Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Update 02-25-12

Hi everyone!

We kept the weekend pretty low key around here, since we were busy last weekend and will be again next weekend. I tried to get a lot done around the house, because I can't stand to come home from a trip to a dirty house.

I've started a pretty decent pile for a yard sale. Do you ever get to where you just feel like your stuff is crowding in on you? I just start itching to get it OUT! When I feel like I start to run out of space, and the space I have is even larger than the space I had before, it's time to purge. I think it was brought on by my closet getting a little tight. I like things organized. And you can't keep things organized when you don't have enough space. So, I'm hoping in a month or two (when my mom is in town) to have a big yard sale and free up some space in this house!

The big fun thing this weekend was John getting to drive a race car. For Christmas he got a Groupon to ride along for 4 laps at our local track. My mom graciously upgraded it to a 15 lap driving experience.
The day started out really nippy and windy. Of course being on a big open race track without wind breaks did not help. But I did get another chance to wear my warm wool coat.

John did just fine- no wrecks thank goodness. And he avoided his big fear of biffing when getting in or out of the car. All the car engines have been in a NASCAR cup race. We were worried because some of the possible car styles listed were not exactly what you would call "cool". But on our day they only had Monte Carlos.

John is the green car

Do you think I could be a good NASCAR wife? :)

The 2nd place winner of the Snowball Derby was the driver for ride along peeps

Getting out of the car. Successfully. :)
I'm looking forward to a short work week and I'll have lots of pics when we return from out trip!

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  1. Wow that looks fun -- just getting in and out of the car would be an accomplishment!! :)


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