Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Update 12-17-11

Hi Everyone-

I breathlessly write you from my couch after 3 grueling rounds of Kinect Adventures- River Run and whatever that coordination jumpin' on the tracks thing that is. Whew! It takes a lot of energy, and the pics, not so pretty! I've ordered Dance Central 2 and am very excited to tackle that one next! John will also be toning up and slimming down with UFC Personal Trainer.

Thanks dad for our new toy!!!! Christmas a little early...

The only pic I can share. Meet my Avatar. Can you believe this is the "fattest" Kinect will let you choose? The skinniest is refugee thin!
So to back it up, here's what we did this weekend-

Friday afternoon we drove to my dad's to participate in the annual Christmas reunion he and his siblings have. So I caught up with all the aunts, uncles and cuz's :) Unfortunately I took my point and shoot so I did not get many good photos. In fact the ones I took at the party were so awful I'll spare my family the humiliation. But I did get one of my immediate fam on dad's side:
Sis and BF, Dad and Gena, Me and John

Dad and his two girls. I promise he isn't homicidal. Lol.
Then Saturday we did what we always do when we visit the Kun-tree. We enjoyed target shooting.
Takin' aim

Checkin' the score

We finally shot the tree down

That's right ladies- I'm a pert decent aim, so's you best be watchin' yerselves. Lol.

Then that evening we went to a local celebrity attraction. AKA "Messenger's Christmas Land"
A pretty house on our walk to the "big daddy" display

The big daddy

Their wall of retired deco included ET!

It really was ice!

Me n "M"

Hubs and I

Then Sunday after church we ate some delicious speckled trout, complete with homemade fries and hushpuppies. Taaaaasty!

As soon as we got home we ran out to buy our Xbox 360 and Kinect!

On a side note, I intended to write this post at lunch today, but just as I was wrapping up work for lunch time John called to say that Eby had dug out of the yard while he was gone and he's been looking for her for 45min without success. I immediately shut everything down and hopped in the car. I was so worried, since she did not have on her collar and we are not far from a fairly busy road. I was already trying to call the Animal Shelter with her description in case she turned up. Thankfully about 15 min later John called to say he found her. He was walking down the street calling her when our neighbor 2 doors down came out to say they had her. Her little girls found her in their yard. She'd come over and knocked while John was still out. I was so glad!
Later when I got home from work and was talking to John about it, he confessed that he'd already taken a look on the Shelter website to see if any fitting replacements were there, because he did not know how he was going to make it right if she was gone. I told him I would not want another dog right away. He said that I would have been surprised on Christmas then! :)
When I found out she was missing I prayed that we'd find her, and if we didn't that someone else would take her in and be good to her. I'd even sacrifice being her owner if it meant she was safe and unharmed. Thankfully I did not have to!
From now on they will have the collars on if left out in the house alone when we are gone. They usually don't wear them ever since the freak near-choking Ernie suffered last summer when his fabric collar got caught in Eby's teeth. And with as rough as this quartet is, they won't be wearing them until George and Graycie get leather ones too.

Thankfully all is well now!

And as our Christmas bonus we are getting Dec. 23rd off from work! Just found out today! That's great because I am feeling very Christmas-y and not much work-y. Lol.
I'm scheduled to make eight dishes for Christmas! Nothing too hard though. Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, that scared me about your Eby!! (I have also heard it's a good idea to put your cell phone number on the dog tag so that if you are ever out looking for the dog, you can still be reached.) Xbox looks fun -- we have Wii and Just Dance 3 -- I need to get busy with that!


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