Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Update 02-11-12

Ok, this is more of all all-week update :)

Tuesday John's dad was in town and took us out for a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant with grits to die for. Smoked Gouda cheese grits to be exact. Oh my, they were out of this world. And, he came up on his motorcycle, so John took me around in our neighborhood for a bit. We only had one helmet so we could not go out on the main roads. Let me tell you, even in our one road neighborhood I was praying almost the whole time that we would not crash. I've been on motorcycles before but for some reason this time it made me very nervous. But all went well.

Friday John called to tell me that he finally found an item I've been seeking at a yard sale- a rolling pin.
I had quite a good laugh when he showed me the pin with such triumph:

He honestly thought it was a rolling pin in a stand. Poor sweet guy. He just did not believe that it was a paper towel holder.

Friday night I was also taken on a surprise date! We just got a Brazilian BBQ restaurant and John took me to the grand opening! I ate way too much meat off of spits and too many carbs. And all while wearing some sexy heels!

Saturday we did our usual yard sales. I got a pair of black boots with ruffles down the side for $1. I think they are really cute.
When I went grocery shopping that evening, I saw a rather amusing sight. A lady was standing at the Redbox machine near the slot where you pickup and return your DVDs. I couldn't quite figure out what she was doing, until I realized she was trying to force a DVD into the slot. I politely informed her that she had to touch "Return" on the screen first. We both had a little chuckle over that one.

Monday night I tried out a new recipe from my fave site Skinnytaste. It was a Latin stew recipe, and it turned out remarkably well. John and I both had second helpings. I only wish I would have made enough for us to have lunch the next day. I recommend doubling the batch if you do make it.
Anyway, the recipe does call for 1/3 cup of light beer. This presented a problem, as we don't drink.

But, I'm not opposed to cooking with alcohol. So off to the gas station I went to purchase one light beer. Which I will now call, a trip to lose my youth.
You see, I was prepared. I had my ID at the ready. To my dismay, I was never asked for it. How devastating! Apparently, I now look much older than 21. Waaaaaaaaah!
I felt really conspicuous walking out with my brown paper bag

Well, I guess that's all there is to tell for now. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Valentine's day by  making breakfast for dinner and watching Harry Potter :) We own all the collection but one and have been working our way through them again this week. It really is such a well-produced series. Someday I hope to read the books also.
We are keeping tomorrow low-key, because my really gift is coming this weekend. John is whisking me away to destinations unknown. I just love surprises!

I am making these pretties for work tomorrow:

Happy Valentine's!

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  1. Smoked gouda grits - I know where you went - to die for! I can taste them even now.


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