Friday, December 19, 2014

Sophia is 2!

A couple weeks ago Sophia turned 2. She had a great party filled with friends and loaded with gifts. I was a bit apprehensive about a child having to share their birthday with the Christmas season, but so far it has worked out fine.

At her pediatrician appointment she was 36 inches tall. Apparently this is the height of the average 3 year old. So we're still hanging out in the upper 90th percentiles for height.
She was 26.8 pounds, putting her in the 50th percentile for weight. Which is why she needs 2T tops, but 24 month pants are the right length but roomy in the waist. She could still wear 18 month pants if they were long enough.

It's no wonder she's skinny. She eats like a bird. Also typical toddler. Unless of course it's a sweet, and then she'll want a double portion. Just like her mama.  :)

She continues to be a little mockingbird dictionary. I think her longest sentence so far was "No mama, don't take my socks off, my feet get cold." I hear a lot of "No mama, don't do this, don't do that." Don't sing, don't change my diaper, don't put my lotion on, don't wipe my booty, don't pick it up. I know she just likes having some control.

She also sings a lot these days. I think she has my knack for remembering lyrics. She can sing all the ABC's, and knows most of Itsy Bitsy Spider. She has a big repertoire of songs she knows parts of. It's so cute just to catch her playing and singing to herself. She especially likes Jingle Bells right now.

We are still dealing with the typical toddler stubbornness. One thing I find particularly frustrating is that if you catch her doing something she has been told not to do, and it's something she needs to stop doing immediately in order to avoid danger or disaster, she has the ability to completely ignore you. Today she stuck her hand in the fish tank after repeated warnings not to. When I caught her, I yelled very loudly for her to stop and take her hand out. She kept swishing her hand happy as a clam. Oh my, that made my blood boil.

This year she would have nothing to do with Santa. Wouldn't even look at him. She can certainly be very bashful at times.

The next big things to tackle are potty training (we are already working on that some), ditching the paci and moving to a bed. Since we no longer need to do these things in preparation for a sibling, I've pushed back the timeline to maybe 2.5.

We are in a time of sleep regression. This happened last year when we traveled for the holidays. It's hard to get back in our routine. Plus we've had a cold and are possibly teething. I try not to resort to CIO unless I am sure there are no legitimate reasons for the waking. So until this cold is gone we'll be up once a night, sometimes twice. Thankfully it's not for long.

Sophia continues to be our joy. She is such a blessing.