Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend Update

Lol, that was always such a funny skit on SNL back in the Fey/Fallon era. :)
Friday night- what the heck did we do? I really can't remember. Sheesh. I'll have to ask John.

Saturday- YSL again :) Did not get too much for myself this week. No clothes or shoes. I only spent about $6. I did get a gold lame wallet and some bronze/gold looking earrings. Then a nice ladle and some thumb tacks. Lol.
We did get a cool dry-erase calendar to hang on John's wall in his office for $2. We did do pretty dern good for re-saleables. We got some car stuff I don't really understand- an airlift kit and controller. And of all things a raised toilet seat :) Oh- I did get 2 scarfs. One of which is currently tied on my purse :) The best find- an authentic vintage Burberry full-length tan trench coat and matching plaid silk scarf. For $20. We will see what eBay brings us :) It was so funny cause I was looking at it, and it was one of those nosey garage-sale hosts that tries to talk up their items and be your personal shopper. I tried it on- on me it was awful. Too big, too long. So John walks up and I was like "Whaddya think?" I didn't want to flat out tell him I did not care at all what I looked like in it but rather what it was worth right in front of the lady. He hated it. The lady was like "Well, if your husband doesn't like it, you shouldn't get it." Lol lady, I looked like a tan sack. So anyway, we went to the car and hopped on the iPhone. Saw they were selling for decent and went back. I was like "Oh, haha, I won him over." Then she said she had a Burberry silk scarf inside she would sell us for $5. Yes please. She had the original wool one that came with it but wasn't willing to part with it :( Anyway, the whole situation was funny. We also got a really nice recent women's Fossil watch for $5. I wanted to keep it but it was chunky bangle style and did not look the greatest on me.
This week we sold the Electrolux and Oreck vacuums. Had a bite on the wetsuits and dog carriers. We will see.

Saturday night we watched Invictus on the ClearPlay. Good movie. We also rearranged the living room furniture and mopped the living room. Good thing I did not mop the kitchen because that night the little terrors torn up the garbage again. Sweeping up garbage and mopping was not my plan for 7am on a Sunday. Grrr.
Sunday we had church, grocery shopping, football watching and a small group leaders meeting.

I am loving this weather, Breezy and cool in the shade. Still a tad warm in the sun. Wish it would stay but I know Florida and it's too soon in the year for that.
Yesterday I wasn't feeling well and stayed home. I did manage to get some things done in the house, and it was so nice being able to be home and not have to save all my housework for nights and weekends. It was also nice being able to start dinner at 4:30 rather than 6:30 and take my time cooking it. I look forward to the day this will be the norm *sigh*. Anyway, for now it is what it is.

BTW- I am in a new small group at church. One of the greatest ladies in our church decided to start an invitation only group for the young ladies. Several newlyweds, new moms and single ladies of marriageable age. We meet twice a month and it so so great to get the fellowship of other women and learn from those who have gone before. Just to have someone to bounce questions off of and share struggles with. It really is nice.

I am sure this post has typos, but I'm in a hurry :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trauma Trauma Trauma

Oh, how could I forget to tell you about Ernie's near-death experience?

So the night of the fishing trip we bunked at mom's again. (TV whores that we are) :)
We left the "kids" in the house for a bit to walk across the street and setup a table at the ministry expo for John's work/our church. I think we were gone like 30-45 minutes.
When we returned, the kids were not in the living room and all was quiet. The bedroom door was also closed. I thought they had gone in the bedroom and somehow shut themselves in on accident. We opened the door and I panicked.

Ernie was gasping for breath, standing so stiff, and the whites of his eyes were complete blood. Eby was right next to him, her mouth open at his neck/ear area. I thought she was biting him or something. I bent down to find that Ernie's collar was stuck in Eby's teeth and that had made it so tight around his neck that he was literally about to suffocate. At first I tried undoing his collar, but I couldn't get to the clasp. I screamed for John to "get a knife". The collar was so tight around his neck I didn't know if we could get a knife in it. Thankfully John ran back with scissors and slid them right in to cut Ernie free. I think I started crying immediately. Eby ran under the bed and when she came out half of Ernie's collar was discarded there under the bed. Poor poor doggies. We have no idea how long they were like that. But, it was long enough for Ernie to poop on the floor he was so freaked. I can't imagine how they were struggling to get apart before they got stuck in the bedroom and gave up fighting. Of course Ernie was trying to get away from Eby, only making the collar tighter.

But as soon as we cut them free Ernie ran around and was wagging his tail like nothing happened. Poor guy- he looked like a demon dog for about a week- with red replacing the whites of his eyes. Even know there is still a pink tinge, 2 1/2 weeks later.
It did wear the poor babies out. They cuddled on the couch all night, barely moving. Not so new for Eby but very unusual for Ernie. Anyway, needless to say they are now collar-free. And I am looking for the perfect leather collars. That should be much safer than nylon weave.
Wish we could've gotten a pic of Ernie's eyes. But he wouldn't give us the right angle.

Anyway, the mood of the night was drastically altered. To think what could've been if we'd have been gone 2 hours. What an awful sight we would've come home to. That would've been really really bad. It also made me realize how attached I've grown to our "kiddos." And 2 dogs dying in one month just wouldn't be fair.

But- all is well now. And they still aren't afraid to play rough and bite at each other's necks.

A fantabulous weekend and picked up some great YSL stuff

So this past weekend was quintessential IMO. I had done all the house chores during the week, there were no Friday afternoon cleaning plans, and there were no plans at all really.
Friday afternoon I got released from routine chiro care and now only have to come as I need. Yay!

Then Friday night I felt extra-refined because the hubby and I attended our first Gallery Night. this has been going on for yours in our area but I've never been. They rope off the streets of our downtown/historic area and most of the art galleries, stores, restaurants and cafe's in the area stay open late. We went because we thought an exhibition of sculptures made from canned goods sounded very Norman Rockwell-ish and potentially interesting. They ended up being ok. What ended up being better was walking through the lovely area holding my love's hand, looking at strange art, meeting the faces behind some local radio personalities and watching John's portrait be sketched in charcoals. Oh- and free appetizers from the local health food market. There was also lots of free wine and beer and plenty of people looking silly consuming too much of it, yuppies stumbling in their high heels and blazers. Lol.
The best part was a new restaurant discovery- the Jordan Valley Cafe. I had a coupon so we decided to try it. It's Greek food. Lo and behold, my hairdresser was in there chowing down. She highly recommended it. (And on a great side note she told me to come in and she'd put a toner on my hair, since it has already faded several shades. Score!) Anyway, her recommendation did not disappoint. It was to. die. for. I had a gyro, Greek salad and Spanikopita. It was so yum. We even tried to eat there for lunch Sunday but they were closed :( Then after all that hubby surprised me with a trip to the beach to see Jupiter and the Moon through the telescopes of the local Jr. Astronomers Association. It was a GREAT date night!

Then Saturday was a calm, I'm-not-grumpy-from-lack-of-sleep, productive time yard-saling. I will now coin my own acronym- YSL :) No, not Yves St. Laurent, yard-sale :) I snagged some great finds. We also got quite a few things for re-sale. I always enjoy it more when I find stuff for us personally rather than just to re-sale. John bought an antique sewing machine for $3. I had a lot of fun researching it to find out what year and model it was, etc... I would like to know more about the value of older items as I am sure we could make more money, but there are so many items out there to know about I don't know where to start!
One of our finds was the complete LOTR set. So that's what we spend the evening and Sunday afternoon doing. And now they can go up for re-sale :)

Sunday we vegged at my mom's. She is coming home in like 2 weeks so it will be one of the last chances we get to have control of her flat-panel TV with satellite :)

All in all it was a very fun weekend!
$1 each barely worn. On the right is from Loft. Just wore them and got lots of compliments
All $1 as well. Love the thongs. The spikes are sexy, but painful ;)
$1 or 2
$2. Currently wearing. Comfy- love!
Wore it. Possibly makes me look like a hippo. Will try again with leggings n boots once it's colder.
Both $1. Necklace is cute but scratchy. Haven't tried bracelets.

Fishing trip

Two weekends ago John and I went out on a friend's boat. I know I must be getting old because getting up at 4:30 was not as hard as it should have been. :(

This was my first time to fish since I was 5. I have been on several boats, just never fished. It was definitely a nice change. The boat was kinda basic, it's an old shrimping boat apparently, but, it did have a sun deck with two PVC loungers on it. Funny thing, sitting on these loungers on an open deck on a boating that rocks, from a range of gently to violently, kinda hard to get used to. And on our lovely trip, I had finally relaxed enough to not have a death grip on the supports of the sun deck and was drifting off to dream world...when the boat started rocking violently without provocation and the chairs started sliding all over the deck! Now the 2 chairs are zip-tied together and zip-tied to the boat frame. My friend who has been on this boat before says "It's ok, they move a little sometimes." Well at this point we are moving so much that I am about to hit my head on a metal pole supporting the deck. I grab onto the frame. It's only then from below that a buddy observes "Hey, the chairs have come untied from the boat." Me thinking- ya don't say? Lol. That was quite the experience.

Overall we had a nice time. Unfortunately, the fish weren't biting and I think the overall catch was like 5 or so :( I did put my license to use and caught some bait fish. 
A redneck boat day on the Redneck Riviera :)

Laying on the ill-fated chairs- before the nearly killed me

DH and buddies

Us on the boat

A's catch and J trying to kiss it. Spanish Mackerel
2 for M!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh the fun of being an adult

A bit of a rant-

So we found out the problem with hubby's shoulder is a torn labrum. What the heck is that, you say? That's what I said too. It's apparently this additional layer of cartilage surrounding the socket joint of your shoulder and helps give your shoulder stability. The ortho told John they way his was torn he only sees once or twice a year and that he was an "overachiever at destroying his shoulder." Great. the good news is, it can be fixed with outpatient surgery. The bad news is- John doesn't have insurance at the moment. He was supposed to get insurance through his work, but that's another story. Anyway, we will most likely add him beginning the first of the year, and then he'll have the surgery.

In other not-so-pleasant news, it's that time of the year again at work, Open Enrollment. The time of year you must navigate the multiple plans there are for several different types of insurance to decide which one is hopefully best for you and hope you don't get burned once you use it. John and I are going to get all insuranced up :) We are even working on some right now. I am determined to be as prepared as possible. Dave Ramsey advises it, and I will do it :) But, this means a lot of not-so-fun research and a lot of weighing pros and cons. Up side- we get a benefits fair so we can get lots of pens and toothbrushes and band-aid holders :) And, I do have the option of pretty affordable insurance, a luxury I know not a lot of people enjoy.

In even less interesting research- I printed out my sample ballot for the upcoming general election. Yikes! There are like 22 offices to vote on with a total of 49 candidates listed on the ballot. And 6 amendments and 1 referendum. Really just crazy if you ask me. It just makes me tired to even think about thoroughly research all those candidates. I know it won't happen. I'm definitely skipping all the no-name-face random people that make it onto the ballot for Senator and Governor. Oh, the gubernatorial race. I loathe you. I loathe picking 1 of 2 seeming evils. And 16 judges to axe or keep. How the heck am I supposed to know? I just don't have the time to look up the verdict history of them all! The referendums seem fairly straightforward, but then again they always SEEM that way. Harumph. This has brought on a general dislike of politics. But, I will vote, as I think it's my duty and privilege. But if you're really picking the right person or not just sometimes feels like a shot in the dark.

So Negative Nancy is signing off! :)

On a brighter note- we got laptops with aircards at work. Now we can put in our evals real-time rather than filling out paper then doing data-entry later!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The ABC's of me.

I found several of these on the internet but liked this one best. Thought it would be fun ;)

A - Age: 26
B - Bed Size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: mopping. for sure.
D - Dog's Name: Eby (eh-bee) and Ernie.
E - Essential start your day item: toothbrush. and usually a shower.
F - Favorite Color: hard to say! i love so many
G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: silver
H - Height: 5'4"
I - Instruments you play: a minuscule amount of piano
J - Job Title: registered nurse specialist
K - Kid(s): none yet
L - Living Arrangements: apartment we love
M - Mom's Name: Bonnie
N - Nickname(s): babe, shehsheh, sawah, queenie, queen of the universe
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: only 1 and it was planned, thank goodness
P - Pet Peeve: typos in official printed works
Q - Quote from a movie: zoowie mama! :)
R - Right or Left Handed: right
S - Siblings: no full bloods but one half sis who lives in Louisiana
T - Time you wake up: 6-6:30 most days
U - Underwear: boyshorts
V - Vegetable you dislike: so many I am shamed :)
W - Ways you run late: just taking my time in the morning and not being able to wait til later to do things
X - X-rays you've had: my nose and belly
Y - Yummy food you make: lots, but pea-pickin cake, taco soup and jambalaya
Z- Zoo favorite: no clue really- koalas?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hubby's bday

So Tuesday was his actual birthday, but the gifts started last Friday,
With #1- I became a brunette. For some reason, my gentleman does not prefer blondes :) And it's also a lot shorter because I finally got rid of all the damage I did last year with multiple self-colorings. I let a professional handle it this time.
#2- Got up at 6:15 to go yard saling. Hubby LOVES to do this. Although it may have ended up as a curse rather than a gift. I got very cranky when it was past noon and we were still out. I took a 3-hr nap that afternoon and still felt dead for the rest of the day.
#3- Clothes shopping. He needed them! But the actual shopping is more of a gift for me! :)
#4- Sunday afternoon I surprised him by driving to a hotel across town where I had made reservations for a 1-night staycation of sorts. We ate dinner out and then took advantage of the hot tub and a night free from responsibilities.
#5- Monday- more clothes shopping and thrift store shopping.
#6- Tuesday night after work dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (courtesy of mom) with 8 great friends. And then mom and I went in together to get a ClearPlay. To learn what it is go here: Coolness!

So it was a busy weekend! But fun. Then Wednesday John had an MRI. Good little wifey insisted to be in the room when they did the dye injection. Gotta be the moral support for someone who hates needles!
So all in all this week went by really fast.
Here's some visualizations :)
New hair- and a skinny hot hubby!
Got up early Tuesday to make breakfast- "egg in a nest"

The gang at dinner
The results of our carnage- the number will not be revealed
Us : ) <3

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exciting weekend ahead!

Once again, Friday cannot get here fast enough! I live for the weekends. It's kinda starting to affect my weekdays :) Oh to quit work, how I dream of thee :)
Anyway, this weekend is to me, hubby's bday celebration weekend!
His birthday is not until next Tuesday, but with Monday being a holiday I feel like the whole weekend will be relaxing, restful, and hopefully fun! I have some stuff up my sleeve :)

I think our plans include possible yard saling (for hubby) cause Lord knows I DO NOT want to get up that early on a Saturday, church Friday night and Sunday morning and some clothes shopping. Tuesday night we will go out with friends for dinner at one of our favorite places for wings.

In other news, I had a "I need to be in much better control of my health" day this week. I felt fat and unattractive. Especially since we need to go clothes shopping for the hubs because his clothes are getting too big. Yay for him, whaaa for me. He has lost 20, I have lost 5. So I'm trying to get a new passion for being healthy again. Cutting out all the little snacks and indulgences and getting back to exercising. It's kinda sad that I can already see my body changing from the way it was just a couple years ago. It's not per say that my weight has changed, but rather the way I carry it. My middle is getting much too rotund and mushy for my liking. So I am going to count on daily crunches to see if I can tone that up some.

This past Sunday, John and I were invited to the dedication luncheon for our pastor's grandson. Pastor's daughter (also the baby's mom) is on staff at the church too, so all staff were invited. Since I'm the staffer's "plus one" I got to go. It was nice. I even tried to coordinate our outfits for the day. Does anyone else do that? I know it can be dumb, but I think it's fun to dress alike sometimes :) On Sundays I pick John's wardrobe, so I pretty much have free reign :) This Sunday I chose to wear a navy satin sundress- and get this- yellow peep-toe flats. Very nautical. So I chose for hubby to wear a solid yellow dress shirt, navy paisley tie and khakis. I tried desperately to get a clear pic but the self-timer on my camera decided not to cooperate :(
So these are the best I got:

silly man :)

We had a nice time visiting with the other staff, especially another newlywed couple our age. The youth pastor and his wife just returned from their honeymoon a week ago! How I envy them! I would love to take our honeymoon again! It's just a fleeting thought at this point- but the youth pastor and I both agreed that we should plan a couples' cruise for next year. There are quite a few newlywed/young married couples in our church. I think it would be fun! But we shall see.

I did get to hold the baby! He's cute. Then (shock!) John asked for him. 
I snapped this funny shot of them together:
It's like Austin Powers or "The Thinker" gone goofy :)

John likes to act ambivalent about kids- but I can see now that our future babies will have him all wrapped-up in awe :) And that our kids might be seriously warped from the weird faces he gives them and the wacky things he tells them! :)

Next week I'll have some new pics for you!