Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Out of ideas

So I did an internet search about blogging ideas.
Here's one I came across that I think is pretty interesting.

Where You Were When 9/11 Happened:

I do remember this morning. I was a senior in high school. I was almost to school, listening to the radio in my car. I heard it on the radio. When I got to school everyone was abuzz. We rigged up a TV with bunny ears I think. Or cot a really long coax cable or something. Anyway, we watched in on TV some. That's really about all I remember, but I do remember the actual moment, and I doubt I can ever forget it.

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  1. Yes, we were abuzz!! Grace Dove had called as soon as she saw the first tower get hit. Somehow the previous tenants had hooked up cable in our unit, and it still worked. In horror, we watched the second tower get hit. Ended up watching the coverage for the rest of the day, and after awhile tried to get some schoolwork done. What a day!


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