Sunday, September 30, 2012

Baby White Week 33

So this week was filled with lots of gifts! Can't say I don't like it :)

First, my mom got me some more maternity/nursing things. Actually clothing me through this has been just as expensive as all the baby gear! :(
But alas, I'd outgrown my two pairs of maternity jeans. Well, I can still squeeze in them, but uncomfortably. My bootcut pair only had the small like 2 inches of elastic in the front, and since Sophia always feels low to me, things that bind at all in that area are really uncomfortable. Then my skinny pair got too tight in the thighs.
So now, I have a nice pair of full panel bootcuts, thanks to Old Navy and mom :)
I also got to treat myself to three nursing gowns and a robe from Motherhood. Thanks again mom- would not have splurged on that myself!
Oh- and I also caved and got a support belt. To help with that soreness down low. Since I plan to work as long as possible- I'm hoping this will help. I really did feel a lightening when I tried it on in the store. Ans it's oh so sexy- NOT! :)

I went to the doctor Monday. Everything is on track. I measured 33cm, so right on target there. I think my weight gain is up to about 15 pounds. At the time Sophia was head down, and a little at an angle. She's not engaged yet, nor should she be according to the midwife. She also encouraged me to exercise at least 4 times a week, but brisk walking is enough. I can continue Zumba as long as I don't do it intensely. Not that that's even an option :)

This weekend I went back to my birthplace, and my dad and most of my mom's side of the family, for a shower there. It was so nice and we got a LOT of great things. My step-mom and sister planned it. My step-mom is such a sweet person that even some of her friends and family who don't really know me attended. In fact there were several people there that I didn't know or barely knew at all. I think that speaks well of my step-mom and sister.

They put so much time, effort and money into making it special. I was sitting there thinking "all because of you little Sophia, you are already loved!" We played the clothespin game, guess the baby food (by sight only!), baby trivia and how big is the belly. It was a nice time. My aunts and cousins from my mom's side also came, and I have not seen them in literally like 5 years. It was good to see everyone doing well.
Sunday night I cam home to John, and we went through the loot. We now have over 600 wipes and over 400 diapers. Wow! I went and added some bigger diapers to the registry, since we have a lot of size 1.

How big is my belly?

Cute monkeys!

Sister and I

Step-mom, dad and me

Diaper cake!


So simple to make them look like flowers with those wrappers!

Pretty spread

Long time no see family :)
And yes, I wore the "inmate" sweater again. Don't hate :)

There was one scary moment this weekend. I had to stop for fuel on my way home Sunday. As I was walking from the store back to my car parked at the pump, I was almost run over. Literally I had to dash out of the way and scream. This very apologetic lady was driving her white SUV with a toddler in the back, and apparently had glanced down as she was heading out of the parking lot. She had to have been totally not looking in front of her. I'd been there since she was about 40 feet away. She was picking up speed to turn in between the pumps and leave, and basically turned straight for me. It was until she got about 5 or 10 feet away that I realized she wasn't stopping. It all happened really fast but I'm pretty sure she only missed me by about 3-5 feet. She rolled down her window and said she was was SO sorry like 15 times. I finally waved her off and just said "I'm just glad you didn't hit me". But I was actually pretty peeved that her negligence almost injured or possibly even killed me or Sophia. But praise God he was watching out for me!

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