Monday, December 9, 2013

Sophia's One year old Stats/Summary

I wanted to take the time to tally up all of the milestones Sophia has reached in the last year. We just had her one year visit to the pediatrician and everything went well. (We saw the other MD in the practice and we were much happier with her than the doctor we saw the first time. Whew!)

Weight: Birth- 8 lbs 6 oz (93rd percentile), 1yr 21 lbs 4 oz (79th percentile)
Height: Birth 21 inches (99th percentile), 1 yr 30.75 inches (95th percentile)
So she remains tall for now. In fact she's about on par with most 16-18 month olds.

Firsts: Sophie took her first steps! It was about a week before her birthday. The max she has gotten to is 3. However she's not walking yet. The interest just isn't quite there. She can stand on her own for quite a bit. But most times when we try to get her to walk, she just squats down and crawls.

(2 second video of first steps here)

Talking: All her vocabulary now includes Momma, Papa, bye-bye, no, hey, hi, alright, ok, uh-oh, whoa, oooooh and sometimes thank you. Everything is pretty clear except thank you. She is quite the mockingbird these days. Sometimes she repeats you exactly and sometimes she just gets the basic inflection.

Foods: We are almost done transitioning her to whole milk instead of formula. She has tolerated it fine other than some bowel changes. Her doctor said this is perfectly normal when changing her diet.
We're also working on weaning off bottles and solely to sippy cups. I think this will be easier once we're not using bottles to measure and mix formula then trying to remember to pour to a sippy. So far she eats an ounce or two less from the sippy than the bottle.
Breakfast is usually a combination of two of three things: whole milk organic yogurt, unsweetened applesauce or homemade cinnamon raisin oatmeal. Some staples in her diet are cooked chicken (she especially loves rotisserie), mandarin oranges, fruit cups and black beans. She really loves roasted or baked turkey too. She continues to love broccoli and not like peas very much. She loves to chomp apple cores and even corn cobs! The list of foods she has tried and likes are too many to list now. Generally she eats whatever we eat for dinner, supplemented by some of her "staple" foods if she doesn't each much of ours. She had a few bites of pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving and really loved it. She actually smiled! She doesn't do that very often at all over food.

Speaking of chomping: teeth. She still has the same 7 she had last time I updated, over 3 months ago. I know there are molars and lateral incisors needing to come through! Come on already!

Sleep: Sophia's sleep was disturbed for about a month. On the worst nights she was waking up 3-4 times. Some nights were very hard. She had various things going on: transitioning to whole milk, a short cold, teething? and night terrors. Sometimes her night terrors are really bad. It's so pitiful because she cries uncontrollably until we can finally get her woken up enough to realize she's being comforted. We tried just rocking, then pain meds, then finally feeding. Which one did the trick was different every night. Finally the last few days I felt like it was becoming a habit and she was forgetting how to self soothe, so I would only comfort her a few minutes and then put her back in bed, rather than rocking her to sleep or giving a bottle. She had to CIO a couple times, but it was only for about 20 minutes max. Last night she slept through her full 12 hours!

Vaccines: until now we hadn't given Sophia any vaccines. I'd made a plan to start when she turned one. I just felt (and of course did research) that her little body didn't need to be pumped up with all those medications until she was more developed. I'm still going to follow Dr. Sears recommendation of only having 2 vaccines at a time. I knew I wanted to start with TDaP and either HIB or PCV. The doctor recommended PCV over HIB because they still see pneumococcal infections but very rarely HIB infections. I want to delay until 2 or possibly not at all for MMR. That one is so controversial and the conflicting data scares me. Heck even the handouts on the vaccines she did get, which are put out by the CDC, were pretty ominous in their side effects and occurrence rates. I'm not sure we'll do Polio either since that is eradicated in the whole Western hemisphere. And we won't do Hep B until she has a much greater chance of coming in blood contact with an infected person, like in contact sports. In six weeks we'll go back and start the HIB series.
We were both very grateful that the doctor did not demean or chastise us for our decisions on vaccines. She was very friendly and acted like it was not a problem at all. The only "flack" we got at all was that the medical assistant who checked us in wanted to know if we wanted any vaccines and if so which ones was she do for. I explained that we were just starting vaccines that day. And she said "Ok, so do you have your own shot card?". I explained we didn't because she hadn't had any vaccines yet. She asked again which vaccines did I want and did I know she was like "Way behind?" I explained I wanted to start and wanted DTaP and either HIB or PCV. She said "Do you want to talk to the doctor to decide which one?" which I appreciated and did. She was very nice about it and I know it all just came from our decisions being outside the norm of what they do every day. So all in all it went well.

Play: Although we have continued to try different toys with Sophia, she still prefers household objects the most. Her favorites are laptops, remotes, cell phones, dishes in the dishwasher, toilets, trash cans, dog toys and keys. She also likes acrylic straws, things in the pantry, paper, laundry, laundry baskets, pens, earrings, rings, nail clippers, plants, dirt, balls and pushing dining room chairs around. She also likes board books, sometimes for reading but mostly for chewing. She has an awesome play table, a cool pink motorcycle walker, a ball popper, a rock-a-stack, a musical cube and a xylophone. She doesn't play with any of them for more than 2 minutes.

Overall, she is developing perfectly and right on track. We are so pleased with and proud of our baby girl. We just love her to pieces!

Here are some photos from her birthday shoot credit to Lauren Seymore of Seemore Photography


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