Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: SensatioNail

So- unfortunately I am not a big-time blogger and no one sent me this kit for free in return for my post.

I asked for a DIY gel nail kit for Christmas. I had not researched any of them.

My grandma ending up getting Nailene's SensatioNail system from Wal-Mart.

When I found out the price ($50), I was a little shocked. The starter kit comes with enough product to do 5 manicures, by the box description. So it's about 1/2 price of a salon gel manicure (here they run about $20). But, there is only one color choice. Additional polish shades are about $10.

Well, my starter kit came with a raspberry shade. In fact I think the one in the stock photo above. It's very nice. But for Valentine's Day John got me a aqua and light pink shade.

I decided to try and be bold and trendy and do the aqua shade. I will not be doing it again. I've decided I'm just kind of traditional when it comes to nail color. I like shades of pink and red, or neutrals, and I have been known to do black a few times. But it's just not often I do purple, orange, yellow or anything too crazy.

So I was not prepared for this bold shade, that lasts about 2 weeks.

So here's my freshly done manicure:
Sorry it's blurry. But they were nice and shiny and completely set and ready to go.

I love how there's no fear of smudging or chipping while they "dry"
At 2 weeks. Minor chipping and some peeling where they have grown out at the cuticle

The Pros:
It really is easy to do. Takes about 30 minutes.
They are hard-cured as soon as you finish the last step. No dry time.
They keep the "wet" look the whole time.

The Cons:
Still a bit pricey in my book.
It's a big pain taking every last bit of polish off. It's stubborn. But you need a completely smooth nail before doing another one, or it will look bad. I haven't tried the removal tool, but I did use 100% acetone.
Limited color selection available in stores. They say they are adding 32 new shades, but they're not at our Wal-Mart, that's for sure.

Overall, it is a good option for me. There is no way I would EVER get 2 weeks of wear out of a regular manicure. And I do love to have nice manicured polished nails, but I don't have time to re-polish every 2 days.

So if you were thinking of trying it- I say do it! As long as you are going to use it at least 5 times you will be saving 1/2 off the salon price, and it isn't very difficult to do.


  1. thanks! i printed a nice coupon but wondered if it was worth it...a home nail job with regular polish lasts me almost three days!?! I need polish that's tough "mama nails!" :)

  2. Thanks for the review! I've been told by others about trying the "DIY" gel manicures, but haven't been brave enough to take the step. I'm definitely going to look into it some more though!

  3. Ok.......I will try....since you live so far away I can't count on you:-):-)


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