Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I just couldn't do it...

I couldn't do two consecutive months of daily posting. And thus I am missing out on the annual "Thirty Thankfuls/ 30 Days of Thanks/ Thirty Days of Thanksgiving" blogging themes always going around this year.

I thought I might at least participate on Facebook, but I haven't. Since I deleted the FB app from my phone, I'm on there much much less. I don't even upload photos hardly. But no one in my family has complained about a lack of Sophia coverage, so I guess it's okay.

I spent a week and one day without my phone recently. The first couple days were hard. You see, while I was away visiting family, someone (cough cough Hali) picked up my phone (we have the same one but different cases) and took it with them.

By the time it was realized, they were about 45 minutes away. Neither of us wanted to drive to them to get it, so we agreed that when everyone got back to their home cities, it would be mailed to me. Unfortunately overnighting was cost prohibitive, so it came Priority. It was mailed Monday, but we left Wednesday morning to go out of town again, and before the mail ran. We did not come home til Sunday.

The only real inconvenience was that I didn't get a text from my boss telling me not to come in Monday. So that was a wasted trip to work. And then I did think about some "what ifs" since we don't have a landline. Guess I would have had to run across the street to the neighbors in an emergency. But that's all passed now.

We were gone more than home the last two weeks. We went to Macon for John's sister's wedding and then to Alabama (north of Brewton) for our annual church camp. And this weekend Sophia and I are going to Baton Rouge for my sister's wedding shower. Sophia has been a real trooper. She's slept in a lot of unfamiliar places. But I take her sound machine and mobile for stability.

So with all that combined, I have been pretty unplugged from technology. Once I get my photos uploaded I'll do a post on our travels.

For now, I'm helping John with his eBay business. We are finally fully staffed at work again, and so my hours have been a little cut lately. Feast and famine. So I need to help out with the business so we can maximize it's potential.

John had an interview at Starbucks today. He is supposed to hear a decision by Friday. It would only be part time for now. His plan is to return to school this spring. He would like to get into the radiography program in June, but from what we read online that would take a miracle. It would likely be June of 2015. If that's the case he will at least finish his general AA for now.

Changes all around these days. Should be for the good!

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