Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Florida Winter Style- Mommy and Me

Hi everyone!

Things are going much better here in mommy land. I think we are finding our groove. Right now I'm reading Baby Wise and trying to get our feeding times a little more scheduled, all in the hopes of that blissful 8 hours of sleep!

I wanted to share our Sunday go-to-church fashion. It was pretty cold here for us (30's-40's is COLD here) and I always enjoy getting to wear my coat and scarf.

This week I modeled my Christmas presents from John, and Sophia wore her "party dress" that her Papa bought for her and picked out all on his own :)

My tangerine wool coat, Old Navy

Tommy Hilfiger boots, picked out by my husband and purchased at Marshall's

Chevron scarf, WalMart

It's so bright out here!

Headband, Target. Dress- picked out by dad at a thrift store, originally from WalMart. Tights, WalMart.

Shoes- free! Hand me down

My little fashion accesory

Our Stylist :)

Then she got into a more casual number :) Channeling Audrey Hepburn

My houndstooth socks mom paid way too much for :)

Such a pretty girl! Bow via WalMart
Sophia's changing pad is on her dresser right in front of the mirror- and she just loves looking into it!

And I leave you with a smile, caught on camera. It's not her first, but it's the first I've been able to photograph!


  1. Baby Wise.....ummmm, read it with an open mind and take it's advice with a grain of salt. It was way too structured for me and the babies. I've always fed "on demand", and usually it's every 2-3 hrs. now. I've not ever put any of the kids on a schedule, and ultimately they put themselves on one. As for your 8 hrs. of sleep, I wish you good luck with that one. Our oldest is now 4 1/2, and it's been that long or longer with being pregnant, since I've slept that long! The middle child is 2 1/2 and still wakes up sometimes in the middle of the night due to a dream or needing to go potty, etc. So, in case you haven't been formally told, your days of deep, blissful, restful sleep are for now, on hold. You might get a few here and there, so be thankful, but for the most part, the kiddos will play a HUGE role in how much sleep you get. They're the wild card. :0) Some nights are silent and peaceful, others are filled with crying and sleeplessness. All I'm saying is, don't be disappointed if Sophie isn't adhering to a "schedule" that you try to set or that all your nights aren't filled with sleep. It will get better and you will sleep, but maybe just not 8 hrs. at a time!

  2. So exciting you're reading baby wise. We didn't read it before our 1st born & the first 2 years of her life we were up a lot of each night. We read it with our 2ndborn & he was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks! Totally do able. We didn't always follow it so strictly, but pretty close. A world of difference from my first & 2nd born. Wish I had the book with her. I wish you many restful nights:)

  3. Thanks ladies. As with all parenting methods it's not one size fits all as you can see :)
    I definitely took in what the book said about the need to be flexible. Right now I'm happy just knowing that whenever she eats, it will be 3-4 hours until the next feeding. I can make my day schedule up by that. So far the longest we've gone at night was 7 hours from feeding to feeding. She was asleep for 5.5-6 of those hours. So I think we are doing well. And- she can be put down in her crib awake- that is nice. I do give her "sleep props"- she sleeps in a SwaddleMe blanket, with a sound machine and a paci if she feels like taking it. Also if she's not very sleepy when I put her down I'll turn on her mobile, which plays soft music and lights up with a nice glow. But that goes off on it's own after a few rounds. So far, it's going well.

  4. I would give you parenting advice drawn from my many years of experience but I'm actually saving all of that for my book. :) I like the picture of her looking into the mirror and I love the pictures of her smiling!


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