Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weight Watchers Update

So my total weight loss now hovers around 18 pounds. The last month or maybe even 6 weeks I've been up and down a little. Which basically means I have not been strict enough with following the points.

Oh, it's so hard to break through plateaus. The diligence it takes. Sometimes I consider if it's really worth it. Especially when all sorts of baked goods and sugar sweets are calling to me. It's easy to have a false sense of comfort when everyone is saying "you look good". But is good good enough? I'm still in a size 14. I don't think that's particularly healthy.

My only exercise right now is walking, or doing hard house chores like cleaning the garage or doing some yard work. I'm ok with that, even if I shouldn't be.

So- here's my most recent photos, in all their real-ness and glory. Including my spare tire and back fat. But at least I have on my new favorite coral skinnies, so it's trendy fat :)

The first trimester belly. I'll likely always have a pooch there, since I'm not gonna do 1000's of crunches. "Signs of life" so they say. Plus I can always wear my spandex shapewear tank tops :)

This is true honesty, and you should appreciate it! Back fat + flat butt = not a pretty site
 Also, I need a haircut :) I like the front length but the back desperately needs re-stacking.
But this is me/us March 2012. John is so much different too!

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  1. Three children= three C-sections later, I can relate to you on losing weight and trying to be healthier. It is hard. It does take work to plan meals and not snack. And don't even get me started on trying to find time to exercise! Honey, in the words of comedian Anita Renfroe, "if size 14 is the average american woman, who wants to be just average?! I'm above average, thank you very much!" Not saying I always want to weigh where I am now, but, I am saying that I'm trying to make peace with it and realize that I have had three kids in five years and I'm not 20 years old anymore! Like Stacey and Clinton say on What Not to Wear, dress your body for where you are now, not the size you want to be. Look good now, even if it isn't the ideal weight goal, and treat yourself to new clothes as you lose the weight. I've found that that does help my attitude towards my new post-baby body. Even if I'm never a size two, I have an amazing hubby who loves me and three kids who I'm blessed to call mine. You look great, Momma! Keep up the good work.


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