Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby White Week 22

So this past Tuesday we had another appointment with our midwife. I am always impressed with how unhurried she is with us. She loves to chat as much as me :)

My official weight gain is now 4.6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. 8.6 pounds over my morning sickness weight :) She measured my uterus (fundal height) for the first time this visit. I didn't ask what I measured, but commented that I thought I had gotten big enough to be measured finally. "Just barely" was her reply. So, I think I am doing ok in the growth area. Although I swear if my belly keeps up its growth pattern over the next five months, I'm going to be as big as a house.

Speaking of which, there was a lady in the waiting room who fit that description. She was so petite and oh so round. I am not sure how she walks. I am hoping for her sake that she is due, like this week. If I get that big I don't think I'll be able to continue at work!

I finally had to break down and buy some maternity clothes this week. When I wore my largest skirt to work this week and it was still uncomfortably tight, I knew I was going to have to do some shopping. I've been scanning craigslist but no luck finding clothes in my size that I like. So instead I went to Ross and bought some inexpensive stuff. I got black pants, black shorts, denim shorts, yoga pants, leggings, 4 tops, a long camisole, 3 skinny belts and 3 pairs of undies for $104. Way more than yard sale prices but still not too bad. And then leggings and denim shorts are going back. Per John I look like a "video girl" (think BET music videos) in them, lol. This means they are too tight :)

I also went ahead and put away all the clothes that aren't an option for me anymore. My closet has a lot more space now.

My feet continue to be worn out by the evenings. I've ordered some Croc insole Ked style shoes, but they have yet to arrive. I want to get a pair of "ugly" Crocs for in the house. My feet ache after standing barefoot on our tile floor to cook.

Our second Bradley class went about the same as the first. John and I both agree that we're not sure if we'd recommend our instructor to others. I think she is a little too relaxed. Like she showed us a video but she was like 10 feet away talking to someone else the whole time. No one could hear the video. We didn't appreciate that.
This week's focus was nutrition. I've not been counting protein, which they are big on, so I started today. My midwife said 60 grams a day is the requirement. Bradley recommends 80-100. I thought that sounded absolutely ludicrous. However, Monday I managed to get in 91 grams without trying too hard. I also got string cheese, almonds and Greek yogurt to snack on per my midwife's orders. I am going to try to like yogurt. We will see. But, I'm making a more conscious effort on my protein intake. It helps to tell yourself it's for the baby :)

On a side note- our Bradley instructor brought deviled (stuffed) eggs as a snack since it was a nutrition class. The smell was not all that welcome to the first trimester ladies :) I like stuffed eggs and popped a bite in my mouth. I almost reflex spit it out. Truly awful. I don't know what she did or didn't put in it, but it was just gross. I had to hide the remains in a napkin. I couldn't force it down. Especially with my pregnancy induced super sensitive gag reflex.

But not to be all downer about the classes- we enjoy the conversation and I think as we go along and get more in-depth it will feel more beneficial. Right now we are kinda learning stuff we already know. She also gave out a copy of Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. I have found this book to be very encouraging. Some of the stories in the first half are a bit out there, especially when I know I won't be taking a hike in the wilderness during labor, but I'm really enjoying the second half, which is more instructional.

We got some more things for baby White this week- my great aunt in Texas sent the money for me to get a glider off Craigslist that I found. So nice!

When we arrived the same lady also mentioned she had a Medela Pump in Style breast pump she was selling. We snatched that up too and she even included some breast milk storage bags.

My mom also sent some clothes for the baby. I think she is having as much or more fun shopping for her than I do!
A pretty velour polka dot swaddle blanket

Lots of clothes in pink. Notice the cute cat feet on the outfit on the left. Don't tell the dogs!

We also decided on a name for little Miss White. But, I'm going to hold off on sharing it with the cyber-world just yet. Soon though!

Here's the belly shot this week. It's getting out there!


  1. Little Miss White is going to be so much fun to dress up!

  2. Greek yogurt is delicious! Key Lime is my favorite. I eat it every night. Our lactation consultant at our hospital suggested not borrowing a breast pump. I did borrow one when Abby was born, but I ended up buying a Medela single breast pump. I'd just rather not take the chance of contamination of someone else's breast milk. So, we made the investment since we knew we'd use it again for future kiddos. I know a girl out here who did the whole Bradley birth thing. Good luck with that. I hope that your classes go well. She was just like "Bradley Nazi" and anyone who didn't have a "natural" birth just wasn't really a "mother". I didn't ask for an emergency C-section, so basically she just annoyed me. :) Everyone's birth story is different and just because some babies don't come vaginally, doesn't make their mommas any less of a mother. Sometimes those natural nuts forget to take that into consideration. But I digress.....I hope that you are enjoying your pregnancy. I cannot wait for mine to be over, as it is HOT and I'm just ready to have this baby.


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