Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Sopphhhhhiiiiiiiaaaah

Has anyone heard this song:

My Maria

Well, I have my own version:

(Sorry, video not working, I'll try again tomorrow)

So what's been up with us lately? Well, I've been back at work 3 weeks. This week was my first week doing 3 days. I'll do 3 days all of March. I've asked to back down to 2 days whenever they can do without me that extra day. Right now there's a lot of change and new hiring going on, and I will help out as long as needed.

Work has been pretty busy. I am learning a new position so I can cover it for 2 weeks while the normal person is on vacation. It has to due with insurance and there is a LOT to remember. I hope I can get out of there in 8 hours when I'm doing it alone. The good and bad of the position is that it ends early, 2:30pm, the bad is it starts at 6am.

I've been busy enough at work to not miss Sophia too bad. Plus I get lots of pictures from daddy showing how happy she is. He takes such good care of her.

Tummy time

He sends me all kinds of fun photos while I'm away.

One negative is that being away more has affected my breast feeding. I have to pump for all but one feeding a day now. I guess from getting the bottle all day while I'm gone, she's gotten to be an impatient nurser. She no longer wants to suck for 1-2 minutes until my milk lets down. She just pops off and screams. The first feed of the day she will nurse, because my breasts are really full from going overnight without feeding, and the milk has already let down before she starts nursing. But other than that she wants a fast flow of milk and she wants it immediately. I find pumping kind of annoying, another thing to add to my day. But for now I'm keeping at it. To be honest, the 7 extra Weight Watcher points I get for part-time breastfeeding is a big motivator.

Sophie is getting big! I have not weighed her since her last doctor visit, but I can tell just from holding her she is filling out. She seems to be having a bit of a growth spurt. She has been taking random long naps and eating 8 ounces at some feedings! She smiles, squeal/squeak/laughs, acts bashful sometimes, and still has the most pitiful pouty face ever. The real tears also help.

She has rolled from belly to back 3 times. But I only saw it once. I've tried to convince her to do it again. no luck so far.

I've also taken up a hobby/experiment. I am buying in style excellent condition baby and toddler clothes at yard sales and selling them for a little more than I pay for them on a Facebook group. So far I've broken even and been able to cover $30ish in clothing purchases for Sophia.

We got our tax return. New baby+New house+Small business = pretty nice return. We used/are using it to upgrade our phones and upgrade/repair the house and lawn. Our lawn is just plain ugly. It's cut, but it's like 90% weeds, brown and patchy. John is killing all of it, cutting it really short to "scalp" up the dead grass and weeds and then he will aerate it and put down new grass seed. That sprinkler system is going to get used this year! My next crafty project will be painting our porch and shutter and doing some decorative painting on our new mailbox. I'm hoping to give it a chevron detail.

Well, my husband is going to bed and pouting that I'm not there too. And since we spring forward tonight I guess I better get in early!

Our 3rd anniversary

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