Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mish mash and meeting a Centinarian

So I did not do a Weekend Update this week.

Mainly, because I took no photos.

We had a yard sale. It was hot. We made decent money though and cleared out room in the garage.
I like going to yard sales, I don't like hosting them so much.

We went to our good friends the Seymore's for lunch. Lauren blogs here.
We had a really nice time. As far as I know, the poppy seed chicken Mrs. T made did not make me fail my drug test for my new job the next day. But I did make sure to tell everyone I ate it! (Nervous!)

Yet another change in our lives- we are looking at houses. The kind you buy, not rent. We've been saving up a down payment for a while now. We want to get in while the market and interest rates are in the buyer's favor still.

It's funny the design and layout choices some people make for their homes. We saw one where the dryer hookup was in the add-on utility room while the washer hookup was still in the original laundry room inside the house. Weird. And it's interesting to see what flooring and surfaces used to popular, but definitely are NOT any longer.

The price range we are looking in, anything really nice goes fast. We saw a home we wanted to make an offer on, only to learn the next day that an offer had been made the day we looked at it. Rats.

Yesterday through work I met a lady who will be 103 in 9 days. She was delightful. Except for some confusion to time, she had her wits about her still. And she looked about 75. She was cracking jokes and making me laugh. I asked her to recall her childhood. She remembered having 7 brothers and sisters and living in a home with dirt floors, but she also remembers growing up in a happy, loving family.
Her own mother lived quite a long time too. She said her secret was "she served the Lord and was lubricated with WD-40," lol. She only had one son, who is now 85. He is out camping and fishing this week. I forgot to ask how many generations are under her. I wonder if she has great great grandkids?

It was very enjoyable to meet her. I let her know she could likely be in the paper for having such a momentous age, but she did not seem to think it was any big deal.

I hope you are all having a good afternoon and are anticipating the arrival of Friday as much as I am!

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