Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brain dump

I don't even know when I posted last. I think it's been about a week.

I know I could manage working full time and having a family, but thinking about it makes me shudder. Even my three days a week eats up a lot of time I could be cleaning, cooking, crafting, running errands or snuggling Sophie. Of course I'm sure even if I didn't work at all I'd still be feeling like there weren't enough hours in the day...

We are working on our house again, a little. Thank you Sophia for your contribution to our tax return :)
John rebuilt some porch steps and railings, and he's also in the process of completely killing all the weeds and grass in our yard, and then we'll start over with new grass seed. The yard kinda looks awful right now and probably will for awhile, but I have to keep the end result in mind.

We replaced all our appliances except the fridge. I found an excellent deal on craigslist on a white smooth top GE range/stove. Only $200! We bought the dishwasher from a friend for $50 and John found our over-the-range microwave at a thrift store for $18! So the new-to-us appliances are all white, but the fridge is still black, for now. I really want a side-by-side fridge, but none that are in good shape have shown up on craigslist yet. It's also limited because we can't get anything wider than 34.5 inches. But I know the right one will come along.

I also got a new rug, dish towels and wall art in the kitchen. Once we get a newer fridge I'll put up before and after!

Last night my pastor's wife had all the ladies to her house for dinner and crafts. I brought supplies to make a mesh ribbon wreath. The mesh was half off at Hobby Lobby and they had a how-to book right next to it, so I took a peek. Seemed pretty easy. I'll have to share how it turned out.

I'm going to attempt to paint chevron stripes on our mailbox. I found a stencil on Pinterest, now I just have to transfer it to card stock.

I have paint samples up for our trim and shutters. I'm hoping to decide and paint within a month.

It's so exciting to spruce things up!

Well, I better sign off and chill out. Mom and I are going shopping tonight to find Sophia an Easter dress!


  1. What an excitement Sophia has added to your family! Can't wait to see her in her new Outfit for Easter Sunday!!!! Doris

  2. She is growing up and getting cuter and cuter!! Enjoy!


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