Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo

So I'm sitting here and decided to "dump" as many things as I can think of in 5 minutes. Just for fun.

I was really grateful for help at work today. I'm covering an area that was a bit neglected, and things were getting overwhelming.
We have two patients that have been in the hospital over 90 days. Both needlessly. One left today and the other is leaving Thursday. Both had bills over 1 million dollars.
I wish my dogs did not shed, or at least only half as much. I love them and wouldn't trade them, but the shedding I could do without. The lint trap in the dryer after I wash our sheets or their bed blankets is just disgusting.
I love my dogs so much that if my kids happen to be allergic, we'll just get them meds. Now if we couldn't cure it with meds, then maybe they'd have to go :(
Today I wore my maternity support band and it helped. It takes some getting used to. I also put it over a cami and then a shirt over that, cause it's kind of uncomfortable straight on your skin. It also give the bump a more basketball appearance :) It still hurts if I'm walking briskly though.
I was putting away John's coffee pot (that's for sale) and I dropped the carafe on the tile floor. It shattered. Sorry honey! That was fun to clean up.
We are hopefully doing maternity pictures in the next couple weeks. I want to find a field with hay bales to do it. I also want to do it before I get so huge it's ridiculous.
Tonight the AC is off and the windows are open. Thank you cooler weather!
I've gone over my time, it's been six minutes. Maybe I'll go for 10.
I'm looking forward to finishing up the baby showers so I can see where we stand as far as what we need to get still. I have some returns of duplicates that I'm anxious to take back, but I figure it's more practical to wait until the showers are done.
My hubby apologized to me out of the blue Sunday night. For something I didn't even know needed forgiving. It was very sweet.
We have three home improvement projects that need to be finished before baby comes. And I can't really do any of them. Does anyone want to replace our tub drains, seal our grout and finish our quarter round shoe molding? I'd really like to be able to clean the floors with something besides water, and have the use of both our tubs!

10 minutes is up...


  1. yeah those belly support bands are a love/hate relationship with us prego mamas! LOL They still have me wearing mine b/c of severe diastasis...Jenny says the worst she has ever seen in her 20+ years of practice.:( That was really encouraging; she says I must have a medically recommended "abdominal tuck." Wonder what insurance would say about that!?! Ha! Now I really have a HATE/LOVE relationship with this band...at least they gave me one after birth/at the hospital that was for bigger girls :} which helps, but the basketball imprints and the velcro "biting" and edge digging, is still hard to deal with. Hope you don't have to wear yours too long or much!!! :)

  2. I never knew that's how 'minie' was spelled. Your blog is educational. :) (I'm pretty stoked about the cooler weather too!)


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