Monday, September 16, 2013

Pretty n Pink- a fashion post

So looking back it has been over 9 months since I've done a fashion post. I guess we couldn't classify this as a fashion blog. Lol.

When I saw this dress on our local online shop and swap group, I just had to have it. I love a ruffled collar. I love pink. I love detailing and structure. And I love a bargain. It was only $5!

I was pretty upset after getting it to find that it had some stains where another darker piece of clothing had bled onto it in the wash. It was listed as "EUC, no stains, rips, holes". I contacted the seller and was able to get another dress from her I'd been eyeing, for free. So I really got 2 dresses for $5. But I love this pink one so much that I wear it anyway. The belt covers one stain and the ruffles hide the other. Now I've given away my secret! Don't say anything when you see me IRL :)

Oh, and I got my new aviators by Aldo on the same site, also $5!

Ruffles and bows?!? Sign me up!
Trying to fit in with the cool kids. The metal parts of the glasses have a floral pattern printed on them.

Polka dot mani pedi courtesy of moi

I need a better backdrop

Gladiator inspired bronze, gold and cork wedges

Polka dot toes
I've been taking a break from my gel manis to give my fingers a little recovery. They weren't really damaged but were just looking rough from the buffing and scraping (since I just peel them off rather thank soak them off). I'm enjoying the ease of switching colors!

I'm glad I got this post up before it turned to fall! But when it is finally fall and Thanksgiving, boy does Sophia have a cute outfit to show y'all!


  1. I love it all! Can't wait to see Sophie's fall wardrobe! :-)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes! As always, you look beautiful!


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