Yesterday John popped in on me at work and brought these:
I was so surprised! I was just as happy to just see him as I was about the flowers! Made my day!

There's something I just don't get. But it's ok since I found out about it after it's all gone apparently:
Missoni (who I had never heard of) is doing a line for Target. But only for a month. Apparently it was like Black Friday madness the day the line premiered. I personally don't care for the hippy-ish chevron design for clothing. But some of the house stuff and accessories looked fun. But from what I understand it was crazy- and that I'll never get. Not worth getting into a fight or getting hurt over STUFF!

I've gone to the gym twice this week! Yay me. I had not been since like early July. And the hubs said he hates paying for it when I don't go. So I guess he can spare me a few nights a week after all!

I've discovered a new "messy' way to wear my hair this week. I dry it scrunchy but then put have of it up. Kind of on top of my head and just secure it with bobby pins. I've gotten several compliments. I love discovering new looks!

The computer drama- that company I was so pleased with. Not so much now. I thought they were above and beyond but they are just average. They would not send me a replacement until my return arrived and then they inspected it. So it took a week to arrive and 2 days for them to inspect the old and ship out a replacement. And now I'll be waiting another week for it to arrive. I am so over my old dinosaur laptop that freezes constantly!!!! It's hard to wait 6 weeks to finally get a laptop when you thought it might take 2! But hopefully deliverance is nigh!

Tomorrow is Friday- do the happy dance!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Applause and Raves and a Recipe

So if I ever attempt home-made biscuits again, I will be making these:

These beauties are courtesy of my sister-in-law Hali. She kindly made us breakfast Sunday morning. These bad boys are light, fluffy and flaky. The great secret? The biscuit recipe on the back of Publix self-rising flour. Too funny! Although this is not where she first got it, it's an easy way to find it now.

A couple tips- make sure all your ingredients are as cold as possible. Helps with rising. Also, don't twist the cutter (or rim of the drinking glass if you're like me) when cutting the biscuits. It seals off the tiny air pockets and doesn't allow them to rise as much.

And someday I'll be lucky enough to make some of this to go with it:
Mmm mmm sausage gravy

Also, I just want to give a "shout out" for the excellent customer service I received today. If you read my previous post, you know about my issues with the new laptop. I sent an email to their customer service Friday night but with the long weekend and time change I hadn't gotten a response yet. So I called this morning and the gentleman who answered the phone was extremely pleasant and sorry for the delay. He stated they would have all their e-mails returned by the end of the day. When I explained the problem he stated they would be happy to fix it. He really seemed concerned about the problem. Within 20 minutes I had a prepaid return shipping label in my inbox.
He told me I was now part of their "customer family and we will make it right." He told me my options would be exchange, repair if possible and reship (only if I consented) or full refund. I told him the ordeal I've been through and that I really wanted an exchange if possible.
I then got a return phone call letting me know they did have another of my item in stock and as soon as the UPS tracking number showed that my return was in transit they would ship the replacement to me! Yay!
So hopefully I'll only be waiting another week or so to be back in business!
If you are ever looking for an item on eBay, I can recommend with confidence seller Newopenbox

Weekend Update 08-27 and 9-3 2011- Vacay!

So we cruised out, and here's the events, photojournalistic style...

The lighthouse leaving the bay. Not sure how much longer it can stand on that tiny base!

Sailed away with Carnival
And with these lovely friends

Reached Progreso and took a mule-drawn cart ride in Cuzama

Wend down this ladder to reach...

This cenote (spring) in a cave

And this cenote cave has holes in the top (that you walk around to enter it)

The stairs out of another cenote (we went to three)

Spent a lot of time eating, including an "Elegant Night"

Had a cake delivered to our room by accident (it's not our anniversary)

Got dressed up each night to eat more

Rented a Jeep to explore Cozumel (not that we needed to explore too much since it's our 4th time visiting)

Saw gators in the state park
We went snorkeling and saw amazing sea life, but my friend with the waterproof camera has all those photos. You'll see me hold live starfish! And we also saw a giant sea turtle but I didn't have a camera :( He was beautiful and I got about 5 feet away from him.
Then we had lunch at a restaurant that's about to fall in to the ocean. Literally. The walls and ceiling are cracking.

But they do make a mean (virgin) Pina Colada
Just another thing I ate... an ice cream swan
And we bought an overpriced photo from Carnival again. The weirdness in the coloration is from how the scanner copied it
And then we went to Tampa for 4 days. But no one really wanted to take photos. So just got one of John opening his birthday gift. (We celebrated with them early since his birthday is Wednesday)
The cheeseball smile he makes just for me :) He got a Kindle!
On a sad note- my laptop woes continue. I should be posting from a new zippy Sony. I did receive it in the mail the day before I got home from the cruise. I took it to Tampa. I used it once for about 20 minutes and the battery died. I charged it and was going to use it again to show family our cruise pictures. It died while plugged in. And now it will not turn on at all. Nada. Nothing. Zip. It took a lengthy blog post with it :(
Now I await a return authorization and likely get to wait yet another 2 weeks or more until I find another. Who would've thought it would take me more than a month to buy a stinkin' laptop. Retail prices are really starting to look worth it...