Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sophia is 6 months!

Here's her stats:

17 pounds 5 ounces
27.5 inches tall
2 teeth
Rolls back to front and front to back
Can sit unassisted on a flat surface (not too steady yet)
Hates the table food we've tried
Sleeps 10-12 hours a night
Is completely formula fed
Laughs sometimes
Smiles daily
Has a pretty good stare down look
Has very expressive eyes and eyebrows
Loves to sit in her activity center
Still chewing a lot

Daddy entertaining her during Sunday school

Momma trying to capture the outfit of the day

6 month checkup day!
So- her height puts her "off the charts" according to her pediatrician and round about the 100th percentile according to the WHO growth charts. She is in the 75th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for weight to height ratio.

We have two friends with 13 month olds who are the same height (or very close) to Sophie! They are both on the short side and Sophia is on the tall side. It's not as apparent yet since they are both standing/walking and Sophia is only sitting. But when we help her stand it's pretty funny.

My mom says I was tall as a baby, but that didn't continue (I'm almost 5'4") so we shall see.

It's funny because she is still in 6 month clothes, some 6-9 month. I guess maybe if it was cool enough for pants right now we'd have to buy bigger sizes in those.

Two days before her 6 month birthday she wailed pretty loudly at her morning breast feeding. She just wasn't wanting to. I finally forced coaxed her into it. The next day she just was not having it at all, and I didn't want to fight anymore. So, I've finally stopped completely. There was no pain or engorgement, so I suspect my supply was pretty low already. I am glad I tapered down rather than going cold turkey. It was less painful and I didn't feel as guilty either.

Just in the last couple weeks a bit of a temper is coming out. She definitely will cry just to show anger. She'll even arch her back and throw herself around. Mostly if I've taken away something she wanted, or if she wants to be picked up. I think she might be a bit of a spitfire. It's amazing how soon the sin nature and flesh appears :) Lol

Sophia is not a fan of table food so far. We've tried sweet potatoes (you saw what a hit that was), avocado (same reaction) a tiny piece of a saltine cracker and a tiny bit of mushed green bean. The only thing that hasn't made her look like she sucked a lemon was guacamole. I acted super excited when we took a bite and kept saying "Yay, mmm, yummy!" She looked a tad more happy about eating. For now she is growing (really well!) and so the pediatrician said not to worry about it, just keep offering. He said babies are known for being texture eaters so maybe we haven't found the texture she prefers.

I've had lots of people encourage me to give her mashed bananas- but I really want her to learn to love veggies and other non-sweet nutritious foods before I give her something as sweet as bananas. The pediatrician agreed with me on this. He stated babies are a blank slate and we shape their palate. Although I did have a friend say that bananas were similar in sweetness to breast milk and formula. That does make sense. But to be honest, I have a strong sweet tooth and I really hope for her to avoid that.

I was honest with the doctor that I'm probably a little more worried than some about her diet. I already worry about her being overweight since she's formula fed. I worry about her being overweight because her parents are/were. We are openly working on that. So while I'm not a nuts and seeds vegan organic paleo gluten free raw food type person, I would like for her to eat and enjoy healthy foods.

Sophia is such a joy in our life and we love her to pieces!

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