Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm back

I feel like 2 weeks is too long to neglect my blog (and hopefully bloggy friends) :)
But, we were preparing to travel, traveling, and catching up on work and life after traveling. Last week was busy busy!
Anyway, we visited Tampa for John's sister's wedding. It was much fun, but unfortunately my camera picked this opportunity to stop charging. So notta lotta pics. Frankly, I hope I looked a lot better in person than I do in the pics others took at the wedding. But I am never wearing my hair like that again! It was a fun time though, with "Vintage Cuban Cocktail Party" as the theme of sorts. I thought the hubs looked dashing.
Here are the pics others took:
This is love- he hates dancing :)

2 cousins on the left, sister/MOH on the right. Excuse the sweaty tubby girl second from the right.                                 Admire the handsome hunk in the middle :)

The new Vargas'

John's momma

Last week was just busy. I had a pretty busy work week and spent each night trying to catch up on unpacking, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. I am trying to get more recipes to make as we seem to have fallen into a food rut.  
Did I mention to you how I'd love to be able to have the energy to cook full meals at the end of a workday? Oh, I did? Like several times? Ok...enough about that then ;)
I did make a recipe last week- Tasty Salsa Lime Chicken. It was good. Especially with skillet pan-fried taters Recipe to follow in a later post.

This weekend things did slow down.
Friday afternoon we applied for insurance again through a different company. We found out John has to get labs again, poor guy. The last lady did not get enough blood. I figured she didn't when I was watching her, but I knew John would not be up for a 3rd poke.

Then later I went and saw the house my mom is under contract on. That's right folks, mama is movin' up! She has wanted to be a homeowner for the better part of 10 years now and is very excited about it!
Brand spankin' new construction!

Her kitchen is probably a little bigger than my living room. Jealous!

Dining room leading to back porch

She will hopefully be in by Thanksgiving and host us for the holiday ;)

Saturday we yard-saled on a limited basis. John suggested an "us" day since he was going out for a guys' night that night. "Us day" turned into errand day, but I was ok with that. We were still together. We did go to "Pet Howl-o-ween" at the local Petsmart store. Basically it was just a costume contest. The kids made it to the second round, but lost to a shark and fisherman, 2nd place, and a dog dressed as a pinata, 1st place. It was admittedly a very cute and original costume. Eby and Ernie bore their humiliation pretty well. They weren't really fond of their hats. In my opinion Ernie's costume was a little tight and Eby's was too big, so she kept stepping out of it. Since they'll be wearing these again for the church's Fall Festival I repaired them, re-attaching Ernie's hat strings and cutting the legs off Eby's so she won't trip. Mom and dad will dress up next Sunday too:) Next year we will hopefully come up with some original home-made cool costumes and dominate the contest :)
We could not get them to be still.

Sheriff Ernie

Prisoner Eby. Her face says she feels like she's in lock-up :)

I had a great nap yesterday, cooked a full-fledged dinner, prepped chicken for a meal later this week and made 2 sets of sandwiches to get us through Monday and Tuesday's lunches. I also watched a lot of "Say Yes to the Dress" while ironing and working on eBay.

John moment: So John was not happy to be at Petsmart with "these people," as he called them. Lol. But then- when competition was involved, he said "This is the only thing that makes being here ok." Then he was dissing other dogs under his breath, calling their costumes lame and saying "Don't cheer for them just cause they're little." Lol. When we didn't win we were "robbed". Then he told Ernie he wasn't getting any dinner that night since he didn't win. :) (JK of course)

Next posts with recipes and my review of this Fall's Real Simple mag.

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