Monday, July 19, 2010

Back home

So I realized I haven't posted for a whole week! This week really doesn't have anything interesting to report. John just got his car back Thursday night and we finally sojourned back to our house just last night. Let me tell you- packing up then unpacking all our stuff from those 2 weeks, not the most fun. Especially since it took a few hours for the temp in our house to drop below 80. (We left the AC off while we were gone.) Anyway, it's done now. Thankfully able to cook again once we restock the kitchen. Our food bill for this month is quite high! Eatin healthy aint cheap! But, worth it. unfortunately I did not lose any weight this week :( Possibly a 1/2 pound, depending on where I stand on the scale :) Lol.
I am really glad to be back to our house.
I did get some good shopping in this weekend! Got shoes for my bridesmaid's dress for only $7.50! Score!
Then got 3 dresses from Ross for a total of $42! 2 really cute sundresses and one beautiful navy satin cocktail dress for the rehearsal dinner. Then I nabbed another t-shirt dress and shirt from Goodwill. Then I got these lovelies at another local thrift store: Unworn and only $5! Comfy, sunny color. I pretty much love them!

Next week poor Eby goes under the knife, to lose her girly parts :( Poor baby. Then I get a filling sometime soon. Fun times :)

John moment: Last night as we were cleaning up dinner, John said, "Babe I'm so glad that we didn't have to go through a whole year of smiling and saying 'It's good (when it tastes awful)'." He had seasoned and grilled hamburgers on the George Foreman and I had made oven fries. It really was quite tasty.
John and I are both grateful to come from families who cooked and learning from both osmosis and direct teaching. And perhaps a genetic knack for it. I mean, I'm no Betty Crocker, but very rarely do I make something inedible. Not since I was a kid I think. Give me a recipe, and I'm willing to give it a go.

Ttfn friends!

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