Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby White Week 39

Hi peeps.

We've been out in the boon docks since Wednesday and just got back this evening.
Our church owns a rural campground area about 90 minutes from our house, and one time a year (in November) we hold camp. It's very rustic, and lodging options are bunk beds (males and females separate), or bringing your own tent, camper, pop-up or RV.

Last year we stayed in a tent. This year, I don't think that would've been an option :) Thankfully the son of one of our members graciously let us borrow his camper. Otherwise I don't think we would have gone.

There's no big agenda at camp. Breakfast at 9am with a short devotion time after. Lunch is serve yourself leftovers from the kitchen. Dinner at 6 and service at 7. So most of the day is yours to yourself. Read, nap, walk a trail, play a game, sit and talk. The kitchen staff are at it pretty much all day long, and lots of others do small things to help them out. We all just pitch in.

The food is so amazing. We have a couple in our church that is over the cooking every year. He cooks and she handles all the baking. It will definitely show when I get on the scale on Tuesday.

I didn't take any photos except one shot for the weekly prego photo. I should've taken some pics of the grounds and the peaceful spot by the creek. Oh well.

How I've been feeling. I tire pretty easily. Just getting my normal chores done is about all I have in me these days. John is pitching in. I continue to feel really big. I've given into the waddle. A little flap of my belly button is out. The top half. I've had a little swelling. I've been taking my rings off to sleep and during the day some. In fact, we went on a trail walk that ended up being about an hour, and by the time we got back my fingers were so puffy they looked like Vienna sausages. The skin between my knuckles was so taught it blanched a little. But an afternoon of lots of water and putting my feet up took care of that. I still have a little swelling in my hands, which I think is here to stay at this point.

I've been having some backaches and continue with foot aches if I'm on my feet more than 30 minutes to an hour. Space in there is getting very tight and my belly is very firm. But Sophie continues to move around like it's the penthouse suite. Lol. Makes momma a little uncomfortable. I'm feeling stretching/achiness a little lower, so I'm hoping she's dropping a little. I had someone tell me I looked lower.

A girl I know who was due the day before me had her baby Monday. Two weeks early! Jealous. We have the same midwife and she said she did great and her labor was less than 18 hours. Lucky her.

I'm ready for Sophie to come anytime. Really. I'm in some ways enjoying being pregnant, because I keep reminding myself I'll probably miss this. But I'm also really ready to have a "normal" body back. If she came before my last three scheduled work days, which start Wednesday, that would be great!!!!! I'm dreading spending 6 hours a day on my feet. I'm scheduled to float all three days, and that means more feet time than usual, and not having a dedicated spot to land. We'll see after the first day if I can handle it. I may have to ask to work half days.

I'm still taking my herbals- red raspberry leaf capsules and evening primrose oil capsules. I've been upping the dose on the latter. Hope it'll help me not be too overdue.

For the record- John thinks she'll come three days before Thanksgiving. That would put me two days past my estimated due date. We shall see.

Blurry cell phone pic in the camper before church service

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