Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby White Week 34

I feel like this week is more of the same.

Getting bigger. And bigger. Less energy. Less flexibility.

How I feel

Sophia's been doing some pretty big antics in there today. Sometimes it twinges pretty good.

Sitting upright these days, not so much. I need to lean back at least a bit to make room for this belly.

I've been wanting naps today. So I took one. It felt great.

The nursery is almost complete. I'm itching to get everything done, because from what I hear, I won't want to be doing much of anything here in a little bit. It'll probably take all my energy just to make it through a work day.

We are taking our maternity pictures the 14th! Yay!

In non maternity news- my husband made me a great clothesline this past week. It runs along our back fence and is on a pulley system, so I can put clothes on and take them off from one spot. I really like it. And it makes us more green :)

Not quite tall enough for pants in the middle, but it works

The end, and the separators. We have five of them altogether.

I told John- "I've got nothing new this week. I'm the same, I'm huge." He says "You're pregnant not huge." So sweet. He always says that when I say how big I am.

I'm sorry I don't have more this week.

New maternity jeans since I outgrew the others. Top via Freecycle!

This week before taking my photo, John said "Aren't you supposed to wear white to make your belly look bigger?" I told him we no longer have to worry about that!


  1. love the clothesline idea! How difficult was it to put together?

  2. awww...that gave me a flashback memory of when Papa Jones made us pully clotheslines....I grew up using them...have wanted one for a while for my cloth diapers!

  3. thanks for posting pictures. Looks awesome!


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