Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekend Update 12-10-11

Hi everyone and happy Monday :)

John and I had a great weekend. Thursday night we went downtown to our city's annual outdoor Christmas concert. I did not think we were going because my work was supposed to have their party that night, but it fell apart. The concert has a bagpipe band (which we missed, sadly) a quartet and a jazz soloist.
To be honest, this year was one of the most boring years ever. Last year they had an orchestra and the music was much more enjoyable. This year the lead singer of the quartet was sub-par, and so we left early. It was just not enjoyable to hear her sing. But I did manage to burn my tongue on hot chocolate. No fun.

But I said it was a great weekend right?!?!
Friday night we went to a Christmas production at a very large church in town. My husband had never visited there and he was shocked at how big it was. It really is large, with a tall tall stage. I can't imagine their utility bills. 
Anyway, their choir is like 5 times the size of our congregation. Lol. But most of the music was lovely, with the exception of a pregnant white lady trying to sing a funky black lady song. That was pretty bad.

Saturday we did get some yard sales in. We got a water purifier that we hope will bring in about 20 times what we paid for it. Score! I also got a great deal at a charity yard sale: a barely used "Santa's Treats" Yankee candle, a dog jacket, a nice Snuggie, a crochet throw (for the dogs) and a nice queen electric blanket, all for only $10!
Then a had a bridesmaid's meeting for my friend who is getting married. It was good to get some details hashed out.
I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for our Christmas party. It ended up being smaller and more relaxed than I planned for. It was really just close friends. Several people who said they were coming, didn't. But we had a good time watching UFC (and freaking out when a guy got his arm broken!) and eating and talking.
D, S (married) and her sis M. D&S just told me they're preggo!!!!

All the dogs with their Christmas collars

"Graycie Girl" and her new haircut

Ernie the prairie dog

D&S love Graycie. They want her. But they finally just got their own dog today. One day after finding out about the soon to be little person!

Eby getting attention from all the guests

George trying to lick everyone

Graycie visiting 'round

A loved Ms Eby

Sibs horsing around

Out ugly Christmas sweaters. No one else wore one!

The many faces of George

Ernie's mug shots
Sunday after having a quick lunch I laid down on the couch to finally watch "The Help". Now that it's on DVD I could use our ClearPlay to filter out any cursing and sexuality. It was very good and I found it touching and inspirational. But, I'm not sure I found it as life-changing as others did by their rave reviews. It was really really good though. It was also really nice to enjoy it while cuddling under the new electric blanket :)

We finished off the weekend with evening church and then another rented movie (a sci-fi action flick). All in all, it was a good 60 hours :)

Did you do anything to celebrate Christmas this weekend?

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  1. The dogs are all so cute!! Do people really drink hot chocolate in FL??? (Nothing worse than burning your tongue!!)


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