Monday, November 7, 2011

"Weekend" update 11-05-11

I can't believe November is already here!
I'm really looking forward to Christmas decorating this year, and maybe in about 3 weeks I'll start!

We had a really great weekend filled with lots of "friend" time.
FRIDAY night we went out to dinner with our Sunday School class (the 20's group) and our pastor and his wife. We got to know a new couple better and enjoyed lots of conversation and laughs. It was kind of like our old young adults group, which I've really missed.

Then SATURDAY we did yard sale. I got some pretty good stuff for me and for a friend. I didn't photograph it yet though. Will try to get to that. My favorite finds were 2 new dresses for $2 each and a great new pair of boots for $3.
That evening we were invited over to watch the Bama/LSU game at a couple's house from our class. It was really great to start making relationships with people our age in our church. Neither one of us root for either team, but our friends are big Crimson Tide fans (as is most of our church) so we sported their colors. Don't tell my dad's side of the family. I was born in Baton Rouge and they are all die hard Tiger fans!
Got my hat for a quarter that day at a yard sale! :)
SUNDAY afternoon we had a couple of our good friends over for some card games. They just told us this week they are expecting a baby in May! How exciting! We shared much conversation and food! We introduced them to the Pizazz Pizza Oven and they brought over homemade cookie dough.

Just before they got there I took this down from our dining room:
That's right, I hung a fly paper in our dining room. Soooo hillbilly. But I was sick of the flies!

Well, I'd put it out the back porch. We put the dogs out in the backyard while we ran to the store to grab frozen pizzas. When we returned, I found the fly stick out in the yard covered in grass. And I found George's butt and leg covered in industrial strength adhesive and sod. Oh my, the trouble that dog can find! Even after a thorough scrubbing, his bum is still sticky. He's free of sod, but now has carpet fiber and anything else he comes across stuck to him. Not really sure what we are going to do. Can you put Goo Gone on a dog? Lol. I guess if we can't get it all off we'll wait it out, or shave him a bit.

The dogs are also excited for Christmas because they all get to wear these:
Can't you tell she loves it?

Happy Monday and start of a three day workweek for me!

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  1. For some odd reason I just knew you were going to say that you are preggers! " ) lol


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