Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And she shall be called


I had a little conversation with my sweet boy dog Enrie the other day. Daddy was telling him that he was going to have a sister and what her name would be. Ernie decided that "kibble" would be a good name, because he loves food, including kibble, and he was going to love his sister. I asked him why, if he was going to name his sister after food, he would name her kibble. Why not some really great food- like steak?

At first he thought that was a great idea. But then he told me he was concerned someone would eat her if she was named steak. So maybe she should be called something still good, but a little less tempting. Like imitation bacon, IB for short. Ernie says he loves imitation bacon. But it's not something people would be as likely to gobble up.

I then pointed out that "bacon" was cute because indeed his sister is "bakin'" in my tummy. He then got on a rave about bacon and how good it is, and decided just plain "bacon" would do. I asked him if he was concerned that people might still be tempted to eat her because there are a LOT of bacon fans out there.
He was not concerned. Why?

Because steak was left on the table.

That's right folks, this is all a conversation with my dog.

My dogs, their voice actor my hubby, and little Bacon all wish you a good night.

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