Monday, August 19, 2013

Dr. Dr. tell me what to do

So my good friend Elise got her PhD a few weeks ago...

Elise with her major Professor

And her hubby

And me- it was sooo hot!

I'm so proud of this girl! At just 25 she's earned a PhD! And in Biomedical Sciences no less! The future is nothing but great possibilities.
We've been friends for many years, since high school. Now we're living three hours apart (soon to be many more once she gets that shiny new job)! It's sad because I so much enjoy her company. We could be great "couple friends" too.

But, I really enjoyed visiting with her, her family, and Tallahassee in general. I spent about 16 months there attending our shared Alma Mater. (But only a Bachelor's for me!)

Did I mention she's also a Weight Watchers fiend?
The girl has discipline by the bucketfuls.

Once she was on it about 18 months, her hubby was convinced and joined in too! Now they are some lean mean, slim trim folks! 
Here's a little before and after. I couldn't dig up any "befores" older than this:
About 2008


I love me some black and white! And she wears it well. Horizontal stripes and slinky chiffon. You have to be thin to pull that off! I think total she has lost 50+ pounds. Slow and steady, over 2+ years. Determination.

So here's to you, Dr. Elise. I'm so proud of you and glad I got to share your day!

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