Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby White Week 38

Hey ya'll.

I feel like I updated everything yesterday. With my vomit like spewing of complaints. Lol.

Today at work was better. Probably because I slept well last night. No disturbing dreams and only one ptty break, that I was able to promptly fall back asleep after.
I was feeling pretty good at work until about 3, when I had to be up and on my feet consistently for about an hour. Then my feet started to hurt a good bit. No one at work was in desperate need of my help today, so they let me go on home. Then John rubbed my feet :)

I think being this cumbersome is the closest one could come to know what it feels like to be morbidly obese. It's annoying not being able to easily reach the things I need. Both on the floor and even parts of my own body. I don't like that feeling so much.

But, today is a happy day, because I have the next two days off and next week I only work 2 days. Then after that I work the three days before my due date. And I'm not scheduled for anymore after that. We shall see. Anyway, completing another work week helps to remind me I'm in the home stretch!

Today I took a photo before heading off to work. My hair is up a lot these days because I've been feeling hot lately. All that blood and hormones I guess. My body is having to work overtime.

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