Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get fit for baby

So, John and I joined Weight Watchers online. We've both gained and lost and regained weight since we've been married. I was fortunate to get back my pre prego body really quickly. The not so fortunate part is that my pre prego body was darn near 20 pounds heavier than my wedding day body, and about 30 pounds heavier than the thinnest I've been in my adult life.

So once I got through the initial mayhem and chaos of figuring out new motherhood, I felt ready to take on being more purposeful and disciplined about what I eat. We joined online because I knew the biggest part about sticking with WW is logging your food and keeping track of your points. I tried doing it without actually joining, and it's much easier to slack in tracking that way, which leads to slacking in losing weight. So we used some of our Christmas and discretionary money to pay for 3 months, so we could have access to the app for our phone. This makes tracking SO much easier.

We are both wanting to be healthy for Sophia. We don't want to model obesity and poor nutrition for her. We don't want to be too tired to play with her. We don't want her to struggle with weight herself like we both did all our teen and adult years. So we aren't looking for model perfection or wanting to be "skinny," but rather to be healthy and within normal body weight range. I would be happy just to be back down the 20 pounds I've gained since getting married, and thrilled to lose 30 and be back to my "thinnest" me. But I think it's another 20 or 24 pounds from there to not be considered "overweight". I don't know if I have that much sacrifice in me. John however- is planning to get into the ideal body weight range for himself. And I know he can do it, because he is much better at discipline when he does choose to apply it.

It is really nice that we are both doing it. Then neither of us are bringing things into the house that would make the other struggle. In fact, John is good about keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I also want to take advantage of the extra calories I'm burning from breastfeeding. Thankfully WW takes into account whether you are nursing exclusively, or supplementing with formula or food. So I get some extra points but not a ton. I know it will be a rude awakening though when I quit nursing and get like 5 or 10 points taken away.

My first week in I lost 2.something pounds. So, here's to the long road ahead of continuing planned eating, for life.

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  1. I admire you for all that you doing! I am happy that John is doing this with you. Sophie will have lifelong benefits from growing up healthy. One of my greatest regrets is not being healthy for my kids.
    Congrats on your weight loss.


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