Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Update

So this week I do remember what we did Friday night :)
We went to a softball game for our church's co-ed team. We took the pups. The fan turnout was dismal. It really wasn't very fun. But we did discover that Ernie is a giant coward at softball games. Eby has been before, and loves it. This was Ernie's first time, and he kept his face buried in our armpits or laps almost the whole time. We finally forced him down on the ground and he just cowered behind our legs. Somehow the sound of the bat making contact with the ball freaks him out. What a little ninny. :) But, it was kinda cute too. They are so much like little kids sometimes. Only without the back talk and they can be left alone :) Bonus!

Saturday we went YSLing as usual. This week I made out better personally. Two pairs of sandals, 1 pair of wedges and a cute polka-dot skirt. I also got my mom some nice grass green and chocolate brown polka dot napkins, 25 cents each! I don't have pics yet and probably will not before we go out of town. Maybe next week.
I can't remember all we got to re-sale. We did get 2 wire dog crates- the coated kind. These retail for alot, so fingers-crossed! I did get the kids a cute water bowl to keep at grandma's ;) Also scored a Rowenta iron to re-sale, a gun case, some ink cartridges. Other stuff.
Update- the Burberry coat and scarf did well. Coat sold for $61- bought for $15. Should make around $40 after fees. The scarf went for $25 so we should make about $22 after fees. Not too shabby :)

Saturday night I got some mommy shopping time. She's like my Santa Claus :) As usual I came out with 3 bags and she came out with a belt, lol. I got a pair of flats, a pair of brown low-heeled buckled boots that I can't wait to wear with the skinny jeans we got, a new pair of black flats for work since I killed my other pair, a pink polka dot sunglasses case and a short-sleeved embellished black button-less jacket/wrap. I don't know what you call those things. The fabric hangs in the front? I tried on a long-sleeve one and I love how they look from the front but from the side they just make me look like a tent! I love the way they look on skinny girls!
I have to say, from what I saw in the stores, I may not be able to participate in this winter's trends. Huge wraps and "Grandpa" sweaters just do nothing for this body. I can't afford to wear clothes that take away from your shape and still look good. But I do still love tunic sweaters, scarves, boots and hats!

Sunday was church, fabulous lunch at mi mama's (chx pot pie), a nap, and grocery shopping alone again. It was still enjoyable, although I was a little bummed about going alone at first, after I got there I liked it. All our in-between time this weekend was spent cleaning in the house. I can't stand to come home from a trip to a dirty house, already feeling behind again. So, I clean before we go. Once I made up the big list of what needed to be done, I was really grateful for John's help.

Oh, and I had a John moment for the last blog but forgot to post it. I told him I was going to share his maturity with ya'll: Upon exiting the restroom, leaving on the exhaust fan and shutting the door he told me, "That was a stinky poopy hun". Then he proceeded to sing me a jungle about stinky poopy. It went on for a few minutes and as usual, I think it involved some forced dancing from me. The attack dance. The kind you can't get away from. Yes folks, he is over 18, believe it or not ;)

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