Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby White Week 41

So I'm still here, and still prego.
Tomorrow will be an official week past my due date. But today I start my 41st week. Pregnancy dating is weird. Anyway.

I worked Monday and Wednesday for about 5 hours each. It wasn't too bad. Just kinda makes me useless for the rest of the day. I was supposed to work today if I felt up to it. I didn't.

Tuesday we had a good appointment with the midwife. She felt her position and did confirm that she has moved lower. I told her I was concerned about her getting bigger the longer she stays in. She felt around and is pretty certain she's nowhere near a 10 pounder or anything like that. Normal size, so probably around 6-8 pounds. Apparently her butt still feels like a head, because she did a quick ultrasound to confirm she's still head down. She said "I've had a rash of breeches lately and I don't trust anyone right now." Lol. She is still head down.

I also had about 15 minutes of heart rate monitoring. The rhythm strip looked great and very reactive. (This means her heart rate had a lot of "variability" or changes, like speeding up when she moves).

The midwife still didn't think I need to try and do anything to naturally induce myself at this point. Next Tuesday I'll have an exam with her and then a biophysical profile ultrasound just to confirm that she's still happy and healthy. They will measure her breathing, movement, tone, heart rate and amniotic fluid. Then will go from there with the test results.

As I was scheduling for next week she did say "maybe this weekend", so I'm hoping not to need that ultrasound. But we'll see.

Last night through today my whole belly has been sore. I don't know if it just from the lack of space and her continued movement or what. I secretly hope maybe I'm having mild contractions and just can't feel them and so my uterus is sore. I've tried putting a hand to my belly to see if I can feel a contraction, but I can't say that I do. I continue to feel pain from her moving, but that's nothing new. I wake up about 3-4 times a night now. So I can nap at anytime during the day :)

I'm just kinda achy and lazy all over. My back and feet hurt some. My pelvic region hurts some. My belly hurts some. And mostly just sitting or laying around is most comfortable :)

And can I just say- I am so tired of getting advice from "they". They say this, they say that. They say babies stop moving before they're born, they say you'll get a burst of energy right before the baby comes, they say you'll get diarrhea before the baby comes, they say you'll lose your mucus plug before the baby comes, they say you'll have Braxton-Hicks before the baby comes, They say your bump will drop before the baby comes. All of these can be true. All of these can also not be true and the baby can still come.

I was also told at work this week "Oh no pain meds, that'll last about 2 contractions" and "You're over 40 weeks, that's a reason to be induced." Folks are so supportive. I'm still amazed at the things people will say to you when you're pregnant.

So today's big accomplishment will be going to the U-cut tree farm to pick our tree. I even showered and ran two loads of laundry. Go me.

Also this week, I decided to end the hair growing experiment. I've been waiting and waiting to cut it. But I figured there's no way it could grow much more in he next week or two, and honestly I was tired of it. I don't have the patience for long hair anymore. It tangles too easily, makes me hot and gets pinned under my own shoulders or John's arm when I lean back. So I made the cut. I also go my highlights re-done to help blend my roots. I don't want my roots just as blonder as my ends, but I also had a bit too much of a root line for my liking. So she used 14 foils to blend the roots. I doubt anyone but me can tell, but I feel better :)

And still only 2 people noticed! Or at least said anything.
Please let this be the last week!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Taken the 22nd)
For Thanksgiving we had early lunch at my grandma's and then late lunch at our friends the Seymores. I ate a lot and was about to pop! Can't do that anymore!

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