Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY: Baby Headbands

I may have posted before, back when I was still pregnant, about making hair accessories for Sophia.

Well, although she had an extensive collection, probably like 15 headbands, she'll still didn't have all the colors I would like. She had the pastels and pink covered in scads, but not so much the bolder colors.
Also some of the hairbands I had made before out of little girls tights, were too small for her head.
So I decided to give away the duplicate color hairbands and make some new ones.

But I didn't know where to get the supplies. I looked at Target at WalMart with little success. To be honest, their selection was dismal. Then I happened to notice that one bow/headband she had been given said Hobb Lobby in the tag. So I decided to go take a look.

Hobby Lobby is the baby hair styling Mecca. They have two whole end caps devoted to headbands, bows, flowers and sparkly/fluffy doo-dads. And then a whole aisle of "baby wearables". Onesies, shoes, bibs, diaper covers, bows, tutus, iron-ons etc. And they are very reasonable. So I got a couple packs of plain white to change out on the existing headbands that are too small, and I got the supplies to make some new ones. I did buy 4 flowers pre-made. Then I made three more. So ya, a little headband crazy here.

I was also really glad to give business to Hobby Lobby. I support their stance on not wanting to provide abortaficient medications to their employees. But I won't go on that tangent in this post.

I bought all the material for making the bows in the clearance scrap fabric. The skinny headbands are 3/$1.99 and the wide ones are $0.79 each!

Here's what I came up with:

Flower tutorial found here. I made this one with 8 petals.

I really like the way this fabric moves and feels. Tutorial for flower here.

Same flower as above, just with cotton material.

Purchased at Hobby Lobby, headbands 3/$1.99, feather puff $1.99

Purchased at Hobby Lobby. Headband $0.79, flower $2.99

Hobby Lobby, flower $3.99, gift from Grammy.

Purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Flower $1.34

On clearance, same as yellow
I was able to find time for crafting thanks to having my MIL here for like 5 days last week! We took some great photos, but I'll put that in another post.

For now, here are some updated Sophie ones. Forgive the overload. Just can't help myself.

Just stuff we snap with our phones:


  1. Amazing!! Love love love the bands, especially the red one!

  2. What a beautiful hair bow model. Is she under contract or a free agent?

  3. What a beautiful hair bow model. Is she under contract or a free agent?

  4. i think this is my favorite post ever; thanks to the model. she is so patient to do all that modeling snd still look so chill. i heart her!!!


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