Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy weekend

So, I did accomplish transferring our lives to my mom's currently vacant house. We will stay until this Friday probably. Or if John has his way until Sunday :) I did have to make one trip to our house to get all the stuff I forgot on the first trip, which was hurried and accomplished  in about an hour and 15 minutes. This is not a lot of time to pack up 2 people with special dietary needs and a dog :) The weekend was spent in a daze of trips to the church sprinkled in with running errands, visiting my first dog and bathing him, seeing fireworks, swimming and a lot of cable. I am still really glad we don't have cable. I find sitting in the house watching TV to be rather depressing. And even with my mom's dish cable which has a bazillion channels, I can still hardly find anything to watch. It's either A: inappropriate B: doesn't interest me or C: not in English :)
My husband has been really busy with our youth conference that started last night (the reason for our temporary move to my mom's, since it's a block from our church). I have missed him being around, especially since this was a 3-day weekend. I did get to have him Sunday afternoon. But I have realized, I can be really jealous for him. The Lord is working on teaching me that it's ok for me to love John fiercely, but I don't need to ever put him in front of Jesus. This is a very hard lesson to learn; to be thankful for the time you're given but to still leave that time or person in God's hands. I honestly don't know what I would do if something happened to John. Not that I have any reason to think something will, but even just the fleeting thought of it can bring me to tears.
John did spend some of Sunday afternoon doing this:

Aren't they cute? It was hard for me to wake him up, but I did really want to go swimming :)

I've also been feeling a lot like Suzie homemaker lately. Sometimes that's not the best feeling, but the Lord also reminds me to be thankful for the opportunity to learn to be a servant and to be a good keeper of my home and husband. I've been preparing for almost a week for these coming 4 days, pre-selecting outfits, ironing them, cooking a lasagna and chicken and pork chops (John made chili). Menu planning, grocery shopping, leaving the bathroom sink clean and the bed made, packing all our stuff and then unpacking it. Plating food and labeling it for quick access. Washing dishes (mom doesn't have a dishwasher) and killing cockroaches. I feel like rather than my badge for the conference saying "Media Team" it ought to say "Personal Assistant to John White" since I often get calls of "I forgot this, can you bring me that, I'm not going to make it to dinner..." :-) The week of conference always seems to be crisis mode. Always last minute changes, technical difficulties etc... :)
But, I can take pride when my husband is well-fed and dressed in clean, pressed clothes. :) If I wasn't doing this in addition to my 40-hr regular job, it would be somewhat of a cinch. But alas, I join millions of other working women who make it happen :)
Last night i put my grammar/spelling gifts to work and fixed the typos in the PowerPoints of our worship songs. Tonight I will check this list before it makes it to the screens :) Then I sat with John in the TV room. I would loathe having this job all conference, sitting in that room about 7 hrs a day, constantly watching camera angles and changing the shots for recording. Not fun. I hope and pray, (really, I did pray) that John will be able to come out into the actual service and do some ministry. It's hard for me because I know deep in his heart he would like to get a break sometimes and get in on the "action" rather than always sitting behind some kind of monitor. I have asked, now it's up to the Lord to make it happen.
Well this post was filled with a lot of randomosity (made-up word), but that's not unusual I think.
Wednesday night marks the finish of our 21 day induction to the new eating plan. Since I won't be with my scale, I'll have to wait to weigh-in until I go back home :( But I'll be sure to let y'all know.

John moment: I was putting away our stuff in my mom's house to get us settled in for the coming week. John did something he does quite frequently while I'm doing some chore like cooking or laundry. He grabbed me and squeezed me and starting dancing around doing his "attack" dance as I like to call it. (It's crazy and kinda feels like you're being accosted.) I was laughing but he always does it for like a couple minutes, with me squirming to get free after about 30 seconds. This time I was hanging clothes and still had a hanger in my hand. I said "Babe, I have an agenda." Quick as lightning he responded, "What are you, a liberal?" Lol. It caught me just right. I laughed so hard. :)

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