Monday, July 2, 2012

And on the 7th day they rested

The house has come a long way. There are still a lot of little things to be done, and I'm sure there always will be. But we feel like the lion's share is behind us.

I only wish I would have taken better "before" pictures to show just how much has changed. But I'll post what I have just as a refresher. I've posted them once before.

No more blood red carpet. But also no more patio furniture. Lol.

Everything painted, flooring changed

New floors, new paint, new ceiling fan

Border removed, TV shelf removed, every inch painted (except new support post, to be done) new floors
And now for all the rest of the photos:
TV antenna and flagpole gone, door and mailbox painted

We want to replace it, but camouflaged it for now. It was bright white.

Door painted red. 5 coats worth to be exact.

Foyer painted, new floors, new light

Painted, mirror removed, bricks scrubbed

Painted, now where I blog from :)

Painted, cabinets on bottom store movies, games, photo albums, blankets

Wedding photos, new paint

Painted walls and cabinets, new curtain, new faucet

Painted cabinets

Flowers from my mama :)

Laundry room- new floor and wall paint

New paint and new to us appliances, new light fixture

Hallway- paint and wall decor, new floors, new light fixture

John's office. New fan, new carpet, new paint

View from inside the office

Guest bath- new light fixture, new TP and towel holder, painted walls and cabinets, new toilet seat, new floors

Guest bath

Master- new carpet, ceiling fan, wall paint

View from the bed

Master bath- new light fixture, paint, cabinets painted, new TP and towel holder, new toilet seat, new floors

View 2

The new floors! A berber carpet we love and wood-look ceramic tile that we love and labor of loved :)
And now for a nursery sneak peek:

The curtains were the starting point

Then came the pig to match the curtains
Then momma agreed that this set on Craigslist was a good match too. And a paint swatch was brought home.

And then when I came home today, Papa and Sean were painting!

And there you have it!


  1. Gorgeous, love your colors! And where did you get baby room curtains?

  2. Love your choice for the nursery! The wall color is fun. What color is it?


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