Monday, June 24, 2013

Growing Pains

So lately little miss has been much too fidgety at nap and bed time for rocking and snuggling :( Although today out of the blue she let me rock her to sleep twice. So maybe it was just a phase? I hope so because I'm not ready for her to stop snuggling and never look back!

The last two days in a row we have gotten her to eat all 2 tablespoons of her sweet potatoes. I added cinnamon (I know it's on the high allergy alert list).

I think she is working on her top 2 teeth, although the gums aren't white yet so it's going to be awhile :( It has been the probable culprit of some fussiness.

I lowered her crib to the middle height :( Bittersweet. But since she sits up very well on her own, I know it's coming. We also had to take the canopy/arm off her mobile because somehow she was knocking it sideways and it was hanging down into her crib.

I carry her around on my hip a lot, and lately if she sees something she wants a closer look at she will just launch off. It's frightening! Luckily I've caught her each time.

She's definitely getting a "personality". She will kick and scream when it's not going how she wants. I'm already having to use "no". I am trying to teach her not to fight me on the changing table.

We are having a 6 month family photo shoot this week. I'm excited. I have an 18x20 frame I bought at an auction while I was still pregnant, with a nice family photo in mind. I hope I'm about to get it!

Did I tell you I got a new stroller finally? I went with the Jeep all-terrain one and I love it! It's hefty to get in and out of the car but it handles so well!

I put Sophia's baby swing up for sale this week. It hasn't been used in probably a couple months, and I already know I want a different model next time around. So out it goes. Another bittersweet.

The most bittersweet of all! John switched to the convertible carseat in his car! She looks like such a big girl in it :(

Happy Monday!

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