Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dirty Mouth? Clean it up!

So Wednesday Sophia and I were at a friend's house having a mom/daughter playdate (she has a little girl 7 months older). We were in the nursery sorting old clothes (so that I could pick out some to borrow, score!) when Sophia started gagging.

I looked over and Sophia was spitting and it was a bit foamy. I then realized there was a small decorative soap in her hand, with a chunk out of it.

Of course I snatched that away. Poor baby girl was gagging and spitting and her eyes were watering.

Then about 2 seconds later, she full on blew chunks. Only about 1/3-1/2 a cup, but she was quite frightened by the whole thing. She's never vomited before.

She looked so pitiful, trembling, foaming, eyes watering, gagging, puking.

Thankfully it only lasted a few seconds.

But she was pretty sedate for awhile after her ordeal.

If only she were old enough to truly remember it. Then if I threatened to "wash your mouth out with soap" she'd actually take that as a serious threat with dire consequences.

It was both pitiful and just a little funny.

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