Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Fail

Wow guys, I really have got to start proof-reading better. I am fixing this post a week late.

So I had been intending for 3 days now to write this post, but hadn't found the time. So I'm eating lunch at my computer and biting the bullet :)

The weather here has been so nice for about a week! Highs in the low 80's and lows in the 50's. This is fall where we live :) So John and I have been spending more time outdoors, just taking a walk or laying on a blanket in the grass :)

But this Saturday even though the weather was great for YSLing, the buys were not. By 10am I had more than lost my YSL mojo, as I told John. We tried out our pastor's neighborhood, which is a private community that only has a yard sale once a year. Well- when we got there at 8 when it opened, there was a line of cars a half-mile long just inching towards the gate. So we decided to hit up some smaller ones in the area. I think all that came of that area was an insulated lunch bag and a few books. Boo. Then we went back to his house where it took us an hour to get in and out of the neighborhood- it was a lot of old people's ugly crap and over-priced stuff. I don't think I bought 1 thing out of the 5 homes we visited. Oh wait, I did buy a combination lock that ended up not working for what I needed it for. There were 80-something homes participating, but it was like an ant farm congested with double-parking and one-way roads. So we hit a few more back in our city and I felt only a tad better. I got Eby a cute jacket and I got 2 tops. But not the spectacular deals like before. John bought some things to re-sale- but that doesn't excite me :)
We did get a Bissell Big Green Machine (carpet shampooer) for $20. We decided to keep it. :)

And to top the bad day off- we brought Mom along. Not that her being there was bad, it was bad that this less-than-fruitful day was her first time yard-saling with us. She is back home for now. We assured her it's not usually like this. I think from now on we'll stick to our own pond- we know the area and where to go ;)

Buuut- the day did get much better! We took the kiddos to a festival in their honor- Barktoberfest. the local humane society uses it as a fund raiser each year. There were all kinds of vendors including dog-related, people-services and food. And a kids area with inflatables. I've never seen so many dogs in one place. Literally hundreds. I saw the biggest Great Dane of my life- he was like up to my chest. Saw lots of cute dogs and cute costumes for them. They were having costume contests. We watched a flyball demonstration- and those dogs were excitttted! They got Eby so hyped-up she was barking and howling! That's unusual for her. She's more of a whiner if she makes any noise at all. Anyway, I had a great time taking the "kids" out with us. There aren't too many dog-friendly places in our area and by city ordinance they are not allowed in public parks. (Exceptions for some events obviously). We are now planning on taking them to Howl-o-ween at Petsmart and meeting up with another co-worker and her dogs.

Other than that the weekend was low-key. Oh- except Friday afternoon John finally went under the needle (just labwork) for his life insurance. Poor guy has not-so-great veins so they had to poke him twice and still only got a tiny amount, but hopefully enough! They took his BP before and it was borderline hypertensive. I had already asked the MA to take it after the lab draw but she took it before just for fun. After the poke it dropped like 20 points! Poor guy was all drained after. Woozie-ish :) He said "I hope it's good cause I'm never doing that again. I only did it for you." Lol. Oh and Friday we also had yummy Greek lunch with mommy and I got some toner put on my hair (it's lightened quite a bit). And we had church and John got to sit with me some. This is really a treat for me- you just don't know. He is ALWAYS up on the stage or back in the TV room.

Sunday afternoon I enjoyed a very leisurely therapeutic stroll through Wal-Mart, grocery shopping alone. I really did enjoy it :)

This work-week is almost at a close! Yay. Next week I only work til Wednesday and then we leave for a much-anticipated trip to Tampa for John's oldest sister's wedding. It's retro themed and I've got a pillbox hat and some wrist gloves to wear! So excited! And excited to get away! Can't wait to show you pics after!

Notice the dog bed on the right. and the spoiled dog sleeping on our decorative pillows on the left :)
Eby's face cracks me up in this one!

She was sacked after all the excitement of Barktoberfest!

Sweet Ernie napping with me after Barktoberfest

Her $0.25 YSL coat

After all the cute costumes at the event I had to buy them something :)

The fam at Barktoberfest. Ernie loves dad ;)
John and his "Ernie" face


  1. Ok, so I always talk about going to yard sales and I never have. Like ever. You inspired me now, and I'm going!

    Amazing how therapeutic a solo grocery stroll can be, huh? Just wait until you have a baby. Haha. It gets even better!

  2. You can for sure snag some great deals! But you gotta get up early :(
    BTW- I can't seem to figure out how to get this thing to notify me when I have a comment. Can you help me oh wise seasoned blogger?

  3. NVM- I figured it out. I just was not looking in the obvious place!

  4. Sarah, where do you normally yard sale? It's been a long while since I've been...

  5. i like gulf breeze proper, the mall area and east/northeast/north hill. off scenic and east pensacola heights are also good. but you just never know where you'll find something good. but we usually skip ones in the Brownsville area :) or ones that are far away like cantonment or pace.


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