Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update 10-06-12

So I haven't done one of these in awhile!

But this weekend we did a lot (on Saturday anyway!).

Friday morning we went to a few yard sales. I got some Bare Escentuals makeup, 2 foundations, a powder, a bronzer and a blush. I also got a Mary Kay compact for my eyeshadows, and a "holiday gift set" of Mary Kay featuring three shadows I really like, a blush, a lipstick and a lip gloss. All that at one place for $5. I also got two Amber Romance lotions from VS for $2.

Saturday there was a TON of yard sales. There were over 3 community yard sales, but that's all the ones we could make it to. We skipped all the individual ones. It was pretty good, but not nearly as good as I thought it would be. But I also managed not to spend a ton of money :)

Pillow- $1.50, 4 OPI polishes, $1.25, gladiator sandals, $1, Roxy wedges, $0.50, yoga mat, $1 and Dymo labeler, $1

Skip Hop "man" diaper bag for dad, $2, 2 receiving blankets, $0.60, Toddler backpack for a friend, $1, 9 DVDs and 2 CDs, $9.

Dog dress, $0.50
Then later that day we went to Barktoberfest. Had a good time. I didn't want to lug the camera along. So when I came home I tried to get pics of the dogs. And they ignored me.

And then we spent the evening watching some of the DVD's we bought and eating pizza!

Sunday we did more of the same. Church, eating, movie, napping, church, bed. I did get a cute pic of Eby snuggling with dad during movie time.
To me our weekend kind of extended into Monday. I had an appointment with my midwife, and we also interviewed a pediatrician.

Everything went great at the midwife's. No weight gain in two weeks! Yay. But, she thought she might be breech and wanted me to start on homeopathic stuff in a week if she was. So she used the ultrasound to check the position. She was head down! The midwife says she just has a big rump :) (I'm totally ok with that as my side of the family is kinda rump-less). We got to see her hands, feet, spine, ribs, heart, top of her head and her face. Her nose was squished up against the uterine wall. It was kinda surreal, having her "look" straight at us. As the midwife said "they kinda all look like skeletors at this point". It was just a tad freaky. But also cool. She said my amniotic fluid levels were good and everything looks great.

We had a pediatrician interview about an hour and a half after that appointment, so we killed some time eating lunch at Chick-fil-a. With our "cowlendar" coupouns, we both had a full meal for $3.34 total. Score! Then, we went a returned some duplicate items to Target from the showers, and got enough money back to get a crib mattress! I was thinking I'd get one used off Craigslist, but while doing some research I found a review on an inexpensively priced foam mattress that's BPA and phalate free. I'd read that it's best if you cover your mattress due to the chemicals used to make it flame retardant, and when you think about how close it is to your baby, it makes sense. But this one shouldn't need anything but something to protect the sheets. I didn't think we could afford a foam one, but looks like we can! I've got a bid in on eBay for one, but if that doesn't work then Amazon has it for about $50-60. A lot more than the $15-$25 for a used one on Craigslist, but I think it's worth for this item, for me.

Found on Amazon here

Thankfully we liked the pediatrician very much. He was recommended by our midwife. We thought we'd have a hard time finding someone in our area who would agree to see us even if we decide not to vaccinate. This pedi was very relaxed, and told us he does believe in vaccinations, and his children have all theirs, but we are the parents and it's our decision. He states he always gives education and then lets the parents decide. He does have plenty of patients who don't vaccinate. He has had a family who got measles because of it. But he states he doesn't brow beat and if your child catches a disease that's vaccine preventable, he sees no need to tell parents that. It's not like they don't already know.

He did give us a few handouts on vaccines "only as educational material, not meant to convince or sway you, only to inform you." He let us know that even if you give every recommended vaccine (there's like 60 now) the whole series contains less antigens than used to be in one polio vaccine back in the 50's-60's. That was interesting to note. He also did let us know that if we decide to vaccinate (we will probably get some) that single dose vaccines are no longer available from the manufacturers (not financially profitable for them due to low demand). So you can't separate measles, mumps and rubella, for instance. But he has no problem with parents making informed decisions about what they want to do. None, some, one at a time, etc. 

The office has 4 hours for appointments on Saturdays, they take their own call (not an answering service), same day appointments are almost always available and they work with families financially if they fall on hard times. In general we were very pleased, and glad we aren't going to have to go to the next town over for care.

We also got a convertible carseat, brand new, for half the retail price. Our Targets donate to the local Goodwills, and they had the exact carseat we have on our registry. In the sealed box. It was marked "salvage" so we opened the package. No defects noted. Seems it was just a return or something. Anyway, my mom graciously offered to gift it to us. We have an infant carrier that attaches to the stroller, so we will use that at first I think. But this one can be used rear facing 5-40 pounds and forward facing up to 65 pounds. So we should get a lot of use out of it.
Graco My RideTM 65 Convertible Car Seat 

We also had an interesting wait getting our oil changed, but I'll put that in another post.
It was a fun weekend!

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