Saturday, April 20, 2013

I've been everywhere man

Ok, so I've only been to Georgia. But I think we have done more traveling in the 20 weeks Sophia has been with us then we did in the last 6 months before she came.

2 trips to Tampa, 1 to Baton Rouge, and now one to Georgia.

We visited John's sister and her boyfriend for the weekend. John's mom and her husband invited us to join in on their visit to his sister and paid our gas. Otherwise we'd have missed out.

While we were there we also visited his great uncle (who is about the age of his dad). He and his wife live on a hill top and have a small farm. It was so fun! He also has a river that runs on the property and for many miles beyond. We kayaked it as a group. Sophie and I watched evening chores and looked at the animals, and John milked a goat! The farm has 3 Great Pyrenees, goats, hens, roosters, rabbits, guineas (a bird, not a rodent), a turkey, and they also hatch chickens and guineas. We got to watch one crack out of it's shell! This was my first time meeting this great aunt and uncle (I had met their kids once, who are our age and have kids of their own) and it was so nice, they are great people.
Sophia enjoying the wrap around porch at the farm

We also went out for Mexican because it was Bill's birthday. What a fun time with like 15 people at the table!
Birthday boy embarrassment

Our last night we took an impromptu jaunt over to Stone Mountain. I've never been, and since we were fairly close John's mom treated us to the laser show. We only had enough time before the show to grab dinner. Too bad because the walking trails and park area looked really inviting. Maybe someday we'll go back.

 Sophia did really well on the car rides, but it just really is a toll on her and us to travel that many hours. We can usually add 30-40 minutes per feeding to our drive time. A 6 hour trip means 2-3 feedings, so it's more like 8 hours. And I miss her when she's in a rear facing carseat all day! In fact, on the way up I got in the back so I could play with her. She must've been lonely too, because she greeted me with a HUGE grin!

In fact not too long after this she laughed for the first time. It was the cutest little giggle ever! I thought I would explode with adoration. She's only done it once or twice since.
Sleeping on the way back home
Then the day after we came back from Georgia, John's dad and grandma came and visited. His dad helped us tremendously by doing several improvements/fixes in the house. I am so glad to have a vent fan in our bathroom now!
He also treated us to a NASCAR series race here locally. I've never been and it was pretty exciting, and also VERY LOUD. I am glad we didn't take Sophia. She has headphones, but even I could've used some fr myself there!
At the race
Four generations

There's been lots of little things going on around here, hence my lack of posting. I want to write a post on some house updates and DIY, as well as how WeightWatchers is going. Now that I've finally got the photos uploaded, I will hopefully get those written some time this week.

 I'll leave you with some random photos. Sophia is just growing and growing. I enjoy each day and I'm also sad to see it go by so quickly.

Saturday morning fun. Her feet don't quite touch yet, so I've put a pillow under her feet now.

Who's that cute baby I'm looking at?

She sits with us for dinner now. Big enough to sit in the high chair! Sniff Sniff (No food yet though)

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  1. Thank you for being so generous with your posts/thpughts and pics. It does a grammy good.


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