Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Putting feet to faith

My heart is at times so heavy over the violence occurring in Israel and Iraq, and the plague in West Africa.

To be honest I know that none of this is really new. Violence and destruction has been occurring in these areas for some time. But it does seem to be increasing, or at least getting better media coverage.

But for some reason this time around it has really stricken me.

I just went and got my healthy baby out of her crib after a long nap in a dim air conditioned room that she shares with no one. She asked for milk and I simply had to pour some from a jug conveniently located in our fridge. She asked for lunch and told me she wanted corn. I had to but open our pantry and all her wants and needs were supplied. I can take her to church anytime I want and no one wants to hurt us because of that.

When I hear about innocent children sleeping on the ground, being bitten by insects, in the raging heat, with little to no food and water, and becoming ill, sometimes to the point of death, because of their lack, it just hurts me. To think there is a mother dying inside because her child is asking for food and water, and she has none to give, it makes my insides die a little too.

I have hardly anything compared to some, but I have almost everything compared to most.

So today I shared some of my almost everything, by giving to help in the Middle East conflict through Samaritan's Purse. I know they're also helping in Africa with the Ebola outbreak and I'm sure they're helping in Israel too.

Most of my life, being brutally honest, I've wanted the Lord to tarry. I wanted to grow up, be married, have children. I still want to see Sophia grow up. I want to have more children. I want to live and enjoy life. But more than that, I want peace. I want heaven on earth. I truly now know that Christ's return is the best thing I can hope for. Until then I will pray for strength for the journey for those who are in such turmoil. I will help. But dear Lord, if you're listening, come quickly.