Monday, July 12, 2010

Wrap up

So, we officially "finished" the 21-day induction. But we've decided to keep on it for awhile, since we didn't follow it to the letter with the craziness of youth conference (didn't do near the exercising we were supposed to).
The weights are: John lost 12 lbs!!!!! Yay for my awesome hubby!
                         Sarah lost 4 lbs. Definitely not as exciting as John, but I'll take it.
Oh men and their metabolisms! Pthhhh! Anyway, we plan to do measurements in a week,
But I promised myself I wouldn't be discouraged if it was only 2 or 3 pounds, so I won't be.

Youth conference week was awesome, powerful and exhausting.
 Here's one pic from it, we got some major positive press in our local newspaper:

 That's John on the far right wearing the forward facing ballcap. He's a little blocked by my awesome friend Katie that helped him baptize. I had to work :(

Thursday John's car died, and we've been too busy and tired to deal with it. So for now we're still at my mom's so he can just walk to work. Yesterday we tried to jump it. Nothing. But John noted his battery cable connections were really corroded, so he was going to try changing the battery Monday, his day off. We've already been planning to take his car to the shop for some other things, so we thought no big deal.
Until... a friend texted us late Sunday night saying that they had been by the church to pickup there care and saw that John's car window was smashed in!!!!! Oh no! So we went right over and this is what we saw:

Poor car :(

They used a brick (was still in the car) to break the window. The only thing missing was an older model GPS.

So then we had to call the cops and the whole shabang. They dusted it for prints but couldn't find anything readable. The blessing in disguise with all of this- John's battery being dead. Otherwise I'm certain the car itself would be missing. I don't think they broke in just for an old TomTom.

So today John replaced the battery and it started right up. He cleaned up enough glass to drive it over to the repair shop. We await the estimate. Yikes. But, we have peace since this amazing man Dave taught us to prepare for such things.

I slept quite a bit this weekend, but as usual I did not want to greet Monday morning. But, thankful to be gainfully employed ;)

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