Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fat, sick and nearly due

That's about how I feel these days. Especially work days. After work I have the energy of a slug.
Thankfully I only have 6 work days between now and my due date. Of course if I go past due (I'm told that's likely) I'll try and put in a few extra hours so I don't eat up my maternity leave. Maybe a few half days or something.

I'm ready for this baby to come. I feel so large, slow and awkward. And tired. Not like I need to take a nap tired, but like, I just want to sit down and not move tired. I have dirty floors right now and the bathrooms will need cleaning again before my due date. I wonder who's going to do it? Lol. I think if I just do one small task and then rest, I should be able to get it done. Especially on my two days off before Monday.

Yesterday I got off work early and so I took advantage of the time to grocery shop. Sam's, then WalMart, then a solid hour in the kitchen making dinner and repackaging meat for freezing. I was totally slap worn out after. I hope to not go grocery shopping again before she comes. We loaded up on meat at Sam's, so that we would have provisions til she comes and for a week or two after.

The big mistake is that I bought things to fill in our menu. The mistake with a menu is that it involves cooking. Which involves effort and motivation (and being on your feet of course), all of which I lack.
John is pitching in (or he'd starve!) by cooking. Tonight he even cleaned too. I offered to help with dinner cleanup but he refused.

I've taken to wearing tennis shoes to work. At least on the days I wear pants. My feet are either a little swollen or have just plain gotten bigger. My tennies were pressing on my big toes. And there's a lot less lace to tie than before. But just looking at my feet they don't look puffy. And I can't make indents in them with my thumb. But my hands and feet do just feel bigger and more awkward. It's uncomfortable putting on shoes, but only for a few seconds. I considered asking John for help this morning, but I was too worried it would be an ordeal to shove my shoes on and then my socks might bunch up wrong or something.

My belly button is still holding in. Not out. Lol. For a little while a small part of it was out, but I guess it was just the way she was laying.

I'm glad we got the maternity photos done- because the "miserable" stage has started. Although honestly I'm not miserable, just uncomfortable. I'm ready to have a normally functioning body back. I feel almost handicapped.

Anytime now Sophie, anytime!

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  1. Seems like good signs! You have to get to that point before you get to squeeze that baby! So happy for you.


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